CZ P07 vs. P10 – Comparison in 2023

We are living in an era where the wonder nines are more reliable and accurate than ever. In case you were not related to the term Wonder Nine, it refers to those handguns that shoot nine-millimeter rounds and has a staggered magazine.

Among all the other pistols, Ceska Zebroskas had the most contribution in making the wonder nine series wonderful.
Ever since the introduction of the compact model in 1975, CZ had gone through a plethora of modifications.

People usually get confused while going through this series of handguns. Likewise, in the case of CZ P07 VS P10, it is quite easy to fall into a dilemma.

Did you fall into the same dilemma too? Are you looking for extra information in this CZ p07 vs p10? Then you came to the right place for that! Sit back and let us take care of the rest.

CZ P07

CZ P07 vs. P10 – Comparison in 2023

The Ceska Zebroka compact series has seen a lot of modern additions lately. But among all of them, the one that introduced the convertible lever mechanism is the P07. With this, different shooters that prefer different shooting styles started adapting to one gun.

It was first introduced to the crowd in 2009, and it was the first one in the series to feature the ever so popular omega trigger system. This trigger makes the gun look modern, and contoured design will let you rest your index finger comfortably.

As the trigger features interlocking parts, the disassembly and maintenance process is just like a walk in the park. Because of the redefined hammer ignition mechanism, you will be able to fully take it apart without requiring any professional gunsmithing skills or tools.

The other highlighting feature of the gun is that it comes with a convertible safety mechanism. You can easily switch between the manual safety system or the decocker. With this, you can carry the pistol cocked and ready to fire or use it as a double-action trigger pistol.

Design-wise, it comes with a 3.8 inches barrel. The total length of the unit is 7.2 inches, and the height stands at 5.3 inches. On top of the barrel, you find metal sights.They are the three-dot style ones, and the dots are of white non-photo luminous paint.

Unlike most of the handguns, it features a black polymer frame. As a result, it has a comparatively lightweight body. The total weight is just 1.7 pounds, which makes it extremely easy to carry.

Lastly, the magazine comes with a beefed-up spring that makes loading bullets easy. It can hold ten rounds maximum. And, The grips on the handle are stippled and are not replaceable.


  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Toolless assembly and disassembly process
  • Adaptable safety mechanism
  • Features a great ergonomics
  • Compact footprint


  • Handle has inlaid grips which are not swappable
  • Sights come with nonluminous dots that are hard to see in the dark

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P10 Pistol

CZ P07 vs. P10 – Comparison in 2023

In your search for a striker-fired handgun, you are going to stumble upon many units that feature an eye-catching futuristic design. But, you will have a hard time that just does not look good but feels good in the hand. An excellent example of such pistol would be the P10.

Let us begin with the overall design first. The first time that you are going to pick this unit up, you will understand how ergonomic it is. With the angled grip, it eliminates the boxy feeling that most of the guns come with, which will let it rest naturally in your palms.

Other than that, for the interchangeable backstraps, it will fit perfectly in a plethora of hands. Alongside that, the deep beavertail and palm swell in the middle will ensure optimal comfort.

Another feature that makes the pistol stand out is the trigger. Unlike most of the units, it comes with a redesigned triggers that minimize stacking and creeping. With this, you can not only place your first shot but also effortlessly make follow up shots.

In the case of the overall construction, it comes with a polymer frame that is sturdy and has fiber reinforcing. The nitride finish makes it look like it is not here to play around. It weighs 1.625 pounds only.

Dimension wise, the total length of the unit is 7.3 inches, and the height stands at 5.2 inches, and lastly, the width 1.26 inches.
Besides that, it comes with a firing block pin for safety mechanism. It also comes with a generously sized trigger guard that will let you use the gun comfortably with gloves.

Lastly, it comes with a 4.02 inches barrel that houses tactical three-dot metal sights. It comes with a swappable magazine release too.


  • Fits comfortably in most of the hands
  • Features interchangeable backstraps
  • Swappable magazine release
  • Lightweight design
  • Comes with an excellent trigger mechanism


  • Texture on the grip wears out relatively fast
  • Replaceable magazines are hard to come by

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CZ p07 vs p10 Comparison

Both the handguns came out in the market recently. But, they do have some differences between them. We are going to go through each of the key factors that set them apart and make the choosing process a little bit easier for you. They are:


In the case of the overall design, both of them come with a modern-looking outlook. But, the design of the P10 seems to be a little bit more comfortable to hold onto.

It comes with contoured sides and angled grip, it fits quite naturally in the hands.
Other than that, both the gun features interchangeable backstraps that will allow you to get a perfect grip for your hand size.

Construction and Weight

Both guns are of a black polymer. But the P10 has fiber-reinforcement and nitride finish that makes it stick out from the rest of the handguns that are of the material.

Even though both of them are of the same material, they have a different weight. The P10 is comparatively lighter, and it weighs 1.625 pounds while the P07 weighs 1.7 pounds.

In the case of overall length, the P07 measures 7.2 inches while the P10 is 7.3 inches.

Trigger Mechanism

Both of them comes with a different style of triggers. First of all, the P07 features an innovative Omega trigger. With the interlocking parts, it will let you easily take apart the unit without having to require any additional tools or professional skills.

On the other hand, the P10 comes with a redesigned trigger mechanism. It minimizes the creeping and stacking. With this, you will effortlessly be able to line up precise follow up shots.

Safety Mechanism

The P07 comes with an interchangeable safety mechanism. You can switch between the decocker or the manual lever anytime. On the other hand, the P10 comes with a safety firing block pin and trigger lock as a safety mechanism.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the swappable magazine release of the P10 bring to the table?

With prolonged use, the magazine release breaks in and eventually becomes stiffer. The reversible magazine release will eliminate that factor and will become more smooth with use. Alongside that, you can swap it on the other side if you are a lefty.

What is the pull weight of the trigger that the P10 comes featured with?

After the first break-in period, the pull weight will average between 4.5 to five pounds. It also rebounds in a positive and short reset.

What is the benefit of the interchangeable backstraps?

Not all the shooters have the same sized palms. Keeping that in mind, the interchangeable backstraps will help you get the perfect fit for your palm size. That means you are sure to get a perfect fit.

What is the main difference between a manual safety lever and a decocker?

With the manual safety lever, you will be able to cock your gun and carry it locked in your hostler. That means you will not have to cock it again after you draw it out. On the other hand, the decocker will let you get a double-action trigger mechanism.

Does the P07 have any other variations?

Yes, custom dealers provide the gun with tactical lights, tritium sights, extended barrel, or with safety levers only.


To conclude, in regards to cz p07 vs p10, we hope that we were able to give you enough information that it is now easier to chose one among the two. We would like to end the segment here by wishing you good luck and hoping that the gun that you decide to get serves you well.