9 Best 45 Suppressor 2023 Review – New edition

If there’s anything Hollywood action movies have taught us, it’s what to expect when we see a suppressor. The silencer being delicately screwed onto the tip of a firearm is the shorthand for “somebody’s about to get murdered.” Suppressors, just to clear it up, have a better reputation than they’ve been portrayed.

Their purpose is to turn ear-splitting blasts into faint, discreet thuds. Here we are going to share a complete review of the best 45 suppressor in the market.

best 45 suppressor 2023

The term “silencer” is usually dropped for more acceptable “suppressor” since, in reality, they don’t completely mute the sound, but just reduce it to a bearable level.

We’ve provided a list of some of the best 45 suppressor in the game, sure to make your experience more exciting.

Best 45 Suppressor Comparison

Model Cartridge Threads Finish Price
SIG SAUER, INC. – SRD45 45 Auto (ACP) .578-28 Black Check Price
GEMTECH – TUNDRA & BLACKSIDE 9 mm Luger M13.5x1LH Black Check Price
GEMTECH – LUNAR-45 SILENCER 45 Auto (ACP .578-28 Black Check Price
ADVANCED ARMAMENT – TI-RANT 45 Auto (ACP) .578-28 Black Check Price
ADVANCED ARMAMENT – TI-RANT 45M 45 Auto (ACP) M16x1LH Black Check Price

Top Pick of 45 Suppressor – Reviews

6 best 45 suppressor, Hunters have been reported to develop noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) from the frequent use of rifles. What suppressors do, therefore, is effectively reduce the noise produced by the pistol. The suppressor also lowers the recoil of the gun, making shooting a lot more fun.

1. SIG Sauer – SRD45 Suppressor 45ACP Direct Thread

SIG Sauer - SRD45 Suppressor 45ACP Direct Thread

The SRD45 .45AUTO Pistol Silencer features a high grade titanium tube and 17-4PH baffles, allowing for lightweight and durability. If you want efficiency, then look no further, this model is one of the best 45 suppressor in the market.

It also features a booster, ideal for use with “Browning Tilting Barrel” type pistols. Also, it’s constructed with a fixed barrel spacer for added advantage.

What’s more, it is convertible to use with 9mm or .40AUTO host pistols by using the appropriate threaded accessory piston. It is impressively rated at 133 dB (dry) and is made of an alloy of alkali metal titanium and stainless steel. The design keeps the inside from wearing out due to blast corrosion.

If your passion is hunting, then you won’t have to sacrifice awareness for safety. You’ll be able to reduce noise for better camouflage, without risking your own security. This suppressor works impressively well and presents less recoil than most, so your shots will be more accurate.

You’ll have a more enjoyable time on the gun range thanks to the newfound control you’ll have. Also, you can adjust the orientation of this one of the best 45 suppressor as necessary. This provides you with an unobstructed layout for getting a shot to work right.


  • Lightweight for secure handling
  • Affords pristine accuracy of aim
  • The steel body lasts for years and does not corrode
  • Compatible with a range of pistons
  • The adjustable orientation allows you to have a clear


  • Hard to clean

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2. GEMTECH – Lunar-45 Silencer, .45 ACP With .578X28 Piston

GEMTECH - Lunar-45 Silencer, .45 ACP With .578X28 Piston

The GEMTECH Lunar-45 is the culmination of decades of silencer innovation – making it the lightest and quietest modular 45 caliber silencer available.

Also, the Lunar-45 is crafted from military-grade aluminum and titanium to provide the utmost in terms of durability and strength. This justifies its title as the best 45 suppressor for the money.

It is also durable and lightweight, utilizing a titanium tube, aluminum rear cap, along with stainless steel threaded mount, baffles, and front cap. They have selected the best material for each part to maximize strength and minimize weight without sacrificing durability.


