10 Best XDM Trigger Kit 2023 Review – New guide

A gun’s trigger plays a vital role because of the many ways it helps improve the overall experience. Gun owners can adjust the Best XDM Trigger Kit to improve accuracy and precision, as well as the ‘feel’ when shooting.

However, if the pull of the trigger isn’t smooth, crisp, and quick, it can be quite dangerous and challenging to maintain thus, affecting the owner’s aim and shooting accuracy. All enthusiasts should know how important it is to install and use the XDM trigger kit for a more bearable and natural experience.

Best XDM Trigger Kit Comparison in 2023

Top PickPowder River Precision Trigger Kit XD/XDM DROP IN TRIGGER KITS
  • Finish: Black
  • Style: Drop-In, Safety Trigger
Best ValueSpringer Precision Trigger Spring Kit SPRINGFIELD XD/XDM TRIGGER
  • Finish: Unfinished
  • Style: Kit

Benefits of Best XDM Trigger Kit

These kits help users have improved performance in gun usage as well as an excellent experience overall. Purchasing a kit is one of the best decisions you can make as a gun owner. Here are some of the benefits that you should know about:

  • The product reduces the trigger pre-travel.
  • All objects in the kit are lightweight, thus, allowing users to better focus on their target because of a firmer grip.
  • Kits allow for a quick and easy reset after you pull the trigger.
  • It enhances the striker safety lever.
  • These items help the user have accurate and precise shots.

Products of this kind stand out because of how it makes the gun work more efficiently while also giving users a smooth and crisp trigger return.

Top Rated XDM Trigger Kit Review

Most clients have a hard time choosing products in the market because, aside from having too many models to choose from, there also aren’t many product reviews that can help them decide. These reviews help ensure that users get only the best, high-quality items out there.

Powder River Precision Trigger Kit

Powder River Precision Trigger Kit

This product allows users to have a better and lighter reset experience because it’s from a lightweight polymer, which assists in the overall trigger reset speed. It provides an integral over-travel stop at the back of your gun’s trigger that aids in lessening or removing the excess stress brought about by the trigger bar.

Some brands have a trigger bar plus an over-travel stop that can be hard to use or manipulate because of the added stress, and this item changes all that for you.

A product kit includes the following:

  • Reduced power trigger return spring
  • Striker spring
  • Sear spring
  • Striker safety spring

A reduced power trigger return spring ensures that the user experiences a lowered pull weight. Another inclusion is the ever-famous striker safety lever, which is a favorite among both first-time and frequent buyers because it helps remove the long trigger pre-travel found on XD triggers.

Once you install the product and use it, you get a short, crisp trigger pull at 3.5 to 4.5 lbs. More so, there is a quick reset and a short time in overall trigger pull length. The manufacturers ensure the quality and certifications of the product model.


  • Easy to assemble, even for first-timers
  • It has the American Pistolsmith Guild (APG) Seal of Approval
  • The trigger, striker safety, and sear springs are lighter than most brands


  • Owners need more time to get used to the feel and usage once the product gets installed

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Springer Precision Trigger/ Spring Kit

Springer Precision Trigger Spring Kit

This product has CNC machined components made of steel that give every owner a better overall experience. One key feature of the kit includes lightening the weight of the trigger pull by approximately one to one and a half pounds, while also giving every user a crisp and smooth trigger pull.

The purpose of the item is to improve the accuracy and control that the gun owner has when shooting. There is a much lighter pull, greater precision during let off, and a reduction of sear pre-travel by approximately ¼ inches.

A product kit includes the following:

  • Reduced-travel sear with a pre-polished face (heat-treated to RC 45-50)
  • Trigger spring
  • Sear spring
  • Trigger bar
  • 10% reduced power striker spring
  • 15% extra power striker spring

Although the product requires minor fitting, it ensures that the sear can move freely while in use. Overall, users commend the manufacturers of this item because of its ability to make the experience more bearable and natural, even for first-timers.

The product is an excellent upgrade that everyone can easily buy and install with the right knowledge and experience. Make sure that you buy only from trusted sellers and manufacturers to ensure the quality of the item.



  • There is a reduction in travel (due to the continuously improved trigger bar).
  • Anyone can promptly gain ease of use even only after a few tries.
  • It has a smoother sear travel and release.
  • Using the kit results in a decreased pull weight.


  • First-timers may have a hard time setting up the kit on their own.

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What to Look for Before Buying the Best XDM Trigger Kit?

What to Look for Before Buying Trigger kit

If you’re thinking of getting a kit for yourself, there are a few things that you should remember before purchasing. While many consumers believe that buying a product for a lower price than most is excellent, they don’t realize that it can pose a danger and risks when used.

Here are more things that you should take note of when buying products:

  • All the components are light and help lessen the top-rated handgun’s overall weight by a few lbs.
  • Users should be able to have a smooth and crisp trigger pull experience.
  • Always make sure that the products/kits are from a trusted manufacturer or seller.
  • It shortens the travel and reset of the trigger.

Final Words

Investing in the XDM trigger kit also means that you’re investing in your security and safety as a user. A gun that weighs more makes it harder to aim, and thus making the user more prone to accidents.

Thoroughly and carefully choosing your next product is crucial to your overall performance in terms of both accuracy and precision. Make the right choice and invest only in the best items of the market.