Trijicon RM01 Review in 2023 – New Edition

If you’re a gun owner and you want your gunshots to be more accurate and precise when it comes to hunting, tactical, and competitive shooting, then equip your weapon with the best sight on sale.

Why not try Trijicon’s Ruggedized Miniature Reflex (RMR) RM01, a product that can align your handgun on the target using a single reference point in a focal plane.

In this Trijicon RM01 guide, we will be highlighting the product’s features based on its design, optical performance, reticle, and operation. This guide will also include the benefits of having an RM01 attached to your handgun.

Surely, there are lots of other RMRs in the market, but this review will convince you why this is the perfect partner for your shoot-outs.

Trijicon RM01 Review

Designed to be as durable and reliable as the ACOG, Trijicon’s Ruggedized Miniature Reflex (RMR) Type 2 is about to impress you with its quality, accuracy, and precision with any weapon style or caliber.

Powered by a standard CR2032 battery, and with its LED light source, this will be your perfect partner at different target shooting ranges. The product is made with aluminum making it remarkably sturdy and also lightweight for easy use.

Elevation and windage adjustments can now be done faster because of its simple-to-use adjusters. This makes it suitable for hunting, military, and law enforcement applications and made tougher than any other alternative. Let us now delve deeper into their features!



You can tell whether or not a product is a good choice based on its design. And this one has excellent housing material, so you are ensured of its durability. Well, it is made of heavy-duty aluminum construction, so there is no doubt about that. Surprisingly, this is lightweight, so it won’t be a burden adding it to your weapon.

Specifically, the sight is 28 mm wide, 25 mm tall, and has an overall length of 46 mm. The optic weighs only 1.2 oz making it perfect for handgun applications. With its forged body, it is able to divert impact from the lens.

Much more, it is scratch and corrosion-resistant. Giving emphasis to the latter feature, this is very crucial so it can withstand any form of damage caused by different chemicals. The tempered glass window is impact-resistant, too, thereby ensuring you a clear and unbreakable one even with frequent use.

Not to mention, this product is waterproof just like any other RMRs and can withstand pressure up to 66 feet or 20 meters. You will be able to use it in almost any shooting environment.

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Optical Performance

optical performance

This is equipped with true-color multi-coated lenses. Such optical coating lessens the loss of internal light and evening out light across the viewing field. Also, the background and target that you will see on the lens will appear in the exact color without distortion.

With this coating, the clarity, sharpness, and contrast of the image are surely exceptional. Try to test it and see the result for yourself; you will certainly like it!
This also allows you to magnify the view up to 1.0 times. It means that even if you’re standing far from the target, you can still get a clear shot. Also, the unlimited field of view gives you a vast shooting perspective.

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One of the product’s prominent features is its 3.25 MOA red dot reticle. It is ideal for target shooting because of its parallax-free performance, meaning, even if you move your head around with the target on sight, the reticle will not change its place.

No need to change the brightness manually because of the Trijicon RMR Type 2’s automatic feature. It will self-adjust depending on the surrounding lightness or darkness.

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Under normal state conditions of continual use of the product, the CR2032 lithium battery will provide you at least one year of operating life.
When the reticle, or red dot, becomes dimmer over time, it is the indication that the battery is running low and time for renewal. All you have to do is to dismount the red dot sight to change your battery.

With its improved battery and electronics, Trijicon RM01 ensures you the highest performance even in harsh conditions. More of its features include a 1.0 MOA impact point correction with audible clicks and 150 MOA elevation and windage adjustment ranges.


  • Easy installation
  • Made with high-quality materials thus durable
  • Self-adjusting brightness
  • Adjustments for windage and elevation are simple to manipulate
  • Sharp and crisp 3.25 MOA reticle for rapid acquisition


  • Brightness adjustment is slow
  • Changing the battery requires the optic to be dismounted

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does an RMR work?

Upon tightening a few screws, you can mount the RMR in place. The attachment’s purpose is to project a reticle, a small red dot, to provide you a centralized aiming point.

Is Trijicon RMR always on?

Any button on the unit can turn on the RMR. As long as its battery is attached, the product is functioning. Trijicon’s products are LED-operated that have manual and automatic adjusting sensors to help regulate the reticle’s brightness.

Is Trijicon RMR durable and waterproof?

The Ruggedized Miniature Reflex (RMR), forged with aircraft-grade aluminum, is made to be small and sturdy. Also, it is waterproof. Moreover, this is capable of withstanding water pressures equivalent to depths of sixty-six feet.

What is the best MOA for a red dot?

The most common ranges are three to five (3-5) MOA. A 2 MOA dot will work best for long ranges, while a 4 MOA dot is more suitable for close ranges.

For self-defense and target shooting, the 3 MOA dot is most popularly in demand; the dot is clear and still accurate for both mid and close ranges.

How long does a Trijicon RMR battery last?

The battery life of the product depends on how much the brightness consumes. Continuous use of brightness setting no. 4 should last the unit for four years, but when it is in constant use at its brightest setting, no. 8, the battery will last for approximately 25 days.

Final Verdict

There are a lot of different RMR versions in the market, and each has a prominent feature over the other. This Trijicon RM01 aims to give you knowledge or supplemental information about this product. It is now up to you to decide if this is your perfect shoot-out partner.