CZ 75 vs. P01 Compact 9mm Pistol – Which One Should I Get in 2023?

In your search for one of the best compact concealed carry weapons, you will have a tough time finding something comparable to the CZ 75. But, after choosing the gun, the first thing that you are going to stumble upon is the wide variation of the unit. Each of them CZ 75 vs. P01 has some notable distinct features and carries some similarities.

Now, to choose the right one between all the available variations, you have to narrow it down. If you have already done that and if you are stuck in looking for a source for CZ 75 Compact vs P01, then you came to the right place.

We will elaborately discuss the features, and hopefully, by the end, you will be able to choose the one that seems the best to you.

CZ 75 VS. P01 COMPACT Comparison in 2023

   75 P01
Chamber 9mm Luger 9mm Luger
Capacity 14 14
Sights Fixed Fixed
Weight 32.8 oz 28.1 oz
Overall Length 7.24 in 7.2 in
PRICE Check Price Check Price

CZ 75 Compact 9mm Pistol

CZ 75 Compact 9mm Pistol Review

Let us begin with the overall construction first. Just like most of the handguns that are in the market today, it features a steel frame. The total length of the unit is 7.24 inches, the height stands at 5.03 inches, and the width is 1.38 inches.

The dimensions make the pistol live up to the compact name on its label. You will have no trouble at all in making it disappear under everyday clothing. The overall weight of the unit is 32.8 pounds. You can easily carry it around with you without having to drop a single drop of sweat.

It comes with a plastic textured grip that will offer excellent ergonomics. You can swap out the panes if you prefer.
Other than that, it features a double-stack magazine that can hold 14 rounds of ammunition. You have probably guessed from the name that it shoots 9 millimeters rounds.

Moving on to the barrel, it sports a 3.75 inches cold hammer-forged barrel. On the barrel, you will find a dovetailed blade fixed sight. It has two green dots to make it easier for you to track your targets at night.

Lastly, the highlighted feature that separates it from the rest of the models is the trigger mechanism. With the manual safety lever, you will get two options. You can choose between having it with the hammer-back safety for a single shot operation, or you can go for manual decocking for a double-action mechanism.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Double stack magazine
  • Features an easy to track night sight
  • Manual safety lever


  • The sight is not adjustable
  • Does not have texture on the front and back of the grip

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P01 Compact 9mm Pistol

P01 Compact 9mm Pistol Review

Let us move on to the second star of the show, the CZ P01. Just because we are reviewing this on the second slot, it does not mean that it is comparatively less capable. It is the go-to option for most of the military personnel and those who are looking to get an edge on competitions.

Designwise, it has some similarities with other CZ’s in the market. The central part where it differs is the material of construction. Its frame is of aluminum, which makes it comparatively lightweight. The weight is 28.1 pounds only. That means you will be able to carry this without any hassles at all.

Other than that, the overall length of the gun is 7.2 inches. In the case of the height, it is 5.03 inches, while the width is 1.38 inches. You can probably guess how compact the firearm is by these measurements.


It comes with a double-stack magazine. In the package, you will receive two of them. The total round capacity is 14, and loading the bullets in it is somewhat an easy task.

Besides that, it comes with a round contoured grip that compliments the outlook of the gun. It has a checker rubber texture on the surface to increase the overall comfort and firmness of the grip.

Other than that, it features a 3.75 inches cold hammer-forged barrel. The barrel houses three-dot sights on the top. It is adjustable, and you can upgrade it easily. You can also comfortably fit laser lights and industrial lights.

Like most of the guns of the family, it comes with single or double action capabilities. But, unlike some of the members of the family, it has a decocker mounted on the frame. There is no manual safety mechanism on the decokcer.



  • Comparatively lightweight
  • Compact footprint
  • Package includes two magazines
  • Comfortable grip
  • Easy to upgrade sights


  • No manual safety lever
  • The green dots on the included sights are relatively small

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CZ 75 Compact or P01 Compact 9mm Pistol?

Even though both the firearms come from the same manufacturer, along with some similarities, they have some factors that put them apart. We will go through each of the main differences below to make it easy for you to scrutinize the firearms.


To start with, you will find that both firearms are from different materials. The CZ 75 compact has the construction of steel, while the P01 is of aluminum. Other than that, dimensionwise, they both have about the same measurements. If you thought one of them had a suitable footprint, then the other one also will have the same.

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As the construction material of the firearms is different, the overall weight of them is also different. While the steel construction of CZ 75 compact results in 32.8 pounds, the aluminum construction of P 01 sets it at 28.1 pounds. If you were looking for lighter options, then the P01 is the one for you.


Both of the units come with a three-dot fixed sight, but the night sight capability of the Compact is significantly better than the P01. The reason behind this is the properly visible photo-luminescent painted dots.

You can adjust the sights of the P 01 while the Compact. In the case of upgradability, the sights of the P 01 is more accessible, and you can easily fit other accessories on the barrel.

Trigger Safety

Even though both of them feature a trigger that has two operational modes, the safety mechanism is different. While the P01 does not have a manual safety lever, the Compact has one. On the other hand, the P01 comes with a decocking mechanism while the Compact does not.

In this case, you might prefer the decocker of the P01, or you might also like the manual lever that the Compact comes with. It all depends on your overall shooting style.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the sights of the CZ 75 Compact adjustable?

The sights of the CZ 75 is not adjustable. But, you can opt-in for aftermarket optical sights if you do not prefer the three-dot one that it comes with.

Which one is the longer gun between these two??

Both of the firearms feature a similar overall design. But if you want to scrutinize a bit further, the CZ 75 compact is a tad longer in case of total length.

Were there any reliability test was done on the CZ P01?

Yes, an MRBF test was done by the manufacturer. It stands for “Mean Rounds Between Failure” and requires 495 of 9mm pistol rounds. For the CZ P01, the failures were only at seven rounds per 15000 shots fired. It means it is pretty reliable.

What type of packaging can I expect from the manufacturer?

Usually, your firearms will ship in a rectangular cardboard box that will have a hard black plastic case. The box will have adequate shipping protection such as carton foam and tightly packed products to eliminate vibrations.

Can I replace the grip panels of the handle?

Yes, you can. By just removing the screws that are holding the panels with the body of the gun, you can
swap them out.


In the case of CZ 75 Compact vs P01, it boils down to two factors. The first one is the sights, and the second one is the safety mechanism, and both depend on the user. We would like to conclude it here by hoping that after going through the entire article, it is now easier for you to choose one between them.