CZ 75 Compact vs. CZ 75 PCR – Which One Should I Get? 2023 Guide

Among all the concealed carry weapons that are out there, CZ 75 is the most popular option among all types of shooters. You will find them in the hands of newbies, trainees, hunters, competitors, and law personnel.

As shooters widely choose it, the manufacturer has released a plethora of variations of the pistol. To choose between all the models, you need to know what type of shooting style you prefer.

Many shooters narrow it down to two of the models, and one of the popular comparison topics in this regard is cz 75 compact vs pcr. If you find yourself in making the same comparison and if you are looking for some help, then you came to the right place. We got you covered.

CZ 75 COMPACT VS PCR – Comparison 2023

CAPACITY 14 10+1-Round
Action Type DA/SA SA/DA
Barrel Length 3.75 in 3.8 in
Length 7.24 in 7.2 in
Magazine Type Removable Double Stack
PRICE Check Price Check Price



Compared to most of the models of the Ceska Zbrojova (CZ), this variant is the one that most of the people are opting in for. The main reason behind that would be the straightforward label. When a regular shooter would look for a CZ, that person would not understand any other variants and instead would go for the base model.

As the model is the base model of the entire series, you might think it is just another regular pistol. It is not, and you will find out why.
Just like most of the handguns that are in the market today, it features a body that is of steel. The total length of the unit is 7.24 inches, the height stands at 5.03 inches, and the width is 1.38 inches.

The overall weight of the unit is 32.8 pounds. Along with the compact nature of the gun, You will be able to easily carry it around with you without having to drop a single drop of sweat.

One of the highlighted features that separate this gun from all other variations is the trigger mechanism. With the manual safety lever, you will get two options. You can choose between having it with the hammer-back safety for a single shot operation, or you can go for manual decocking for a double-action mechanism.

In the case of the handle, it comes with a plastic checkered grip that is swappable. By simply removing the screws, you can take off the panels if you want.
Moving on to the barrel, it sports a 3.75 inches cold hammer-forged barrel. On the barrel, you will find a dovetailed blade fixed sight. It has two green dots to make it easier for you to track your targets at night.

Other than that, it features a double-stack magazine that can hold 14 rounds of ammunition. You have probably guessed from the name that it shoots 9 millimeters rounds.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Comes with an ergonomic handle
  • Double stack magazine
  • Features an easy to track night sight
  • Manual trigger mechanism


  • Nonadjustable sight
  • The included grip panels wear out pretty fast

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Let us begin with a little background of the gun. The PCR in the name stands for the Police Czech Republic, the group this particular model is for. But, because of its reliability, shooters from all around the world are opting in for it.

Unlike most of the firearms in the market, it is constructed of a different alloy. Instead of using steel, this unit is of forged aluminum. Because of aluminum, the gun is comparatively lighter in comparison. Without any bullets in, it weighs at 27.5 pounds.

Other than that, the overall length of the unit is 7.2 inches. The height stands at 5.03 inches, while the width is 1.38 inches. As you can see from the dimensions, the gun is reasonably compact.

One of the distinct features of this is the decocker. It replaces the manual safety lever that most of the models come with, and this decocker is a little bit more than a half-cock mechanism. With this, you will get a longer draw on the trigger, and you will be able to get the gun into double-action mode.

Besides that, it comes with a comparatively wide snag-free three-dot fixed sights. You can also easily replace it with aftermarket optical sights if you do not prefer the stock white dots.

Moving on to the handle of the unit, it comes with checkered rubber-coated grips. It will offer excellent ergonomics, and you will be able to get a firm grasp.
In the case of the ammunition, it sports a 10 round double stack magazine. Taking the mag out of the beveled well is relatively easy, and you will be able to change mags at an instant.

The unit has a hammer-forged barrel that lengths at 3.75 inches. It does not come with a rail. Lastly, you will get the gun in a black option only.



  • Ergonomic textured handle
  • Can be converted into double-action mode
  • Comparatively lightweight
  • Compact footprint
  • Beveled magazine


  • The included sights are not night-sight
  • Comparatively lower ammo capacity

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CZ 75 Compact vs. CZ 75 PCR Comparison

CZ 75 Compact vs. CZ 75 PCR

At first sight, you might think that both guns are the same. But even though they are from the same manufacturer and sports an identical footprint, there are some key differences. We will go through each of them elaborately and make it easy for you to choose the one for you.


Let us begin with the overall design of the guns. Both of them are strikingly similar. If both of them are brought out to you, you will have a tough time trying to figure out which one is which. The only thing that is different in the case of PCR is the barrel design and the overall length.

While the barrel of the PCR features three-dot white sight, the CZ 75 compact features a green dotted night sight, besides that, the PCR is about .04 inches short. But, both of them are equally compact.

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Construction and Weight

When comparing the construction of the guns, you will find that they are of different materials. While the CZ 75 compact is of steel, the PCR is of forged aluminum. As a result, PCR is comparatively lighter than the CZ 75 compact.

Safety Mechanism

In the case of the safety lever, CZ 75 compact comes with a manual one while the PCR comes with a decocker. The decocker acts like a safety lever for the PCR. In this case, you should go with the one that you go with your shooting style.

Ammo Capacity

The one feature that stands up while comparing the two guns is the magazine capacity. In comparison, the PCR holds four fewer bullets than the CZ 75 compact. It is not a deal-breaker, but if you do prefer having more rounds in your magazine, then go for the CZ 75 compact.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the full form of CZ?

CZ stands for Ceska Zbrojova. The manufacture is in the states, but the production of guns happens in the Czech Republic. That is where the firearms got its name from.

Are the CZ 75 PCR and CZ 75D PCR the same gun?

Yes, both of them are the same pistol. The name D in the name is for the decocker. Some regions include it in the label, while some do not. The PCR stands for the Police Czech Republic.

Where will I find replaceable grip panels for my CZ?

The manufacturer does not sell replaceable panels for the grip, but you will easily be able to find many options in the aftermarket territory. After getting one, you can swap out the stock panels just by removing the screws that hold them with the body.

Which one of the pistols can I conceal-carry?

Both of the guns mentioned above are relatively compact and features an easy to carry footprint. You will be able to conceal them under your clothing without any hassle at all.

Which one of the units has a longer trigger draw?

As the CZ 75 PCR comes featured with a decocker, it has a longer trigger draw compared to the CZ 75 compact. After decocking, the trigger draw acts just like a double-action revolver.


To conclude, we hope we were able to provide the help that you were looking for in the case of CZ 75 Compact vs PCR. Hopefully, it is now easier for you to choose one between these two reliable options. We would like to end it here by wishing you good luck and hoping that all your shots land on the target.