Top 5 Best Halo Rangefinder Reviews

The distance of golf target, bow hunting, ballistics, forestry, etc., is a crucial matter. The more accurate data you get, the more you can accomplish the target. Rangefinder helps to calculate the possible distance between you and the target. Also, the reaction from the rangefinder is faster and precise. Here we have brought the Halo range finders reviews to talk about some great stuff. These products are specially built and designed for those golfers, shooters. Each unit can focus on the target momentarily regardless of the distance. Halo Optics is a leading manufacturer to serve game lovers high-quality rangefinders. You may find many ordinary similar brands or producers. But Halo is always ahead for advanced technology and creative features. Moreover, they always improve technology while satisfying the customers’ needs. You can gauge the gap up to 400-2000 yards with zooming capabilities.

Our 5 Favorite Halo Range Finders

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Top 5 Best Halo Rangefinder Reviews- 2023

Once you have thought of upgrading, changing, or buying a new rangefinder, you should have a glance at Halo products. But there may be issues with selecting the right one for your game. We are here to solve all the issues related to buying the best Halo range finders. Spend a few moments to know these select products among many models:

1. Halo Range Finders Hunting

Halo Optics XLR 1600 6X Magnification Accurate Precise Water-Resistant Hunting Laser Range Finder

If you are a hardcore golfer, have a great power to throw the golf ball at a far distance, XLR1600 is most suitable for you. It comes with flawless accuracy of the target position. Now, you can assess any range in the open country areas with this product. You can buy this product with a one year warranty.

It has a very small, compact, and lightweight design. So, you can carry it with sport or hunting kits easily. Besides, you can stay worry-free in rainy environments. It stays solid and running while resisting the water. The ergonomic grip never slips out of hand. Again, the premium quality lenses last longer and serve constantly.

Halo XLR1600 hunting laser rangefinder can provide reflective target information at up to 1600 yards. You can magnify the object at 6x times. There is a fast one-button configuration to identify the target exactly within +1/-1 yards tolerance.

We have found some exciting features like auto acquisition, Angle Intelligence™, scan mode in this small rangefinder. The auto acquisition can help you gaining target automatically. The Angle Intelligence™ measures the slope or horizontal distance of the target. Additionally, you can lock on multiple targets at different distances with the Scan mode.


  • Compact, water-resistant, and lightweight design
  • Non-slip ergonomic grip and one button configuration
  • Six times magnification with +1/-1-yard tolerance precision
  • Auto acquisition, Angle Intelligence™, scan mode
  • Runs with single CR2 battery (1-unit included)
  • Coverage: up to 1600 yards


  • Hard to fit in the side pocket

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2. Halo XL450 Hunting Laser Halo Range Finder

Halo XL450 Range Finder, 450 Yard laser range finder for rifle and bow hunting , black

We have examined a budget rangefinder meeting all the requirements. Halo XL450 rangefinder is a widely popular device for short to medium distant target identification. It also comes from Halo Optics to serve the pro golfers, bowhunters at a minimal cost. Likely other Halo products, it also has a one-year warranty.

XL450 Halo range finders is meant to be long-lasting. It has solid, rugged construction of Dri Loc seal AW2 gun case to last years in any weather conditions. The entire unit weighs the least and fits in your hand easily. We are also satisfied with its optics; convenient and effective in focusing on the target. It also has a wrist strap to carry on the hunting.

It offers great accuracy in angle compensation of bowhunting and measuring space of rifle’s long-shots. You can evaluate the most accurate distance at up to 450 yards. However, the accuracy can be a maximum of +/-1 yard from the actual position. You can get data in both yards and meters—all you can do with a single button configuration.

The 6x zooming capacity is another positive thing about this cheap Halo range finders. Its Angle Intelligence™ can be your digital friend in slope measurement in bowhunting. The scan mode is also there to capture multiple targets at different distances. Another thing, the class IIIA laser of this product brings more precision in hunting or gaming.


  • Budget rangefinder with Dri Loc seal AW2 gun case solid construction
  • Top-mounted control with a single button
  • 6x magnification with pro-built and high-quality lenses
  • Wrist strap for smart portability
  • Angle Intelligence™ for slope and scan mode for multiple foci
  • Runs with single CR2 battery (1-unit included)
  • Coverage: up to 450 yards


  • No illuminated readings on LCD

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3. HALO XL600-8 Hunting Scopes Range Finder

HALO XL600-8 Hunting Scopes Range Finders, Multi, One Size

Suppose you are hunting and planning to shoot the target animal or bird from a notable range. How will you figure out the distance for a perfect shot? Halo XL600-8 is the right answer. In fact, it is specially crafted to befriend the hunters. It works better beside the scope of the gun to avoid mistakes.

