Best Scope For 17 HMR Review in 2023 – New Guide

Having a rifle is not just about the rifle itself. You need to have other components, such as a banging cartridge for the perfect shot. For activities such as legal hunting, shooting practice, or aiming, there are different popular cartridges among users, such as .22 magnum or a .22 LR. Recently, .17 HMR is also getting traction.

It is an excellent choice for mid-range shooting, providing adequate projectile and velocity. However, you also need the best scope for the .17 HMR to do its magic. Without a scope, you are likely to aim poorly. If you miss the target, then what’s the fun?

No worries, because we have an impressive lineup of scopes you can check.

17 HMR Scopes Comparison in 2023

Model  Magnification Exit Pupil Eye Relief Price
BSA Optics Matte Black Sweet 3 – 12 x 3 – 13.2 mm 4 in Check Price
BSA Optics 17 6-18X40 6 – 18 x 2.3 – 6.6 mm 4 in Check Price
Vortex Crossfire II 6 - 24 x 2.08 – 8.3 mm 4 in Check Price
Crossfire II 6-18×44 6 – 18 x 2.4 - 7.3 mm 3.7 - 4.3 in Check Price
Sightron S-TAC 4 – 20 x 2.5 mm Check Price

Best Scope for 17 HMR Review

Different people have different needs. So instead of coming up with one best item, we have decided to offer a good mix of some unique scopes.

BSA Optics Matte Black Sweet Riflescope

BSA Optics Matte Black Sweet Riflescope

Let’s start this list with an absolute banger of a product. It has so many features that it is a contender for even American military snipers. The product has a few unique features that make it certainly worth the price tag.

One of the first features we would like to discuss is a weaver mount system that allows the user to get a very flat position. It can come in handy during hunting, when you want to stay low and out of sight. This position is also easy to hold.

Besides that, the product is extremely well-built with aluminum material. So, it ensures strength while also keeping the scope lightweight. Otherwise, it might add extra weight to the rifle. The finish of it is matte black, which minimizes any reflection.

Moreover, the lenses have multi-coating, which adapts instantaneously against light, allowing a clear vision. The objective lens on this is 40 mm, and offers 3-12X magnification.

You can also adjust the magnification based on the focal plane and the object you want to focus on. With these specifications, you can easily get a large field of view with an adjustment range of 40 yards. It also has a 4-inch eye-relief, and a nitrogen-filled tube that keeps the product weatherproof.


  • Large field of view
  • 3-12X40 variable magnification
  • Weatherproof
  • Lightweight
  • 4-inch eye-relief


  • The lens is prone to getting fingerprints

BSA Optics Matte Black Sweet 17 6-18X40

BSA Optics Matte Black Sweet 17 6-18X40

The .17 HMR is ideal for mid-range shots, which means the rifle and the scope will also have features that accommodate mid-range targets. Hence, this BSA Optics scope will be great, because it has a parallax that is easy to adjust.

Often with mid-range scopes, shooters get a parallax adjustment feature without knowing how to use it effectively. One of the easier ways is to setting it to infinity and starting your way down. You can do that with this model, and as it has a parallax of 10 yards to infinity.

Although it is from the same brand as the previous model, it has a higher magnification range, which is why it made this list. It has a 6-18X magnification. So, you get to magnify six times more than the previous model, while having the same 40 mm objective lens.

This model is also a durable piece that is weatherproof, shockproof, and waterproof. Often, lens can fog up from atmospheric change. But it has nitrogen gas inside, which keeps the balance, and ensures that moisture or fog cannot cloud the lens.

It has other exciting features, such as a multi-coated lens, which helps you see clearly even when the sun is glaring. So, you can use this when it’s bright out. With some adjustments such as setting the parallax and magnification, you can enjoy using this scope at night too.


  • Can magnify up to 18 times
  • Waterproof and shockproof
  • Parallax goes to infinity
  • Multi-coated lens
  • Easy to view with eye-relief


  • Might have issues with turrets

Vortex Crossfire II AO Riflescope

Vortex Crossfire II AO Riflescope

Sometimes, while ensuring quality, manufacturers make the mistake of using very heavy material. That can be problematic for several reasons. A heavy scope will weigh down the rifle. It will also probably bring variation in the recoil that you did not register for.

