Best Laptop for Video Streaming 2023 – Buying Guide

Video Streaming is referred to as a kind of multimedia in the form of video and is constantly received from a source and is viewed/ presented to the viewer, unlike other media that are downloaded as a whole file before being viewed by the end-user. It is now a day trending the most by social media users and is known to be the most influential type of media that is spreading its roots and is getting successful day by day. People prefer video streaming the whole movie and stuff instead of downloading the whole movie because of many reasons.

We already know that movies, video songs, dramas, video interviews, documentaries, inspirational videos, informative videos, etc are the most important of the social media that is used and known by everyone and are the most important source of entertainment and information. People tend to go for video explanations for everything whether it is for some student who needs a video lecture on some topic, or a girl who is a beginner with makeup and wants to learn the basics of makeup through a makeup tutorial. So, internet videos are the solution to all your queries.

Why prefer Video Streaming over Downloading the whole Video

Video Streaming is going everywhere, every time, used by everyone, and this media; the videos, need a lot of resources to run as well e.g. internet connection, storage resources, graphic cards in case of need of better quality, and many more. While Storage resources are the most important of all if not the video streaming then you have to download the whole file weighing in hundreds of MBs or GBs in your PC, that will occupy the most of space in your system if you are a regular viewer of videos or you are a movie person and this will ultimately slow down the performance of your system.

So, video streaming is the Solution for many things, i.e. you don’t have to wait for the whole file to be downloaded when you can have it side by side. You have no need to download and save the complete video that weighs a GB and waste the space in your storage system.

You can enjoy it without waiting and without messing with the storage system of your system with Video Streaming, enjoying it on the internet, and moving forward to the next one.

Which Laptops are best for Video Streaming?

With the advancement in the field of Information and Technology, a lot of many brands have introduced special systems with advanced features for the better quality of graphics in video content. You can also get your customized system as per your requirements. We will be looking into a few of the suggestions but before that, here are some key features you need to look for before buying a laptop that would be the best for video streaming.

11 Key Features for better Video Streaming

1. CPU/ Processor


As it is said that the CPU is the brain of the computer system or Laptop. The processor is the processing unit that controls the whole of the system. So, always look for the most advanced processor available in the market. This feature helps not only for the video streaming but for other stuff on your system too. This should be the most priority feature of your laptop to look for before buying.

2. Storage Capacity of RAM


RAM is referred to as the memory of your system with is randomly accessible and for overall better performance of your system and fast processing, this capacity should be good enough to handle your multitasking.

3. Graphics Processing Unit


Graphics Processing Unit defines the graphic quality of your system’s video. So if you want a good quality view over your system, look for a good GPU.

4. Network Card


Look for a fine network card in the laptop for better network connection and processing.

5. Display Screen Size


This is a very basic feature you should look for without any doubt because you will enjoy movies on the big screen better than the small screen for sure!

These are the few key features that you just have to look for in a laptop for better video streaming along with a good internet connection because if you won’t have a good fast internet or WIFI connection, you cannot enjoy good video streaming.

Best Laptop Suggestions

Here are a few suggestions for you to get better performance for live streaming Netflix, YouTube, and many more.

1. HP Pavilion X360 (Convertible)


HP Pavilion X360 is the finest laptop for your video streaming activities. It has the best suitable features and specs that go the best with video streaming. It has 15.6 inches big screen with an Intel Core i3-8130U processor. It has an integrated graphic card, a Huge storage space of 1 TB HDD (Hard Disk), and 4 GB RAM with 16 GB Optane. This is for sure a fine choice.

2. HP 14 Chromebook


HP 14 Chromebook is one of the quality laptops with nice features for video streaming. It has 14 inches of big screen size, 4 GB RAM, and an Intel Celeron N3350 processor with a fine integrated graphic card. It is one of the best models launched by the very remarkable brand HP, Can be a bit expensive and is best recommended for streaming videos.


3. Acer Aspire E5- 576-392H


Acer Aspire E5- 576-392H has very fine features including 15.6 inches big display screen, Intel Core i3-8130U processor, 6 GB RAM. It has a storage capacity of 1TB HDD and an integrated Graphic card.

4. Lenovo Chromebook C330


Lenovo is a new leading brand known for its quality products at reasonable prices. They have launched a lot many good laptops with nice features and Lenovo Chromebook C330 is one of them. It has a fine display screen of a moderate size that is 11.6 inches. 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB eMMC storage along with the integrated graphic card. It is small and portable which means easily can be carried to places. This must be the best affordable laptop with all the fine quality features and will be easily available.

5. ASUS Vivobook S15


This laptop is equipped with all the advanced features. The big display screen of 15.6 inches and Intel Core i5-8250U modern processor make this a good laptop for video streaming. It has 8 GB RAM, which is quite good enough, with 256 GB of SSD storage and an integrated graphic card. It is a mid-range product with all the high-tech features.

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