XL600 rangefinder is a result of the skillful engineering of Halo Optics. Once you have this in your hand, you can see any object at up to 600 yards. It has a friendly and unique design to work as a mighty viewer of targets. The non-slip grip prevents unwanted drops on the surface. Even, you can use the rangefinder on rainy days.

It has a superb scan mode to capture more than one target at the same time. It helps to keep track of the right target, especially in hunting or golf-like games. You can use this model with a single button mounted on top of its body. In Addition, the Angle Intelligence™ feature gives a real horizontal range of focus spot regardless the elevation.

You can adjust the eyepiece to focus properly. Therefore, the device will show you the distance in two different reading meters and yards. The class IIIA laser can point to the exact spot you are trying to focus on. Once again, Halo offers some key accessories with XL600-8 like a CR2 battery, carrying lanyard, and cloth for lens cleaning.


  • Built for hunting purposes
  • Lightweight and sturdy design with non-slip grip
  • Scan mode for multiple target acquisition
  • Angle Intelligence™ for measuring the slope
  • Adjustable eyepiece and class IIIA laser for pinpoint accuracy
  • Coverage: up to 600 yards


  • No illuminated reticle

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4. Halo XR700-8 700 Yard Laser Range Finder

Halo Optics XR 700 6X Magnification Accurate Precise Water-Resistant Hunting Laser Range Finder

We are in the middle of our Halo rangefinder reviews. Wait, we have more things in the latter part. Right now, XR700-8 is in our discussion. Its innovative design and capabilities will blow your hunter’s mind. It is available in black and grey colors. After all, it is a great laser range finder within your budget. You don’t need to guess the distance of the target anymore. Buy this one to get instant ideas of the target.

Basically, the XR series with a modern look is the upgraded evolution of the popular XRT series. So, you get improved result in hunting and at the golf course. Halo XR700 rangefinder has an unbeaten structure to give longtime service. When you are on the move, take it holding the anti-slip grip.

You can control the focus with a single top-mounted button. Its scan mode allows you to figure out how far one or more targets stay from you. Find things clear at up to 700 yards distance and read it on the LCD screen. The accuracy will be maximum of +/-1 yard from the actual target. You can adjust the eyepiece to keep an eye on targets.

XR700 rangefinder has similar features like scan mode, Angle Intelligence™ available in most Halo products. Ordinary rangefinders can allow the only target to focus. But this one with scan mode allows ranging multiple targets at different distances. Angle Intelligence™ talks about the horizontal distance (slope). However, you get a CR2 battery, lanyard for carrying, and optics cloth with the product.


  • Popular XR series product for accurate details
  • Class IIIA Laser and adjustable eyepiece for perfect focus
  • Can withstand odd environments
  • Scan mode and Angle Intelligence™ for advanced readings
  • +/-1-yard tolerance accuracy
  • Coverage: up to 700 yards


  • Battery life seems to be compromised than expectations.

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5. Halo XLR2000 Hunting Laser Range Finder

Halo Optics XLR 2000 6X Magnification Accurate Precise Water-Resistant Hunting Laser Range Finder

XLR2000 from Halo Optics is undoubtedly one of the best rangefinders available for long-range shooting. Halo XLR2000 can cover a huge distance to keep eyes on the target. It has maximum coverage to use in games, hunting, and ballistics. It comes from Wildgame Innovations to provide you best performance at any moment.

Halo XLR2000 is designed so well that many professionals take it as their major component in their game. The premium quality optical lenses give clarity to the front target viewed on red OLED. It can show the images of the target at up to 2000 yards. Again, the whole unit is water-resistant for optimum performance. You can carry the device with a non-slip grip attached to its body.

Like XLR1600, it has an auto acquisition option to detail distance momentarily. So, you can save time in scouting or hunting. You can use the single control button to point the target with the rangefinder. After keeping it in front of your eye, you can magnify the target up to 6x closer.

Scan mode, Angle Intelligence™, etc. attractive features are common in the XLR2000 model. Count the distance of multiple targets with the scan mode. Also, Angle Intelligence™ declares precise horizontal distance at any elevation. How far the target remains, it will be the maximum +/-1-yard distance from the actual target.


