Best Wet Tumbler for Brass Review in 2023

Best Wet Tumbler for Brass

Some people believe that if you want things to be done right, you must do it yourself. Such an attitude is what you need when deciding to pursue any aspiration or activity. One thing that will help you come up with great ammo is if you have the best wet tumbler for brass. For gun … Read more

Kestrel 5500 vs. 5700 – Comparison of 2023

Kestrel 5500 vs. 5700

Believe it or not, the question of which one is better between the ” Kestrel 5500 vs. 5700 ” is simpler than it may seem at first. Today, we’ll learn why these devices are great by reviewing their specifications, performance, and overall reliability on the field. By the end, we’ll have a clear view of … Read more

Kestrel 5700 vs Elite – Comparison of 2023

Kestrel 5700 vs Elite

For shooters, making the right measurement could mean a huge difference that could secure a clean shoot or may scare the target away. Distance, wind, and altitude have an impact on your accuracy, which is why you’ll need the perfect weather meter between the kestrel 5700 vs elite. Since you only need one, today we’ll … Read more

Best Compound Bows of All Time

best target compound bow 2023

Looking to pick up a new hobby that is archery? Or, maybe just decided to get some good practice at target shooting before the next hunting game? Either way, if you are here, you probably are looking to find a nice, durable and best compound bows for hunting and target shooting. Let’s get straight to … Read more

Maven B1 vs. B2 – Comparison of 2023

Maven B2 or Maven B1

If you are a hunter, you can relate to how different traps and weapons are crucial in looking for wild animals to catch and kill them. And this is either to make use of their fur, serve as decorations at home, or for food. Also, you need a device, such as a binocular, that can … Read more