7 Best Video Camera for Hunting 2023 – Reviews

Given that a best video camera for hunting can require a good bit of monetary investment, it becomes quite essential to choose a worthy camera which you wouldn’t have to replace for at least a few coming years.

Best Camera To Film Your Own Hunts

Let’s help you shortlist all the camcorders available in the market.

Our Top Pick

Canon VIXIA HF R800

If you are in hurry, here is our top choice for you. Undoubtly it’s high-quality camera to buy now. Check it out.

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Best Video Camera for Hunting Comparison

Budget Pick
Canon VIXIA HF R800 Portable Video Camera Camcorder with Audio Input(Microphone), 3.0-Inch Touch...
Screen Size
3 inches
Media Type
SD Card
Optical Zoom
Video Capture Resolution
Canon VIXIA HF G20 HD Camcorder with HD CMOS Pro and 32GB Internal Flash Memory
Screen Size
3.5 inches
Media Type
SD Card
Optical Zoom
Video Capture Resolution
Top Pick
Sony FDRAX53/B 4K HD Video Recording Camcorder (Black)
Screen Size
3 inches
Media Type
Optical Zoom
Video Capture Resolution
Sony 4K HD Video Recording FDRAX33 Handycam Camcorder
Screen Size
3 inches
Media Type
Optical Zoom
Video Capture Resolution
Canon XA11 Professional Camcorder
Screen Size
3 Inches
Media Type
Optical Zoom
Video Capture Resolution

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Top 10 Best Video Camera for Hunting Reviews- 2023

1. Canon VIXIA HF R800 Camcorder

Canon VIXIA HF R800 Portable Video Camera Camcorder with Audio Input(Microphone), 3.0-Inch Touch...

While most other video cameras discussed here were within the $1000 line and were worth the price you pay them, VIXIA HF R800 from Canon beats them the all-in price. It is obviously a best video camera for hunting for under $500.

Key features of Canon VIXIA HF R800 Camcorder for hunting:

Let’s have a closer look at the key features of the Canon VIXIA HF R800 Camcorder.

Canon VIXIA HF R800 Camcorder
  • Pocket-friendly: Canon VIXIA HF R800 Camcorder (Black) is way within $500 bar, making it ideal for the novice uses who would like to have a decent enough camcorder. It is one of the lowest costing camcorders in Canon’s line up. Yet, there might not be many low budget cams that offer features and functionality as this one. Further points would clarify this.
  • Intelligent Stabilization system: the technology offers some good bit of image stabilization. Moreover, the SuperRange optical image stabilization packed in the camcorder enables users to shoot good quality as well as sharp videos in low light conditions. It can be helpful even when you are doing the shot handheld, without a tripod or camera stand.
  • Full HD recording: With Canon VIXIA HF R800 Camcorder, you can shoot full HD videos of 1920 x 1080.
  • Instant Turn on/turn off feature with LCD flip: VIXIA HF R800 would turn on and off soon as you flip the 230,000-pixel 3 inch LCD panel open or close. This, as well as all other features, make the video recorder pretty easy to understand and operate.
  • Other specs and features: It comes with an HDMI Mini Connector. This would be helpful in getting good quality when hooking this camcorder directly to an HDTV. Also, there is an external microphone jack as well as a headphone jack that you can use to monitor the audio and sound quality of your shoot. It can record in MP4, ideal for uploading to social media or such.
  • Upgrade in the series: The camera also is upgraded in the sense that it features Slow & Fast Motion Recording as well as Highlight Priority Mode. This makes some real difference in the quality of the video. In fact, it creates some HDR-like effects. Further, it helps grab the details in high brightness areas.
  • Pre REC Function: Now this is a pretty interesting functionality of this cam. It can record the previous 3 seconds. With many camcorders or video recorders, the shoot starts after a second or two after the click or press start. However, with the Pre REC Function, you can be sure that you won’t miss any action while pressing the record button. So this is a good option to have in a low budget device. So we can say this is one of the cameras for filming hunts.

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2. Canon VIXIA HF G20 HD Camcorder

Canon VIXIA HF G20 HD Camcorder with HD CMOS Pro and 32GB Internal Flash Memory

With its looks, features, and design, this piece from Canon easily comes out as a rival to the pro-grade cameras.

Basically, Canon VIXIA HF G 20 is suitable for professionals and advanced amateurs alike.

G20 has more than one winning edge feature, and one obvious thing is its low light shoot quality and new controls.

Plus, it can work for those with a tight budget.