So, if this is something you want to avoid, check out the Vortex Crossfire II scope. It boasts aluminum, but not the average kind. The material that graces aircraft is what you will find in these scopes- aircraft-grade aluminum.

Hence, this product is not only lightweight but also extremely durable. Moreover, it has immense battery life. One hundred fifty hours should be more than enough if you need to stay in position for longer periods.The battery is quite competent in illuminating the reticle with an objective lens of 40mm.

With the standard lens, you get 6-24X magnification, which is a lot if you want to surpass more than 50 yards of view. In fact, with this, you get a 40 yards adjustment option, and a parallax ranging from 10 yards to infinity.

The optical lens is also multi-coated that ensures that the field of view is crystal clear. It does not hinder the passage of light, but shields the tube from excess illumination. As a result, you get a clear view as soon as you adjust the variable magnification.


  • Aircraft-grade aluminum for durability
  • High variable magnification
  • 10 yards to infinity parallax
  • 150 hours’ worth of battery
  • Can resist water and shock


  • The lens may be fragile

Vortex Crossfire II 6-18×44

Vortex Crossfire II 6-18x44

A common issue that most people face with a scope is foggy or unclear lens. You want a scope to view objects far away with more clarity. If the lens is foggy, that defeats the whole purpose of the product.

No need to worry when you can get scopes from a reputed brand like Vortex Crossfire II. Their make some of the top-rated scopes for .17 HMR, with features like a full weatherproof body and water-resistant lenses.

This scope eliminates fog with the help of special gasses inside the tube that balance the temperature. So, air does not convert into vapor inside the 1-inch tube. Thus, you will not get any fog on the 44 mm objective lens. Besides that, it also has an ionized finish.

That, along with the aircraft-grade material, successfully holds up against any sort of weather, be it hot, cold, or raining. Another reason why this is a durable and stable product is because it has a shockproof built. Thanks to the ring-mount design, it has significantly less recoiling.

You also get a 50 MOA range of adjustment with infinity parallax. Coupling that with a 150-hour battery will allow you to view the field for a long time. You can also magnify from 6 to 18 points whenever you want, thanks to the variable magnifying option.


  • Sturdy aluminum body
  • Can tolerate any weather
  • A long battery life
  • 44mm wide multi-coated lens
  • Comes with ring mounting feature


  • Might be hard to adjust the vision at high magnification

Sightron S-TAC Riflescope

Sightron S-TAC Riflescope

If you are someone who works with high magnification, then you should certainly look for a variable scope. However, the objective lens should also complement the magnification. Otherwise, you will have an amazing magnification range, but the objective lens will fail to capture.

Luckily, the Sightron scope excels in that field. It offers a wide 50 mm objective lens, which is way bigger than a standard scope. Additionally, you can go from 4 to 20 points in magnification range. So, you can go very low and high, and the lens will accommodate.

Besides that, it has an extremely powerful battery that lasts for 400 hours! Needless to say, you can work with this product for ages, and it will not die on you. But, you need other features such as weatherproof exterior to work all day round.

This model has that as well. With its sealed system, nitrogen-filled tube, and impact-resistant system, this product is easily weatherproof and shockproof. The ring mounting system also plays a role in keeping it shockproof.

It also comes with a multi-coated glass lens. The LED illumination is red in color. So, your eyes can easily focus on the object. It also has an optimum parallax and exit pupil of 2.5 mm for easier viewing.


  • Has an impressive 400-hour battery life
  • Does not get water water-buildup or fogging
  • Easy to focus
  • Comes with a 50 mm wide objective lens and high magnification
  • Has a very sturdy and water-resistant exterior


  • The knobs can be tight

What to Look for Before Buying

You can miss out on a lot of features if you buy a scope based on your favorite brand only. So, we urge you to check the buying guide below to find your perfect match.