  • Gives the premium feel of rangefinder
  • A most suitable device for scouting, hunting, and the golfers
  • High-quality optical lenses with red OLED
  • Non-slip grip and water-resistant design
  • Auto acquisition, scan mode, and Angle Intelligence™
  • It brings the image of the target at up to 6x closer
  • Coverage: up to 2000 yards


  • A bit pricey than other models

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Benefits of Halo Rangefinders

halo range finders reviews

So, you have read the finest models of Halo rangefinders. Now, there may appear one question in your mind. “Why shall I buy Halo rangefinders?”.

We are also explaining this matter. These below are notable benefits of buying Halo rangefinders:

Sturdy Construction

Halo rangefinders are built with industrial-grade materials. All these products are water-resistant. So, you can take it further in any weather. Moreover, you can carry them easily with a non-slip grip or wrist strap. In a word, it can easily beat other brands.


Some experts have tried to see the top accuracy of the rangefinder. They found it exact at 300-400 yards distance. However, up to 2000 yards, you can get accurate calculations of the target’s distance. There are a couple of features like auto acquisition, scan mode, and Angle Intelligence™. These are helpful in quick focus on the target, measuring the slope, etc.

Reliable Information

At any distance, Halo Optics claims their rangefinders have the least or almost nil accuracy error. While focusing on close range, the distance may feel a little inaccurate. But you can get a maximum +/–yard far error from the main target. This is a kind of surprising result at more than 1000 yards.

One-Button Configuration

You may have seen many rangefinders with multiple buttons for operating the devices. But Halo rangefinders have only one button to manage the rest. It would help if you pressed it once for switching the device on and once more for data calculation. This is how easily you can use the rangefinders.

Long Battery Life

Most of the time, we need devices with long battery life for scouting or hunting. Even golfers stay on course for the whole day. So, Halo thought about this. They use a CR2 battery for the longevity of use. Most of the products come with a single battery for free. Again, each rangefinder automatically shuts down after 20 seconds if you are not using it.


Lastly, you can save a huge amount of money buying the Halo Optics products. Mostly they are below 200 bucks. A good hunter will always prefer such a tool within the budget without compromising the quality.

Buying Guide of Best Halo Range finders

best golf rangefinders

Here are a few things you should care of before buying the Halo rangefinders:


Design, color, weight, etc. are important factors of buying Halo rangefinders. It should be designed in a way like you can focus only on the target. It should not be provocative neither taking time to control the grip for comfy. Moreover, the size should be very much convenient as it needs to fit on your hand. It should also be less than 9 ounces. A lightweight device helps to control and carry easily in any condition at any space. The color choice should be wise as it should blend with the ambiance.


It can be less for the short-range. But if you are a golfer or bowhunter or even a hunter, you will need to choose a rangefinder with a good magnification feature. Choose the item with 4-6x magnification while giving you a clear and better field of view at a long distance.

Range measurement

Range is the key thing you will think about before buying any rangefinder, either it is Halo or other brands. If you are on the bow hunting, then rangefinders with medium-range capacity would be better. For rifle hunting, golfing, scouting, you should prefer devices having a long measurement of range facility.


It depends on your choices. Halo rangefinders offer several modes like auto acquisition, scan mode, target mode, etc. The scan mode can help you measuring several targets’ distance continuously. Target mode enables the calculation of space between you and the target.

Angle compensation

It helps to figure out the slope in the terrain. It is vital for the bowhunters. Angle Intelligence™ of Halo rangefinders is such feature to compensate the horizontal distance from you to the target. So, you should check this feature to buy any model of the Halo product.


A hunter always seeks to have clarity of the target’s position. He also knows how things become in rainy, cloudy, or moist weather. If you are one like them, you should think of a rangefinder with water and fog resistance ability. This resistance ability helps to take the machine under extreme weather conditions.

The simplicity of uses

Multiple buttons may create redundancies in using the rangefinder. You should buy a Halo product that comes with easy-to-use options. Most of the Halo products have a single button to control. You may also ask the manufacturer about the instructions manual if they offer.

Final Verdict

Now, we are at the curtain moment of best Halo rangefinders reviews. Let us re-check what we have told you earlier in this buying guide.

Our mentioned rangefinders are practically great in any hunting or sports. They are affordable, equipped with high-quality features and optimistic design. Besides, all these are built for regular use with no worry of calculating distance manually.

It would help if you chose the rangefinder from Halo to get the maximum accuracy at any short to long distance. I Hope, this buying guide will help you to choose the next rangefinder.

Mark your day as a marvelous one!