Brownells BRN-10 Review 2023 – New Edition

If you are into firearms and rifles so much, you will know that this Brownells BRN-10 comes with a little bit of history. During the mid-950s, a firearm called AR-10 exists and loved by many shooters. Then it disappeared for some reason, and collectors sought after the original rifle for their keepsake.

But now, you can have in your hands a replica of this rifle. Brownells has amazingly recreated the AR-10 last 2018 that’s included in their line of Retro rifle. And this is how this product commences.

This Brownells BRN-10 guide will help young shooters who want to obtain this rifle so bad but don’t know anything much about the AR-10. Here you will find all there is to know about this rifle, so keep on reading!


Brownells BRN-10 Retro Rifle

Nothing is more incredible than having a rifle that has an exceptionally modern-day performance with a spice of a retro and classic look. Although it has a historic significance, it is made from new components and standards manufactured with up to date methods and technology.

Remarkably, this will give you a better shooting experience by meeting up with all your expectations from a rifle. Own and shoot with boosting confidence using this meticulously detailed and semi-auto replica but with a lower price.

Surely, it is worth doing some research to provide you with an honest review. This is one of the most interesting products in the market in the firearm industry. You will be in awe by the uniqueness and innovation done by Brownwell for it to be fitted in the modern parlance.

It is packed with great attributes and distinctive specifications that many shooters will love for sure. Also, it may be the same with AR-10 in some aspects, but it is unique in many other ways. So here are its noteworthy features explained further for you!

Durable Modern Build

It doesn’t just look as beautiful as it is, but the manufacturer made sure that you’ll have a sturdy and efficient product during your shooting experience. The upper and lower part of this rifle is completely constructed from 7075-T6 aluminum bar stock. Also, it’s much durable since it is machine-made rather than forged.

Moreover, the 20-inch barrel is chambered in .308 Winchester. It is finished with a QPQ Nitride giving it a superb resistance to any surface wear. After the finish, it will be top coated with the manganese phosphate finish. With this, it will replicate the classic look of the rifles during the 1950s, such as the AR-10.

Also, the handguard is like the ones from the standard AR-15 rifle. But the external contour copies the handguard of AR-10. The pistol grip and buttstock are both from the Retro line of Brownwell. Its buttstock has no trap door and is type D.

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Possessing Features of AR-10

You can’t completely deny that the original rifle is an exceptional product with a lot of commendable features. So, it is not just right to assemble and change everything away about it. Some worthy aspects need to be reproduced. Besides, if you change everything it is not a replica anymore.

The receivers are made especially alike with AR-10. Two of these classic features are the slab-sided magazine well for the bottom and a fixed carry handle for the top part.

And there’s so much more! You will be able to enjoy these elements that match the original rifle, namely selector lever, takedown pins, magazine release, bolt release that has the same crisp horizontal serrations, and many more. Almost all important details from the original rifle were replicated into this new firearm.

Clean and Uncluttered

Also, there are some minor setbacks on the original rifle that may need to be taken down and replaced. As for the BRN-10, it does not have shell deflector and forward assists. The absence of these aspects leads to the elimination of the unusual clustering of the upper receiver.

On top of that, there’s the original trigger-style control handle that can be placed under the carrying handle. It is positioned for you to have a fast and easy function.

This is one of the advantages that the location of the modern charging handle has lost. Placing the right component is a must since it will be easier to use.

This BRN-10 has a rear sight like with the AR-10 that is completely enclosed by the carry handle. Furthermore, you can adjust the elevation through the simple horizontal A2-styled thumbwheel, while you can adjust the windage through loosening the setscrew and also drifting the rear peep.

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Great Interior

Within this BRN-10 product, you can find a carrier with identifiable flats and two stabilizer flanges at the rear end. The whole body of the bolt protector is chrome plated. Each bolt is crafted from 9310 carbon steel.

Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) has been conducted to ensure there are no microscopic defects detected.


This line of the rifle from Brownwells is available in two models, namely the BRN-10A and BRN-10B. You can choose your preferred model; rest assured that both are great in various aspects and availability. Brownell company created 2 different models to provide options at a much lower price.

BRN-10A Features and Details

BRN-10A, the first of the rifles, is considered to be the closest replica of the early rifle as commenced by the Netherlands. It has a Dutch-style open 3-prong flash hider and a functional heavy fluting on the barrel located under the handguard. Also, it has the original handguard and the brown furniture look.

BRN-10B Features and Details

  • Lightweight
  • Closed-prong flash hider with black QPQ nitride finish
  • Weighs 7 lbs/14 oz.
  • It has a length of 40.75 inches.

The BRN-10B gets some of its inspiration from the later export rifles. It integrates a Portuguese-type closed flash hider and a lightweight barrel for easy and quick handling of the rifle. Much more, it possesses the newer black-furniture style.


This BRN-10 rifle is compatible with standard metal DPMS or SR-25 magazines. The compatible parts for this rifle include bolt or carrier group, magazine, barrel nut and assembly, muzzle devices, buffer spring, handguard, magazine latch, magazine release spring, and a lot more.

There are also components from AR-15 that are compatible with this rifle. Some of these are gas tube, handguard cap, front-sight base assembly, receiver extension or buffer tube, takedown springs & detents, selector, trigger assembly, pistol grip and screw, and many more.

However, they are not compatible with any Magpul PMAGs because of the lower receiver contour.

Overall, given all of these features in just one rifle, you can surely say that you will be able to obtain the rifle with a rich history without spending too much.

It is filled with premium features that you will love. You could not ask for more.


  • Accurate and reliable
  • Great looking product
  • Precision machined and made with 7075-T6 aluminum billet making it durable
  • Comes with a 20-inch barrel with a 1-10 inch twist rate
  • Equipped with a trigger-style charging handle
  • The bolt carrier group is chrome-plated with period details
  • Compatible with standard metal DPMS or SR-25 magazines
  • Chamber safety flag and safety manual


  • It is not compatible with Magpul PMAGs
  • Less scope for customization
  • Picky with other products associated with it

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this compatible with the present components?

Some of the components are compatible with the BRN-10 rifle. You may refer to the ones listed in the review above in case you want to use other components. Make sure that you check or do some research online before you decide to buy and use it with your firearm.

What can I customize in this rifle?

As for this rifle, you cannot do so much customization with it. It is a pre-customized product meaning you can only use suitable components. Besides, it is a replica. Maybe the only thing you can change is its strap.

Is this rifle expensive?

No. The price range of this product is from $1,500 to $1,700. It is not that expensive for a 0.308 semi-auto rifle with great and premium quality and features. Getting a firearm cheap as this will be a great advantage.

Do I need some certificate or registration before I can own this rifle?

Having some sort of certificate or registration depends merely on the place where you live. All you need to do is be aware of your local laws before you try to purchase this kind of product. Ask some people or do some surfing online.

Can I consider this rifle as an assault rifle?

Just as AR rifles are mistakenly tagged as assault rifles, this BRN-10 rifle should not be considered as one also. Since it can be used for recreational activities like hunting, competitive shooting, and even just for defense, it can’t be called assault rifles.

Final Verdict

This Brownells BRN-10 guide has just proven how amazing this product is. No wonder why it has received a lot of praise and positive feedback from owners. It is a faithful rendition of a revolutionary firearm from the 50s.

And it is undeniable that Brownwell has done a pretty great job about this. What are you waiting for? Grab yours now!