10 Best 9mm Pistol Review in 2023 – New Edition

Over the years, the 9 mm pistol has become one of the most popular handguns used in military, law enforcement, or even just for self-defense. Without a doubt, you would want the best one on hand for whatever purpose may it serve to you.

Well, when it comes to this kind of pistol, there are various choices on the market, making it tough for you to make a choice. Handguns with this chambering are offered from small-pocket pistols to full-size duty pistols ranging from the cheapest to the most high-end ones.

We listed some of the best 9 mm pistols that are narrowed down to 10. With this guide, you will definitely land with a good decision.

Features to Look for Before Buying

Purchasing a pistol is a daunting task, especially when it is your first time doing it. That is why a little research about it is advisable for you to be knowledgeable enough to choose the appropriate firearm for you.

Indeed, it is not just “I will buy this because it looks good” type of decision making. You may have to consider a few factors that will lead you to the perfect product. Here are the features that you need to look for in a pistol before coming up with a final decision.

Usage and Application

This is one of the most essential factors that you need to be aware of before you make a purchase. You need to be sure of what purpose it may serve you and at what areas you are going to utilize it.

Just like when you go hunting, you might want to consider buying a shotgun. If it is just for personal defense or for concealed carry, then a pistol is perfect for you (a 9 mm pistol to be exact!).

Taking time to think about this factor can help you find what you are looking for and will aid you to focus merely on the main use and eliminate the unnecessary ones. It will also save you time because you already know what caliber you need, what other accessories are required, and if it still requires special training.

Local Laws and Compliance

One of the most important factors that you need to consider when you have plans on purchasing a pistol is the local laws. You need to have a good understanding of it since you do not want to get arrested for illegally possessing a firearm being ignorant of the law.

Certain places have restrictions on owning firearms of different types and magazines. Furthermore, some places have different regulations of their own depending on the usage of your firearm, may it be for hunting, self-defense concealed carry, and even just the transportation of firearms.

To avoid any trouble or, worse, jail time, you need to be fully aware of the DOs and DONTs of your area before buying anything.

Reliability and Performance

If you want to determine the best options, you need to focus on two areas – its reliability and performance. A great gun with exceptional performance and reliability will surely operate as you want it to be. Therefore, you can shoot confidently without having to worry about any malfunction to occur.

You need to take time to do some research, read some reviews, and gather information from the experts or from a friend that is knowledgeable about pistols. This way, you will be able to filter out the best ones on the market yet.

Regardless of any brand and your specific preferences, reliability, and performance must remain an essential factor to consider.

Aesthetics and Ergonomics

One feature that makes one stand out even more than the others is its aesthetics and ergonomics. Before you decide to buy a certain firearm, make sure to know about what makes this product unique from the others, and check if it suits your preferences.

You must be comfortable in shooting and manipulating the gun. So, you need to evaluate the following aspects — placement of different controls, sights, and construction of the trigger, grip texture, and many more.


Another important aspect to consider is to evaluate your budget. If you know how much you are willing to spend, then it will be a lot of help in narrowing down your choices and eliminate pricey items that will break your bank.

It is also very essential to think of the accessories and gear that you will need to purchase for the gun. You need to be aware of the cost of the holsters, extra magazines, ammunition, and cleaning supplies.