There are a lot more factors that make us put this one at the top of the list.

Check out its features and you will know what makes this one of the best video camera for hunting filming.

Key features of Canon VIXIA HF G20:

Discussed below are the major features and highlights of Canon VIXIA HF G 20.

  • Great to shoot with during low lighting conditions: Canon VIXIA HF G 20 does an incredible job when you have to record during low lighting conditions. This one boasts of about a 20% improvement in low-light performance- if you’re not s0abc20ure, it is huge! The improvement covers dynamic light range flexibility, a considerable increase in the ability of light-capture as well as an enhanced gradation. In fact, most of the other video cameras available around this range (even above this range, in some cases) seldom match the performance of this piece from Canon.
  • High-quality images with eight-blade iris: VIXIA HF G 20 from Canon has eight-blade iris, which make bokeh appear circular and smooth. It enables a camera to capture the subject perfectly with a butter-smooth background. Moreover, it packs a DIGIC DV III image processor aiding in great color accuracy and a considerable reduction in noise. The cam records in 1920 x 1080 HD- so expect videos that you will be proud of, with hardly any details missed.
  • Broader field view: In comparison to the others in its class, VIXIA HF G 20 has a broader field view. This would mean that as you shoot your hunts, you will be able to capture somewhat more of the surrounding or scene, making it beautiful too. It’s the good quality camera for self filming hunts
  • Striking audio quality with an external mike: Canon VIXIA HF G 20 packs an external Mic Jack which significantly improves the sound options and quality in the videos recorded by it. With its Dolby Digital 2-channel (AC-3) stereo sound, it can give head-on competition to most of its competitors. So well, you know, you can use it to capture your favorite concerts too!
  • Easy-use LCD screen: the 3.5 inches LCD screen in the camcorder can easily pop out and would be pretty easy to use even with screen glare. The screen incorporates touch and track system with which users can maintain the focus on the subject. It can be quite helpful in clearly recording your hunt.
  • Upgraded lens: The improved lens of Canon VIXIA HF G 20 controls any possible glare and comes with Dynamic SuperRange optical image stabilizer. The lens has a focal length of 4.25-42.5mm and Zoom Ratio: 10x Optical/40x/200x in movie mode. Also, there are three variable zoom speeds. The focusing system allows variable auto-focus options as well as lens focus.
  • Budget-friendly: The product is way under the $1000 line and for what it offers, we might call it inexpensive.
  • Memory: The cam comes with 32 GB internal memory and two card slots- capture it all!

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3. Sony 4K HD Video Recording FDRAX33 Handycam Camcorder

Sony 4K HD Video Recording FDRAX33 Handycam Camcorder

In the camcorder market, the good ones you find might have one or other fault- one might be bulky, other might cost you a limb, or might not have the required zoom range.

Well, FDRAX33 is the whole (beyond) HD recording package with just about no flaws.

The Sony 4K FDRAX33 camcorder ultimately sets a new standard for the HD video recording technology.

It has Sony’s legendary BOSS packed into a 4k mini camcorder- and guess what makes it better- at a stunningly lower price.

If you want to buy the camcorder for filming hunts Check out its features to know more.

Key features Sony 4K FDRAX33 Handycam:
Here are the main features of the Sony 4K FDRAX33.

  • HD recording: As we mentioned earlier, this one sets a new standard in the video recording area. Sony 4K FDRAX33 can record full HD at 30p, 24p, 60p. Actually, 4 times the average Full HD- you can shoot 4k @ 3840 x 2160 pixels. Basically, you can zoom or crop your footage and despite that can maintain full HD quality. Further, you can record HD in AVCHD.
  • The BOSS technology: If you have been looking into the camcorder and related technologies for any length of time, you probably have heard of Balanced Optical SteadyShot technology or BOSS from Sony. The thing essentially makes steady-shots about 13 times better in comparison to the average ones. Now, Sony decided to put this very technology into its 4K FDRAX33 Handycam Camcorder. No wonder it is in the best video camera for hunting list, huh?
  • Smaller and lightweight: The device is ideal for light users and beginners in the view that it is relatively tinier with a smaller, lightweight frame.
  • 3” Xtra Fine LCD screen: This 4K Handycam Camcorder packs the easy pop Xtra Fine LCD screen. It’s a touchscreen and designed in an easy to use manner. The EVF Viewfinder ensures accurate image preview.
  • Competitive specs with NighShot Infrared: At its price, this 4k cam from Sony has kind of too much to offer. Though the sensor is not as strong as its ancestor, AX100, its features somewhat make up for that. Well, the sensor isn’t that weak anyway. In addition to its advanced image stabilization technology, it packs NightShot Infrared to make shooting at night much better and a 26.8 mm to 268 mm lens (with 20x extended zoom). It has manual controls for easy customization. Further, it offers solid connectivity through Wi-Fi, NFS, etc.
  • Budget-friendly: As mentioned before, FDRAX33 is the whole package. When put against its predecessors, Sony 4K FDRAX33 is way more pocket-friendly. As an under $1000 camcorder, it makes the remarkable HD recording package more accessible.