The part through which you will be viewing the outside world is the lens. So, it needs to be perfect. If there is any scratch or spot on it, you will not get a clear vision. You might confuse the scratch as your target too. So, how do you buy scopes on which spots and scratches do not appear? Well, look for lenses with coatings.

Coats, like color coats or multi-coats, protect the lens from water & scratches. They even color corrects certain terrains for easy viewing. Some coatings can also adjust to the glaring sun. Besides that, you should also pick out good quality lenses such as glass ones for better output.


Magnification Level

The lens cannot do much if the magnification on the scope is not good. For example, you can get a wide lens of 50mm or even 60mm, but if you cannot zoom in or out, then what is the point of such a lens?

Moreover, if you are into recreational hunting or outdoor sports that require a scope, then you should certainly go for variable magnification. When it comes to shooting in a controlled space, you can get away with fixed magnification. But we always recommend to invest a bit more, so you can zoom at will.
It will also be better if you pick a range that extends in both lower and higher points. That way, the scope can be more versatile.


What most people forget when buying one of these items is that the body still has to be durable. Since a scope just sits on top of a rifle, it does not have any physical function. This gives the impression that the body can get away with being flimsy.

Well, that is a wrong impression, and the body of scopes needs to be strong. When you shoot, a recoil effect goes through the scope as well. It can vigorously shake the product, causing distress. So, you need to check whether the product is shockproof or not. That way, it can easily handle the vibration.

Besides that, scopes made of aircraft-grade aluminum are lightweight, which reduces the overall weight you have to carry. So, that is always a good feature.


Another feature that is misunderstood by people is parallax. People adjust it thinking it’s meant for long-range only. But, parallax adjustment is crucial for short rage shooting as well. So, if you are someone who needs impeccable focus, be it for a close-up or a distant shoot, you need good quality parallax settings.

It is always a plus if your scope can adjust up to infinity. Turrets and reticles are also some features that will help you focus better. You can adjust the windage and elevation through this feature. This is how you can be precise with your shots. You can also look for reticles such as mil-dots, ballistic, or duplex and see which one you like the best.

The combination of these un-sought features certainly makes a product the best scope for a .17 HMR.


While shooting in a controlled environment is an indoor activity, you need scopes for outdoor activities as well. When you are outdoors for long periods of time, you are bound to face weather that you didn’t account for.

Maybe it will start raining in the middle of the hunt. Or, maybe the moisture level will be high that day. You would never know.
What you can do is be prepared and get a weatherproof scope.

These products have special gasses inside that ensure that the tube does not get foggy. So, the lens will remain clear. Moreover, they also have waterproof exterior to keep moisture and rust away.


The eye-relief feature is crucial for times when you need to focus for extended periods. When you get an additional 1-inch or 4-inch away from the scope, you get more flexibility in moving your neck and eye. That will certainly help you relax more, while still keeping a tight focus.


You can mount these items in a number of ways. So, you need to check which mounting technique and elevation suit your activity the most. Usually, ring mounting or weaver mount is common with these scopes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How far can I see with a 6-18X magnification?

You can easily view more than 100 yards with this magnification.

How far can I see with a 6-18X magnification

Is .17 HMR any good?

These ballistics are excellent for mid-range targets, and they are quite good in general.

How to prevent the scope from fogging?

If your scope keeps fogging, look for a model that has nitrogen gas. It can balance temperature difference and diminish fog.

Is it possible to clean the inside of a scope?

You cannot take a scope apart piece by piece. So, cleaning the inside might not be possible. But you can use a gentle cloth to wipe the surface of the lens.

Can I view at night with scopes?

It is not recommended that you rely on scopes solely for night vision. There are many night vision models designed specifically for your needs.

What does a multi-coated lens do?

This layer will reduce light exposure and allow the user to see better, even when sunlight is directly hitting the lens.

Final Words

As you can see, finding the best scope for .17 HMR is not that hard when you have a guide to follow. Moreover, now you know which features you would need the most. So, make sure to have a good scope before you grab your rifle the next time.