Remington 700 ADL vs BDL 2023 – Which One Is Best?

Rifles are a symbol of great human innovation. When used properly, they can provide the user with a great time and can help make one’s life a lot less stressful. Participating in gun competitions or hunting wild game can help you blow off some steam as well as provide you with a grand time.

But first, you have to pick out a suitable gun. If you’ve been thinking of getting a bolt-action rifle, then you should get no less than a classic Remington rifle. Between a Remington 700 ADL vs BDL, see for yourself which one is best for you.

Knowing the differences and features of each will be a good way to determine which one will suit your taste and shooting style.

Remington 700 ADL vs BDL Comparison in 2023

Remington 700 ADL

Remington 700 ADL

This is a variant of the long standing and classic Remington 700 series. This is marketed toward more budget conscious consumers who just want a gun to get a feel of the sport without having to spend a lot.

As this takes from the classic bolt-action rifle design, you can expect it to function well. If you have had experience in using Remington bolt-action rifles before, this will have a really familiar feel to it.

One difference though is the non-reflective SPS Varmint synthetic stock. This is an alternative material that is utilized on some of the newer Remington models that help reduce the cost of production which, in turn, helps reach more individuals who want to own a Remington rifle.

But even with the inexpensive price tag compared to other models, this still comes with great features.

The design is a familiar beavertail fore-end that usually rests comfortably on sandbags. Additionally, the gun has 2 sling swivel studs where you can mount a bi-pod for added versatility. It has the safety on the right which implies that left-handed people may have difficulty using this.

It uses a blind magazine, meaning it has a fixed vertical magazine in the barrel.

That is something you have to consider because you will need to take out the rounds every time. If you’re a beginner, this may become a bit of a struggle at first but it’s worth learning especially if you plan on being serious about this hobby and sport.


  • Classic and timeless bolt-action design
  • Fairly inexpensive
  • Comes with steel studs for mounting purposes
  • Adjustable trigger pull with X-Mark Pro


  • Blind magazines take a bit of time to master

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Remington 700 BDL

Remington 700 BDL

Now, this one is something that’s worth a look. The BDL is one of the favorites of experienced and professional marksmen around the globe. The gun is recognized for its features as well as its small details.

Looking at the ammunition, you will immediately see the high-gloss American walnut stock. With proper care and maintenance, the wood will only grow to look better with age. On the fore-end is the easily recognizable black fore cap.

On the stock is a raised Monte Carlo cheek piece that doesn’t just increase the comfort of using this rifle but raises the looks and appeal as well. The barrel and one-piece receiver is made from full carbon materials.

It employs an adjustable rear sight that will help you aim and shoot your target accurately even without a scope. But should you want to install a scope on this, you still can, with the drilled and tapped scope mounts on top.

The cartridge head has steel rings: one of each for the recessed bolt face, for the chamber and the barrel, and for the front receiver which adds up to the durability and accuracy of this rifle.

You will see that the bolt knob is designed for a good grip and non-slip action. With the X-Mark Pro, the trigger can also be adjusted to the shooter’s preference making the experience as personalized as possible. It has a hinged floorplate that makes it easy and safe to unload the magazine.


  • Widely renowned for durability and accuracy
  • High-gloss American walnut stock
  • Raised cheek piece
  • Adjustable trigger and open sights


  • More expensive than the 700 ADL

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Remington 700 ADL vs BDL Bolt-Action Rifle

Both these guns take inspiration from the classic Remington 700 bolt-action rifle which means they function well and are effective in most applications. The differences between the two are also noteworthy as they target different sets of markets and audiences.

Stock Material

The ADL uses a synthetic man-made material which is as durable as wood. But the good thing about it is that it can help lower the cost of this rifle which makes it a more practical choice for budget-conscious consumers.

But if you’re someone who is looking to add to your collection, the BDL should be on your list. It has a high-gloss American walnut stock that’s bound to become more beautiful as it ages.

Magazine Type

The ADL employs a blind magazine type which can be frustrating if you’re not familiar with it. Even experienced marksmen know how difficult it is to reload one bullet a time so it’s not the best rifle if you’re competing in a time-sensitive contest.

On the other hand, the BDL can take up to three rounds before reloading which is way better than the ADL.


While the BDL has adjustable open sights that help you locate your target even without the use of scopes, the ADL has fixed scopes which can do a fair job as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are bolt-action rifles powerful?

Yes. In fact, bolt-action rifles are regarded as the most powerful rifles because they have fewer moving parts close to the exploding bullet which means they can take more pressure than, say, automatic rifles.

Should I immediately install scope for my bolt-action rifles?

This depends on your application. If you plan on shooting long distances, it is recommended that you invest in a good quality scope immediately.

How does a bolt-action rifle maintain its accuracy?

Since you’re just shooting one bullet at a time, you have enough time to recalibrate your aim after each firing. Another factor is that the power and the design of the rifle is geared toward precision and accuracy.

Can I rely on Remington rifles since they are made from a factory?

Yes. As a matter of fact, the Remington 700 BDL has become the standard of all rifles because of its reliability, power, and accuracy.

How does bolt action work?

It works by combining the firing pin, spring, and extractor. These all work together to make the load, fire, and unload of the bullet in a smooth fashion.


While it seems that the clear winner of the Remington 700 ADL vs BDL is the latter one, the former still gets some points for being a practical choice for novices or people who don’t want to spend a lot for something to help them get a feel for the sport. It is still a Remington after all.

But as it stands, the beautiful craftsmanship and the reliability of the Remington 700 BDL makes it one of the best bolt-action rifles in the past and in the years to come.