Tackling Cyber Threats on Social Media for Businesses: How and What to Do?  2023 Guide

Just a few years ago, finding cyber threats on social media was like playing the game Where’s Waldo? That is because finding the threat was a manual job where even the well-trained staff failed at times, and rightly so. Every day, billions of messages are posted on social media and it is very hard to sift them all.

However, now making a strategy for social media security is an important aspect of the overall digital marketing strategy. There is enough technology available that can block any threat or hateful content that might damage companies or personal reputations. Even a major security breach can be avoided if the right security strategy is employed.

Monitoring the relevant messages and taking the right steps is very important to keep a business’ online presence safe. For this, the right strategy, right staff, right devices, and right tools must be used. One such is a good internet connection, the best of which is Mediacom.

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The internet has become an indispensable tool for businesses, offering vast opportunities for growth and connectivity. It enables companies to reach a global audience, conduct e-commerce, and engage with customers on social media platforms.

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However, along with its benefits come potential risks. Businesses must navigate the ever-present threat of cyber threats on the internet, particularly on social media. Safeguarding sensitive data, educating employees about online security, and implementing robust cybersecurity measures are essential.

Regular monitoring of online activities, staying updated on the latest security practices, and promptly addressing any vulnerabilities are crucial steps in protecting businesses from cyber threats and maintaining a secure online presence.

Furthermore, here are all the steps to take when figuring out cyber security on social media.

Creation of Social Media Policy

The first step in maintaining social media security would be to carve out a clear policy for it. This policy would underline how employees should use social media when representing the company online. This doesn’t intrude on individual privacy; the policy should apply the use of social media on the company’s equipment.

This is very crucial in not only protecting the business from cyber threats but also from bad PR. The social media account’s responsibility should also be clearly divided among the concerned departments so that in case of a breach, corrections can be made in a streamlined way. The authority that has to be reported in case of a security breach should also be mentioned clearly.

Monitor Content Carefully

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A PR disaster is, at times, as important as an external cyber attack. It can also be called an internal cyber attack because most of the time, a PR disaster is generated from within. To save your business from this, make sure that the right authority monitors whatever goes on the company’s social media.

You may be investing in hiring a lead for this but in the long run will save you unimaginable bucks in the name of bad PR.

You can also limit the people who have access to posting content on social media accounts. All you need is the right software so that content creators can write drafts, the final send button authority is with a few people who are the final say in the matter.

Cover the Digital Tracks Online

One thing that we all do with our online presence, personal or professional, is leave the traces of our digital breadcrumbs behind. These include IP address, operating system device, keyboard configurations, etc. These act like your cyber fingerprints and can be used to harm the business as well.

In case you are investigating an online security breach, this information can reveal to the culprit that they are being investigated and your search may be sabotaged.

You need to use technologies that can hide your online identity and disguise your online activities from a third party. The more anonymous you are, the more clearly you can monitor the situation and can keep the company’s social media presence safe.

Implement Multi-Factor Authentication

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This is not a new technique to counter cyber threats but this has absolutely become much more crucial than it was before. Adding extra layers of security can do the trick in protecting your social media accounts. Password on its own can prove only as a weak security barrier and can easily be breached.

Multi–Factor authentication is better than two-factor authentication because, at every step, a notification is sent. If the hacker makes its way through one layer, an authority can be alarmed at multiple steps. This ensures that concerned people were alarmed a number of times for them to take measures accordingly.

Document the Findings

This comes when there was a breach and now you are trying to find out where was the lapse. You should be documenting all the findings of your investigation, not just to present it to higher authority but for the future as well. This can also be done when you’re just monitoring the regular social media activity as well.

If you catch anything fishy happening, jot it down and keep an eye on anything similar. If you find out a greater link to it, it’s time to launch a full-scale investigation. This will save your company from a bigger attack or public humiliation.

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Social media is becoming unsafe for businesses especially but this doesn’t mean that taking the presence off is a solution. By implementing the right security strategy, social media can be made a safe space for your business.