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4. Canon XA11 Professional Camcorder

Canon XA11 Professional Camcorder

We’re concluding the list with another winner from Canon, XA11. Canon XA11 Professional Camcorder is a compact deal and an ideal combination of the best of basic features as well as many of the professional features.

It is good enough to shoot events or for making documentaries as well as for capturing a perfect hunt game.

Despite that Canon XA11 Professional Camcorder leans more towards the pricey end, users have found it totally worth more than the money paid for it.

Read on to know how the camera has won the hearts of its users.

Key features of Canon XA11 Professional Camcorder:
Let’s see the core feature of the last best video recorder for hunting filming- Canon XA11.

  • 3.5” OLED Touch screen: The camcorder packs a 3.5” OLED touch panel view screen with a resolution as high as 1,560,000-dot. You’re going to have a very detailed view. Also, it has got a color electronic viewfinder.
  • Manual as well as automatic controls: Canon XA11 Professional Camcorder comes with auto-control and modes for various features which include shutter speed, focus, exposure, gain, and white balance.
  • Image stabilization: This pro-grade camera includes Canon’s Dynamic IS (Image Stabilization) powered by Canon’s high-speed Digic DV 4 image processor. The system would provide the kind of image stabilization you would love.
  • Other major features: Apart from the features which are mentioned above, many more options are available which includes adjustable zoom settings at fast, normal, slow, variable and constant paces. Further, the detachable part on the top has got a set of controls which includes a tally light, IR emitter, accessory shoe and two XLR connectors with phantom power, and a zoom toggle. It also has the pre-shoot feature as discussed earlier. Moreover, there also are audio related controls including record start/stop, external mic holder, manual audio level controls, etc. The Intelligent battery system makes it easier for users to keep track of the time that is remaining.
  • Wi-Fi remote control: With Canon XA11 Professional Camcorder, users have the option to remotely control the important functions of the camcorder wirelessly with the aid of the Wi-Fi Remote control options.
  • 20x optical zoom lens: The camcorder packs an optical zoom lens that comes with a zoom range of 26.8 to 576mm. Further, the iris is improvised and more circular, making the non-focused areas of your output impressively smooth and appealing.
  • Multi-language support: About 27 languages are supported by Ukrainian, Arabic, Farsi, Greek, English, Spanish, French, Czech, Danish, German, Italian, Hungarian, Malay, Portuguese, Romanian, Finnish, Swedish, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Turkish, Russian, Thai, Chinese (simplified characters), Chinese (traditional characters), Korean, as well as Japanese. This range of language support makes it widely usable and helpful for non-English speakers.

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5. Sony FDRAX53/B 4K HD Video Recording Camcorder

Sony FDRAX53/B 4K HD Video Recording Camcorder (Black)

We discussed FDRAX33 above. Now, FDRAX53/B 4K was introduced as a replacement to FDRAX33.

You saw how its predecessor is totally something that the users would love.

Well, this new one in the series ultimately brings out the best of the model and combines it with the latest in shooting technology.

So, needless to say, it simply came out as one of the best in the brand’s high-end 4k line-up.

The camcorder is an ideal combination of all-round video shooting capacity, a range of portability and customization options as well as a high-resolution output.

Furthermore, despite all the improvements, the product is kept well within the $1000 line. Read on to know more about Sony FDRAX53/B 4K.

Key features of Sony FDRAX53/B 4K:
Let’s take a closer look at the main features of the FDRAX53/B 4K camcorder.