Best 9 mm Pistol Comparison

Beretta 92FS Inox Stainless 9mm BERETTA 92FS INOX
  • MODEL : 92FS
  • BARREL LENGTH : 4.9″
  • LENGTH : 8.5″
GLOCK - G17 G5 9MM GLOCK – G17 G5
  • MODEL : 17 G5
  • BARREL LENGTH : 4.49″
  • LENGTH : 7.32″
Best ValueHeckler and Koch - Usp9 Expert 9mm USP9 EXPERT 5.2IN
  • BARREL LENGTH : 5.2″
  • LENGTH : 7.68″
Sig Sauer - P226 Legion 9mm SIG SAUER – P226
  • MODEL : P226
  • BARREL LENGTH : 4.4″
  • LENGTH : 7.7″
Sig Sauer - P320 Compact Handgun 9mm SIG SAUER – P320 COMPACT
  • BARREL LENGTH : 3.9″
  • LENGTH : 7.2″
Smith & Wesson - M&P9 Shield 2.0 9mm M&P9 SHIELD 2.0
  • MODEL : M&P SHIELD 2.0
  • BARREL LENGTH : 3.1″
  • LENGTH : 6.1″
Smith & Wesson - S&W M&P M2.0 Compact 9mm S&W M&P M2.0 COMPACT
  • LENGTH : 7.3″
Smith & Wesson - M&P Compact 2.0 3.6 Ts M&P COMPACT 2.0 3.6″ TS
  • BARREL LENGTH : 3.6″
  • LENGTH : 6.8″
Taurus - G2C 9mm G2C 9MM BLACK 3.2″
  • MODEL : G2
  • BARREL LENGTH : 3.2″
  • LENGTH : 6.2″
Glock - G19 G5 9mm G19 G5 9MM 15+1
  • MODEL : 19 G5
  • LENGTH : 6.85″

Best 9 mm Pistol Review in 2023

Best 9 mm Pistol

Since pistols come with a variety of choices, it may be challenging for you to choose the one that is suited for your needs. Good thing, we already compiled to you the best among them, so let’s get into it!

Beretta 92FS Inox Stainless 9mm

Beretta 92FS Inox Stainless 9mm

First on the list is this flagship handgun from Beretta. Over the decades, it has been known as the official sidearm of the US military. It has also served numerous police departments not only in the US but also around the world.

One of the noteworthy features which makes it unique is its open-top slide. This design particularly helps eliminate the jamming and the issues regarding the stove piping that can plague other designs.

It also allows the chamber to be loaded with one cartridge after another, which greatly assures you that you will have a trouble-free operation even with thousands of fired shots.

Much more, it is equipped with a short-recoil system with a delayed locking block mechanism. This will aid the cycle of the slides to be faster. Since the recoil is very low, it is an excellent handgun, especially for beginners.

Let’s get down into its important specific details. The barrel length of this handgun is about 4.9 inches. It weighs for only about 2 pounds, so you can utilize it without straining your arms. Also, it includes two magazines that have a maximum capacity of 15 rounds each.

This handgun has a slide and barrel made of stainless steel. Its frame is gray-anodized with stainless components, thereby adding to its durability.

This also ensures that the product itself is corrosion-resistant. The other metal parts, such as the trigger, hammer, and magazine, are black finished.

During military testing, this handgun has an average of 17.500 rounds in between stoppages. The system possesses increased accuracy and reliability as compared to other operating systems of handguns, and this is indeed an added benefit.

With all of these features, there is no doubt why it is known as one of the most reliable handguns on the market today!


  • Durable construction
  • An accurate and reliable weapon
  • Comes with an open-top slide
  • Expect less recoil


  • Quite expensive

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GLOCK – G17 G5 9MM

GLOCK - G17 G5 9MM

This GLOCK G17 Gen 5 has made it on our list of best pistols. It is the latest iteration that made way for the polymer frame revolution to take off. This definitely has many ergonomic enhancements and a range of durability that shooters would appreciate. Let’s discover why.

One of the reasons why it stands out among the rest is that it features a new trigger spring system. With this, it will be able to provide a much consistent and smoother pull right out of the box. Also, it is equipped with a firing pin safety upgraded to a level the same with the higher gen types.

Regardless of what ambient light you are working on, you can still see your target’s picture clearly. This is all because of the self-illuminating Tritium night sights that are included in the product.

It also makes holstering easier since the nose of the slide has been beveled, and it is just below the front sight. Also, the entire slide features the new “nDLC” Ionbond finish that adds to its durability.

Much more, the marksman barrel therein is equipped with the traditional rifling thereby ensuring a more accurate shot. This is also ideal in shoot grouping as it can produce 4-inch groups at around 50 yards.

In addition, the latest extractor model and strengthened rails are made to boost its reliability so that maximum performance is ensured. It also comes with a high-visibility follower inside the magazine so you can change it faster.

