Trijicon RMR vs. SRO – 2023 Comparison

Accuracy is an important factor when you’re going hunting or to the shooting range. This can make or break your performance. So, if you want to get the advantage of more precise shots, then you should consider getting yourself a sight.

If you’re looking for a great sight for your next hunting trip, then Trijicon has just the thing for you. This brand is a very well-known manufacturer of sights and optics. They offer various sights that you can choose from, including the Ruggedized Miniature Reflex (RMR) and the Specialized Reflex Optic.

So what’s the difference between the Trijicon RMR vs. SRO? Which of these will benefit you most? Well, this article is here to answer all your questions.


Name  Material Reticle Price
TRIJICON RM01 3.25 MOA Red Dot Check Price
TRIJICON RM06 Forged Aluminum 3.25 MOA Red Dot Check Price
TRIJICON RM07 Military Grade Aluminum 6.5 MOA Red Dot Check Price
TRIJICON – SRO 7075-T6 Aluminum 5 MOA Dot Check Price

Trijicon RMR Sight

Some of Trijicon’s highest performing sights belong to its RMR product line. An RMR sight will not only be able to add to your precision but also to your speed, regardless of the type of firearm you use. This is perfect for self-defense, shooting competitions, enforcement applications, and many more.

It uses a patented design for its housing, which can absorb impacts efficiently and deflect stress from the lens. With its great durability, it will be sure to last long compared to others and handle the wear of frequent use.

There are several models of the RMR sight, including the adjustable LED, type-2 LED, and the dual-illuminated model. These are all equipped with modernized electronics that improve their overall performance. The dual-illuminated models, on the other hand, offer you a reliable alternative for the battery.

There is a long line of Trijicon RMR sights in the market. So, to make sure you pick the best among the others, here is a comprehensive list that we highly recommend.



This reflex sight can be used on a variety of rifle types. Regardless of the caliber or the style of your weapon, it will be able to enhance its accuracy and precision. There also many other features that make this a good choice, namely its durability and convenience.

You can use this for a lot of applications. And it’s also fairly easy to use; you don’t have to be an expert. Depending on the ambient light, the illuminated reticle will be able to adjust accordingly.

The style of the sight is very sleek with its black anodized finish. This high-quality finish not only helps to make it look nice, but it also serves as an extra layer of protection. There are also other colors that you can choose from like OD Green, Sniper Gray, or Flat Dark Earth.

Its housing is made of durable aluminum, which explains why it’s lightweight. Carrying it around is a whole lot easier without the unnecessary weight. Adjustments for the windage and elevation are also available for you to utilize based on your preference.


  • Has a durable structure
  • Easy to adjust
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Can be used with a variety of firearms


  • Hard to switch on and off

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The RM06 has a great set of features. It is an LED sight that uses a quality CR2032 battery, and it’s sure to impress you with its high durability and user-friendly designs. Your accuracy and precision will significantly increase by using this with your preferred rifle.

Durability is ensured with its patented housing, which is made of military-grade aluminum. It is designed to divert any stress or force from potentially damaging the lens. By using aluminum for the housing, the weight is reduced significantly, making it lighter.

The battery contacts are ruggedized to provide the batteries protection. But be sure to store this in a place that’s not too cold or hot because this may degrade the performance of its lithium battery. To save the battery life, it automatically adjusts the dot to aim at ambient lighting.

There are 8 brightness settings that you can choose from. You can easily adjust the reticle by using the easily accessible plus and minus buttons on both sides of the unit. The windage and the elevations can also be adjusted with smooth adjusters that produce audible clicks.


  • Easy to adjust
  • Has 8 brightness settings
  • Lightweight thus comfortable to carry
  • Automatically adjusts to ambient light


  • The unit has to be dismounted when changing the battery

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Another RMR sight that’s worth considering is the RM07. This has a lot of similarities to the other RMR sights mentioned earlier in terms of its durable build and performance. But it also has its advantages.

The overall structure is lightweight, so mounting it on your rifle or piston won’t burden you with any unnecessary weight. Its light structure stems from the use of high-quality aluminum for its housing. This ergonomic housing also ensures high durability to protect the lens.

A CR2032 battery is used to power the device. And this gives it a more reliable and longer life. However, it isn’t rechargeable, so you will have to change it once it has been degraded.

You can choose between the 8 brightness settings it has to suit your needs, and you can also manually adjust the reticle by simply using the buttons located on each side of the sight. Both the elevation and windage are easily adjustable.


  • Offers 8 brightness setting
  • All the adjustments are very easy to use
  • The structure is lightweight and compact
  • Has a long battery life
  • Compatible with several firearms


  • Lacks clear instructions

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This type of sight delivers a wide field view and a clear and crisp red dot that enhances the accuracy of your pistol or rifle. Finding and tracking the dot is made a lot easier so you can aim and shoot it precisely at your target.

Like all products from Trijicon, the SRO sights are equipped with greatly durable materials to make sure it can handle any force or wear it experiences during use.

All SRO sights feature a manual and automatic LED brightness mode that you can utilize depending on your preference. They are powered by a CR2032 battery that’s non-rechargeable, but it has impressively a long battery life.

Out of the many great SRO sights that Trijicon has to offer, these are the ones that are highly recommended by several gun users. These are sure to be handy on your next shooting session.



Like all SRO sights, this has an impressively durable build and a clear field of view. One of the best things about this is that it has a larger window, which makes it easier to navigate the dot, so you can aim it more precisely at your target.

The housing of this sight is made of 7075-T6 aluminum, and this is a widely used metal alloy in the industry because of its high shear and tensile strength. This metal alloy is even used for aerospace applications because of its great durability. Any stress or force is diverted by the housing away from the lens.

Since it uses aluminum housing, it is lightweight, and it won’t weigh your rifle down with any extra weight. To ensure quality and performance, this has been meticulously tested for 30,000 rounds.

It will blend in perfectly with your rifle because of its black and sleek finish. Battery life also won’t be a problem because its battery can last up to 26,000 hours when used in a mid-range setting.


  • Has a tough housing
  • The performance has been quality tested
  • Highly ergonomic design
  • Gives you a clear and wide view


  • More expensive by a few dollars

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Trijicon SRO or RMR Sight?

Both the RMR and SRO have great features that they can enhance your accuracy and precision significantly. But they do have certain differences which distinguish them from each other.

Battery Life

RMR and SRO sights use a CR2032 battery, which has considerably a long battery life. Since these aren’t rechargeable batteries, they need to be replaced once they’ve depleted.


The housing used for these two sights is a high-grade aluminum alloy, so they offer the same strength, and they can both last long.


These sights are very lightweight and easy to carry around. But it is worth noting that RMR sights weigh slightly lesser than the SRO sights.

The SRO sights offer better convenience because they have a larger window that makes it easier for you to see the dot. And there will be no need for you to remove the sight just so you can change its battery when it degrades. But they are longer and bulkier in size compared to the RMR sights.


In terms of accuracy, both these sights can offer very similar performances. It mainly depends on how much you’re used to the window size.


All in all, both these Trijicon sight can make a great addition to your gear. The biggest difference between them is the large window of the SRO sights. Now that you already know why one stands out from the other, as between Trijicon RMR vs. SRO, you probably have decided which of these two best fits your needs.