  • Upgraded BOSS technology: As we discussed above, Balanced Optical SteadyShot technology makes steady-shots about 13 times better in comparison to the average ones. The BOSS in FDRAX33 itself had been powerful and one of the best stabilization systems that the line-up had ever seen. The upgrade, of course, takes the ‘best’ factor even further. If you are more into moving around a lot and shooting, the upgraded Optical Stabilization system is something you would totally love. The output you see after filming will leave you impressed and proud!
  • LCD Touch controls: The 3” LCD screen with 921,000 dots will offer you the kind of clarity and resolution that can give you a detailed look of the film without having to project and check it. The screen size and design are just perfect- big enough to give the details and small enough to be portable.
  • Manual controls: Though many of the settings can be controlled through touch-screen, the device also offers a certain degree of manual control as well. A wide range of settings is customizable manually with the control ring available to the side.
  • WhiteMagic: This is a new feature introduced with FDRAX53/B 4K. With this feature, you won’t have to struggle with visibility while you are amid a shoot in strong daylight conditions. This feature is bliss for users who find sun rays frequently troubling their shoot.
  • Dual Footage Output: This option is quite preferable as well as helpful for professional users, especially the ones having concerns regarding getting the best possible output. With FDRAX53/B 4K, there is the Dual Footage output option with which you can shoot in different formats and can even compare the footages simultaneously, side by side. It can be a time saver. This is because you wouldn’t have to spend as much time perfecting the footage. The output would be quite resource-intensive.
  • Upgraded lens: The lens used in Sony FDRAX53/B 4K is from Carl Zeiss, similar as used in FDRAX33, only upgraded with the new Vario-Sonnar T in the series. With it, you will be getting a focal length of something like 27.mm and a zoom range of 20x for the 4K footage. Even the raw output quality gets better, given that it totally eliminates glare reflection trouble. So, for the price, users will have access to a premium lens. So, it’s a best video camera for hunting.

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6. CofunKool 4K 60FPS 48MP Ultra HD WiFi Night Vision 16X Camcorder

Camcorder 4K Video Camera for YouTube CofunKool 48MP Ultra HD WiFi Night Vision Vlogging Digital...

If you’re looking for cheap options when buying cameras for hunts then CoFunKool’s camcorder is probably the top quality camera for self-filming hunts under $300. Packed with plenty of features, it can provide beginner vloggers the base they need.
The first feature it should be lauded for is the 4K Ultra resolution. At this price, the color quality and resolution are very impressive. You’re getting 24FPS videos at this resolution, which at this price is good enough. Of course, you can reduce the resolution to get a much higher FPS.

With a 3-inch touchscreen, this shouldn’t be hard to control, and the 270-degree rotation is appropriate for vlogging activities. The most important Pause function is there, so you can continue recording in the same file. USB and TV output is there to allow you to transfer your files for editing and viewing purposes.

You’ll love the WiFi feature as it allows you to connect to your phone, and you can control this camcorder virtually from your phone. The details are in the manual. Another feature is the webcam mode; you can use it as your PC’s external webcam if you want!


  • Cheap
  • 4K resolution @24FPS
  • Remote control through WiFi
  • Easy control


  • Picture quality isn’t as great as brand cameras

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7. Lincom Tech 4K Ultra HD Camcorder 48.0MP Night Vision with WiFi

4K Video Camera Ultra HD Camcorder 48.0MP IR Night Vision

This camcorder is the cheapest on this list at just under $150. But don’t let that fool you as it has most of the features of a $1000 camcorder, albeit the quality isn’t up to the mark. Even so, for this price, many will be jumping up on what it has to offer.

It has up to 4K video if you want to vlog at that kind of monstrous resolution, and it’s at 30 FPS. So this is better than the CoFunkool camcorder at almost half the price. The camera is 48MP, which is a standard for video cameras.

As for controls, you have an LCD touchscreen. Changing modes is very simple, and with the 270-degree rotation, you can swivel for selfies and see what you’re filming as well. The external microphone picks up sound and reduces noise while you record.

The WiFi connectivity option is there to give you virtual control over it. When you connect it to your phone, you can navigate this camcorder from your phone. Taking photos and videos from a distance is a good feature, especially for amateurs at this price.

This is one of the best video camera for hunting that surprise you with its features. Night vision helps with taking videos at night and with crisp picture quality. And the pause function is there to give you some breathing room for long video sessions.


  • Cheap
  • Remote control
  • 4K resolution @30FPS
  • Night vision


  • Picture quality isn’t as good as Sony or Panasonic

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8. Panasonic 4K Camcorder HC-WXF991K, 20X Leica DICOMAR Lens

Panasonic 4K Cinema-Like Video Camera Camcorder HC-WXF991K, 20X Leica DICOMAR Lens, 1/2.3' BSI...