You’ll certainly love them with the many exclusive features that this product comes with. That may well be worth considering!


  • Equipped with a button on each side for a fully ambidextrous release
  • Front of the frame is scalloped-cut to maintain clearance in case of malfunction
  • Has firing pin safety
  • An enhanced trigger is included


  • No finger grooves

Heckler and Koch – Usp9 Expert 9mm

Heckler and Koch - Usp9 Expert 9mm

Another 9 mm pistol with great features has made it into our list. This is one of the products in the line of USP from Heckler and Koch that gained a lot of good feedbacks from the consumers.

Its durability is ensured using a fiber-reinforced polymer frame. Also, this uses stainless steel to stiffen the areas that are more prone to stress and friction. This is tested and proven since it has been used for more than 30 years in the production of handguns, and it was invented by HK.

Indeed, this comes with durable construction. But, it’s amazing how this product is made to be lightweight. Using this won’t be a strain to your hands. Also, having the capacity of 18+1 rounds means that you won’t have to refill all the time so you can make shooting more convenient and fast.

Unlike any other semi-automatic pistols that come with a slide-mounted safety, its control lever is a combination of a manual safety and a decocking lever. Also, it is frame-mounted, so it can be accessed quickly and easily.

Since it features a recoil reduction system, you won’t be at risk of recoils, which can be detrimental for your safety. In case it does occur, it lowers the forces so you can’t greatly feel the impact.

Much more, the recoil system is insensitive to any type of ammunition. It does not also require any other special maintenance or adjustments, which means that it can function effectively in all USP models.
Considering all of its features, this pistol is undeniably a good idea!


  • Lightweight, so you can carry it with ease
  • Has the capacity of 18+1 rounds
  • Durable construction
  • Less recoil felt


  • Price is quite high

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Sig Sauer – P226 Legion 9mm

Sig Sauer - P226 Legion 9mm

Look no further than this Sig Sauer P226 Legion if you want an awesome handgun made with little limitations. It is one of the highly praised products in the market. Let’s get into the details to find out why.

For starters, this handgun comes with fixed front and rear sights. This combination has made it possible for the sight alignment to be natural and quick. It has a square rear sight on the front surface to allow the slide to be racked on a holster or a belt.

Using the double-action mode, the first shots can be taken accurately with the trigger. With the single-action mode, follow-up shots using can be made easily. Although the pull of the trigger is heavy enough, this avoids accidental discharges when in an intense setting. Don’t worry, though; it is smooth enough to make great shots.

Much more, the slide has front and rear cocking serrations so you can quickly reload it. Its frame is made of metal, thereby ensuring a rugged strength and a recoil absorbing heft. Also, this includes a rail for mounting purposes so you can attach your desired accessories.

It offers a good grip as it is textured at the front and at the edges and gradually undercut even the trigger guard. The oval-shaped magazine release is one small notable feature that can make a big difference. It’s done next to the grip so that you can reach it at any time.

Also, its slide release is just located on the right size, and snugly fits on the top of the grip panel. With these features, it will be easier for you to depress it especially when you are in a hurry to reload. Also, it is perfect if your preference in dropping is a slide. With all its features, it is justifiable why it earned a spot on this list.


  • Comes with a well-designed and engineered magazine release
  • The snug fit slide release
  • Grip texture to ensure comfort
  • Accurate and reliable
  • Ergonomic design


  • Quite expensive

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Sig Sauer – P320 Compact Handgun 9mm

Sig Sauer - P320 Compact Handgun 9mm

As Sig Sauer continues to produce incredible handguns on the market today, there is no doubt why it made it on the list of great pistols. Surely, it has a lot of promising features that will make you want to have it this instant.

It is produced with a special modular design that allows you to change the caliber and the size and fit of all of your firearm requirements. Well, this product is great not only in target shooting but also for self-defense, and in any other concealed carry scenarios.

Much more, it is made with a removable fire-control assembly that allows you to convert this into a different caliber pistol while retaining the same trigger group. With this, you don’t have to worry about the occurrence of any accidental discharge since it is equipped with a three-point takedown safety system.