Panasonic calls this camcorder a Cinema-like video camera. With the 20X Leica Dicomar lens, they have the right to call it so. This camera has everything a professional videographer or vlogger needs. It might be expensive, but the brand name doesn’t disappoint.

The 4K Ultra HD @30FPS recording is always the main feature, but the thing to be impressed by is the in-camera editing for 1080p HD videos. You can edit these videos as soon as you finish recording them! Another important feature is the Electronic viewfinder.

As mentioned before, it has a Leica Dicomar lens with a 20x optical zoom that gives your videos a cinematic flavor and the hybrid OIS will allow you to move to a certain degree without messing up your line of view.

It doesn’t have an external microphone, but with its picture quality, it shouldn’t matter too much. The WiFi features are available like remote control, multi-camera scene, etc. At least the twin camera is something that every vlogger will love.


  • Leica Dicomar lens
  • Hybrid OIS
  • Twin Camera
  • In camera editing for 1080p videos


  • Twin camera use needs practice
  • Expensive

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9. DJI OSMO Pocket 3 Axis Gimbal Camera Bundle

DJI OSMO Pocket 3 Axis Gimbal Camera Bundle with ND & Rotating Polarizer Filter Set, Extension...

This product is a bit different compared to the others on this list. At the time of its release, it was the most compact Gimbal camera available in the market and still one of the most compact ones. You’ll receive this camcorder in a bundle with many accessories.

With its 4K video recording at 60FPS, this is the camcorder for filming hunts. You’ll be getting stabilized and crisp videos all around. And the 80-degree field of view is nothing short of amazing. We appreciate its 120FPS recording ability in its slow-motion settings. It captures the smallest details without hampering with stability.

But this is mostly for people on the move; stationary photographers will be more comfortable with traditional camcorders. With features like ActiveTrack, Motionlapse, and Panorama, this OSMO Pocket camcorder has all the creativity a youtube vlogger might need.

And about the accessories, you’re getting extensions rods, a tripod, and a polarizer set and some more. Connecting is done through USB cable, and you’ll get the necessary cables with it.


  • Innovative technology
  • 4K @30FPS in a compact form
  • Pro-settings made available for the consumers
  • Vloggers choice


  • Steep price for consumers
  • Small screen

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10. Canon VIXIA HF G50 4K30P Camcorder

Canon VIXIA HF G50 4K30P Camcorder, Black

Canon’s been around the camera realm for a long time, and if you’re a seasoned camera user, then you know how reliable they are in any price range. And this Vixia camera from the HF series is just as reliable. You’ll have all the high-end features in a compact size.

For starters, this camera has 4K UHD video recording ability along with quality slow-motion video capture. In the 4K resolution, you can capture videos at 30FPS which is not surprising given the price. For advanced amateurs, this camera might be it!

With almost a 5-hour battery life and a 3-inch touchscreen, you shouldn’t face any difficulties during the usage. It’s proofed against water, shock, and dust, meaning you’re allowed to get it dirty but keep it to a minimum! The 40x optical zoom is another great feature.

The camera comes with a 20x optical zoom lens if that 40x zoom isn’t enough for you. Furthermore, it has a dual SD card slot as an extra besides the built-in storage. Although it’s a bit high priced camcorder, we can’t fault this canon hunting camera regarding its quality.


  • 4K at 30FPS
  • Slow-motion video
  • Ease of use
  • Shock, dust, and waterproof
  • Large battery and storage


  • Expensive

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How do you film your own hunts?

filming hunts with camera

With the introduction of higher quality cameras and GoPros, it is very much possible to film your hunts for later viewing or sharing them with people. It is possible to film your hunt by yourself without any external help. However, it is recommended to have the following tools at your disposal.

A Suitable Camera

This is the most essential item of recording your hunt. When it comes to cameras, you have several options. The most available option will probably be your phone. It is possible to record a hunt using your phone set in landscape orientation for the best results.

While a phone is the most available one, it’s often not the best choice in terms of recording videos. High res and powerful cameras like DSLRs and mirrorless cameras capture better videos and retain quality even if zoomed in.

GoPros are also a helpful tool as they provide a first-person view and gives a dynamic viewing experience when played back. Though they have lower video quality.

Whichever camera you choose to use, make sure you have some experience in operating it and that it has enough memory or storage space for your videos. You do not want to run out and lose footage.

Tripod Stand

During a hunt, it is hard to keep the camera steady, especially when chasing after an animal or even when moving. A camera fixed upon a tripod stand is a good way to get steady footage of your hunt.