This system won’t break the pistol down, whether it has a magazine inserted or not having the slide locked to its rear. Another great feature of this gun is its smooth and consistent trigger pull that improves accuracy.

It’s easy to use, and you don’t need any tools if you wish to disassemble it. This will surely fit properly to any hand size without requiring any backstrap.

You also have a wide array of options- small, medium, or large grips- to ensure you get an optimal and comfortable circumference. With this, you will be able to access any controls that you won’t probably get when you just change the backstrap.


  • Sturdy polymer frame
  • Lightweight
  • Interchangeable polymer grips
  • Equipped with contrast sights
  • Accurate and reliable
  • Designed with ergonomic


  • It may be wider for a carry gun

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Smith & Wesson – M&P9 Shield 2.0 9mm

Smith & Wesson - M&P9 Shield 2.0 9mm

This product is equipped with innovations and upgrades that will surely make you awe. With all of its features, this device may be the right one for you. Let’s get to know it more!

Well, it features a lighter and more refined trigger while still possessing that crisp break. Also, there’s a distinct trigger reset that you can both hear and sense. This provides better feedback and more accurate trigger control.

To give you a better hold of your firearm, a more aggressive grip texture is provided. This is surely a great deal, especially if you want to further your control. Also, it ensures you have maximum comfort while using it.

Using the new takedown lever design, you can easily disassemble it without requiring the need of depressing the trigger. Furthermore, it is equipped with a three-dot system for the sight to provide quick and accurate acquisition of the target.

Much more, it has acquired the accuracy of about 1:10 inches twist rifling, which also means that its bullet spins faster. This has a thin and compact profile making it ideal and excellent to carry it around with you whether for shooting on the range or for self-defense.

A low bore axis also aids you to quickly recover from the recoil so you can make more follow-up shots. The grip angle is also around 18 degrees, which makes it known to be a natural pointing weapon.


  • Durable corrosion-resistant finish
  • Ensures accuracy
  • Lightweight
  • Has a three-dot sight system
  • Includes two magazines- 7-round & 8 round
  • Ease of operation


  • The magazine can be hard to load at times

Smith & Wesson – S&W M&P M2.0 Compact 9mm

Smith & Wesson - S&W M&P M2.0 Compact 9mm

When all you want is a home self-defense gun, then this S&W Compact weapon is a great choice indeed. With its features, it can be easily hidden or carried around with you. This can be upgraded with ease, too, so you can install accessories such as light or laser to level up your shooting experience.

For Smith & Wesson, a family of handguns is considered to offer more creativity. This definitely has an improvement to every part of the weapon, including the trigger, frame, finish, and grip.

To achieve a natural point of aim, the grip has an angle of 18 degrees. It is made with a rigid chassis made of stainless steel, and it is finished with an Armornite that is corrosion-resistant.

Indeed, this can be bought at an affordable price, but you are still sure of its reliability. Unlike other handguns, one of the main advantages is that it comes with steel sights.


  • Comes with a reasonable price
  • Grip angle and texture is great
  • Customizable
  • Can be utilized with or without a thumb safety
  • Includes steel sights


  • Magazine efficiency is very low

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Smith & Wesson – M&P Compact 2.0 3.6″ Ts

Smith & Wesson - M&P Compact 2.0 3.6 Ts

This is the third product from Smith and Wesson that made it on our list as it continues to produce pistols with great and notable features. Well, it’s made with a rigid stainless steel frame and a slide and barrel. One of its highlights is also the enduring corrosion-resistant finish of Armornite.

Additionally, the package comes with two magazines with different capacities —13+1 rounds and 15+1 rounds. You have also the discretion to choose among the four Palm Swell grips, so you are ensured that your weapon is hand fit and the trigger reach suits your preference.

Although we’re just talking about the 9mm, it is worth noting that this comes with two cartridges, the other is 40. Furthermore, it is equipped with safety features such as a low bore axis to reduce or eliminate the recoil in case of its occurrence.