You can also opt for a monopod, which is less stable but much faster to assemble, and you can quickly start recording. We recommend using this with DSLRs.

Mountable Microphone

Not as necessary as the other two, but being able to add high-quality audio to your video footage will make it much better. Most DSLRs and mirrorless cameras can mount headphones on them that will improve sound quality, thus making them more advantageous to use in this regard over phones.

Once your equipment is properly set up, you can then finally go out to hunt. How you choose to film the hunt is largely based on preferences. You can choose to keep the camera on your person all the time or have it recording from afar with the help of a tripod.

Some situations call for different approaches, but it’s nothing a little creative thinking can’t help solve.

How do you film duck hunts?

film duck hunts

Ducks are surprisingly fast, and anyone who has tried to catch a duck can attest to that. As such, filming them can be difficult at times and requires some luck at times.

It is recommended to make sure the auto-focus setting of your camera is turned off. Filming duck hunts often requires you to be able to take out your camera on a moment’s notice and start filming. You do not want to waste time fumbling with the camera’s autofocus settings and having it focus on the wrong object.

Some key things you need to know to succeed in this endeavor is to pay proper attention to the habits and timings of ducks. Having a good idea of how and where they move about will give you an edge in terms of being able to somewhat predict them.

And it is also important that you learn to spot them from a distance and to be able to quickly take out your camera and start filming. Filming ducks is not easy, and you should be prepared for a lot of misses and bad takes at the start, but practice will get you there soon.

What is the best camera for filming hunts?

The Canon VIXA HF G20 camcorder is a top pick. It features high-quality video recording, a built-in microphone with superb sound recording, and 32 GB internal memory allowing for long filming hours.

And it is somewhat bigger than usual hunting cameras and will take some getting used to, but the benefits far outweigh its negatives.

How do you film a deer hunt by yourself?

For a deer hunt, you can benefit greatly from making use of a tree arm and base that will allow you to attach your cameras to trees and allow filming. Before filming, you might want to plan your approach out in case you want to get specific shots. This will reduce much of the hassle later in the hunt.

When filming amidst trees, you will want your camera’s autofocus turned off. This will make sure your camera doesn’t mistakenly focus on the trees and blur out the deer.

Make sure your camera is stable and simply wait until a deer comes into view. You can choose to film earlier if you’re sure that your camera has enough memory.

How do you use a GoPro for hunting?

Filming with a GoPro can be a bit of a different experience. The main thing you need to know is that GoPros take their best shots when you’re close to the targets, and you’ll need to plan your hunt out to incorporate that.

Make sure the GoPro’s mount is secure regardless if it’s on your shotgun barrel or any other location. You don’t want it to fall off. Try to film during the day when the sun is out to ensure the high-quality of your videos.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Let’s looks at some common questions we receive related to hunting filming

Top Camcorders to film Hunting 2019

What camera is for filming your own hunts?

You can select any of the camcorders listed above based on your budget and experience level.

If you are a pro-level user, Canon XA11 Professional Camcorder and similar cameras with advanced features should be your preference.

Else, if you are just a beginner or light user, you can go with any of the budget-friendly ones listed above.

You can refer to the next question to see the factors to consider while finalizing a hunting camera.

Is it okay to use the regular camera for filming the hunts?

It’s totally up to you. No one’s stopping you if you’d like to use your normal camera for hunt shooting.

However, it won’t give the output you might expect. If you are just casually shooting your hunts now and then, it’s alright to stick with your normal camera.

However, if you are a pro user willing to make great films of your pro hunts, it’s good to have a camcorder that can create the kind of result you (and others) would love.

What are some important factors to consider while buying cameras for shooting hunts?

Here is a quick list of factors to keep in mind while you are hunting for a hunting camera.

Compactness: The weight and size of the camera you are using would matter amid filming hunt. There might already be a lot that a hunter would have to carry. Plus, as a hunter, you’ll have to move around a lot.

Battery: Typically, a camera battery should last at least 8-10 hours. The longer the better.

Zoom: The zoom should be in accordance with the distances you shoot. Bow-hunter might need just 10X zoom, while rifle shooters might need about 20X zoom, as they shoot over long distances.

Remote control: Many cameras nowadays have a remote control feature. It makes controlling the camera much easier.

Performance in Low light conditions: As a hunter, you might need to film in different environments and lighting conditions. Check the low light performance of the camera before you finalize it.

Microphone: Many of the modern-day cameras have microphones built-in. The quality may differ for different models. It would be a good idea to check it beforehand too.