It also has an ideal 18-degree grip angle to provide convenience while shooting. This also makes it easier for you to maintain your aim at your target. So if you’re fond of going to a shooting range, this pistol is for you.


  • Durable construction
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Includes 2 magazines
  • Low bore axis to minimize recoil felt
  • 18-degree grip angle for maximum comfort


  • It is slightly expensive

Taurus – G2C 9mm

Taurus - G2C 9mm

If you are looking for a solidly built handgun and is designed for daily concealed carry or self- defense, then this pistol is just perfect for you!

Well, it is loaded with tons of amazing features that will surely be beneficial for you. With this, you can enhance your capability of making fast and accurate shots. It warrants an optimum shooting experience.

One notable feature is its single action and hammer-fired operation that works along with a crisp-breaking trigger. This will also help in enhancing the accuracy of your shots. So you cannot miss that target ever again!

The pistol is made with a polymer frame that has a much improved texturing design. Indeed, it is made with durable materials without compromising its weight. Since it is lightweight with 1.37 pounds, you won’t be straining your arms when doing long shooting sessions.

Unlike any other pistol of this category, it provides you with the capability to restrike. Moving down to the basic specifics — the length of the barrel is about 3.25 inches long, and the frame is all-black finish.

This 9 mm pistol is equipped with an adjustable white dot sight so you can see clear images from afar. All these features in one at a price that you can definitely afford!


  • Reliable and accurate
  • Made of durable materials
  • Has a crisp-breaking trigger
  • Has a solid gripping point
  • Lightweight
  • Features a restrike capability


  • Stiff slide release

Glock – G19 G5 9mm

Glock - G19 G5 9mm

Last but not the least, the best all-purpose handgun ever made on the market today! Don’t miss the chance to own this in particular because it has lots of great qualities that you’re sure to love.

It is constructed just right in size. This is small and light enough to be utilized for daily concealed carry, and large enough to be a duty firearm offering a functional accuracy and significant capacity of the magazine. It is a very versatile handgun because of its reduced dimension as compared to any standard-sized ones.

Having a chamber of 9×19, it has been known in both private and public agencies. Furthermore, it has a flared mag making it easier for the magazine to be inserted.

If you don’t like the existence of the grip finger grooves, this Gen 5 is equipped with a flat face front strap located on the grip. Also, there is no need for further customization because this device is already complete.

The nDLC coating provides the Gen 5 a better looking finish as compared to other generation of this brand. It also has an interchangeable backstrap so you can enhance comfort and fashion at the same time. Without a doubt, this piston is worth the cost.


  • Dual-sided slide lock lever
  • Good accuracy
  • Sustainable mag capacity
  • nDLC coating for durability
  • Versatile weapon


  • Disassembly may be difficult because of the new internal parts
  • Aftermarket parts may not be compatible

Frequently Asked Questions

Are 9 mm pistols accurate enough?

Yes. The 9 mm pistols can be accurate enough, given that you have skills to shoot that way. This has been used for combat or self-defense, so most of these pistols are calibrated to shoot in those ranges with standard sights.

Are 9 mm pistols accurate enough

At what range can the 9 mm pistol reach?

As small as it is, it can reach a maximum distance of about 2100 yards or 1.2 miles. It is indeed powerful enough for its size.

Are 9 mm pistols loud?

Yes, they are loud. So you need ear protection when you use them during shooting. But you can always use a silencer if permitted in your area.

What are the different ammo available for a 9 mm?

There is a lot of ammo available on the market for a 9 mm pistol. Starting with the mild 115-grain full metal jacket loads, which are perfect for small 9 mm pistols up to the dominant hollow point ammo.

Are 9 mm pistols expensive?

Usually, this depends on the brand or manufacturer and the quality of the product. But you can always find pistols that are not expensive but will provide you with the same efficiency as the ones at a higher price.

Final Words

Purchasing your first ever firearm doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By simply evaluating your needs and allotting time to research potential platforms, the road to buying can be easy. This guide may serve as a helpful reference in obtaining the best 9 mm pistol of your own!