A black matte Cerakote supports the surface as the reduced visual-IR coating for a striking finish. And more than just being extremely useful, they also look badass. Suppressors make guns look scarier, and while that may seem arbitrary, that could be used as a legitimate combat tactic.

Impressive military-grade aluminum and titanium constructions make it durable and reliable. GEMTECH offers a variety of mounting options for the Lunar-45, allowing it to be used on a variety of platforms and calibers. What’s more, these can be disassembled for cleaning.


  • Durable and Reliable
  • Works with many guns
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Significant reduction of sound
  • Eccentric body eliminates POI Issues


  • Requires regular calibration

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3. GEMTECH – Tundra &Blackside Suppressors

GEMTECH - Tundra &Blackside Suppressors

The Tundra is a dry suppressor, but it can also be used with a small amount of coolant for even greater flash and sound reduction. Its lightweight and relatively small size make for a pleasant, accurate shooting experience as compared to nose-heavy suppressors. Despite being a dry one, it outperforms most of the existing 9mm suppressors of comparable size.

It impeccably reduces sound, so if you want to be sneaky (for whatever reason), this is a smart way to avoid unwanted attention. The exciting part of this Gemtech suppressor is that it comes with a tube that can be taken apart.

You can remove the inside tube for added cleaning. This keeps residue from getting into the suppressor over time.

The center thread design offers a smooth body all the way through. This prevents you from having to shift your aim as you use the pistol. The latter is the Tundra’s bigger brother, suited for .40 S&W and 45 ACP pistols. This Blackside is available in .578-28 or Metric 16×1 LH, for fitment on a wide variety of handguns.

An aluminum and titanium alloy is used on this silencer. The design keeps the inside from wearing out due to blast corrosion.

Because being able to fire off silent shots will be the difference between being a predator and prey, the sound reduction provided here is a stunner.


  • Easy to use with many ammo types
  • Outstandingly accurate aim
  • Detachable tube makes cleaning easy
  • Corrosion-resistant materials


  • Too lengthy for smaller guns

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4. Advanced Armament – Ti-Rant® 45 Auto Pistol Suppressors

Advanced Armament - Ti-Rant® 45 Auto Pistol Suppressors

Ti-Rant series boasts of ultra-high performance silencers for 45 Auto handguns. And the superior material selection gives the Ti-Rant series unequaled durability despite having a compact dimension and lightweight construction.

The practical design enables users to remove the SCARmor coated 17-4PH blast baffle and hard coat anodized 7075-T6 aluminum baffles from the Grade 9 Titanium tube. This helps for cleaning and maintenance using the supplied end cap spanner.

Being another suppressor for 9mm Luger, this uses a titanium tube and its design adds a sturdy body without adding lots of weight.

The highly evolved “K” baffles used in the Ti-Rant® series deliver class-leading performance when shot dry. For added sound and flash reduction, a wet charge of 5cc’s of water will increase performance and will remain active for several shots.

To ensure flawless functioning with all popular host pistols, the Ti-Rant® series incorporates a second-generation ASAP™ booster system.

The fully integrated ASAP™ system (also known as a Nielson Device) enables flawless semi-automatic operation and can be quickly disassembled for cleaning and maintenance without the use of tools.


  • Powerful titanium body
  • Easy to attach onto the gun
  • Can work with a fixed barrel spacer
  • Semi-automatic


  • A limited selection of cartridges to support
  • Requires regular calibration

5. Advanced Armament – Ti-Rant 45M Suppressor 45ACP M16X1LH

Advanced Armament - Ti-Rant 45M Suppressor 45ACP M16X1LH

One of the best-selling suppressors on the market has been redesigned for even-greater versatility! The AAC Ti-Rant is designed for .45 ACP handguns and is compatible with 9mm and .40 S&W guns as well.

Also known as an easy-to-convert suppressor for your .45-caliber handgun, its user-friendly design allows owners to disassemble the entire unit for cleaning without needing any special tools.

It also features a reconfigurable setup that allows users to change the suppressor from a full-length, 9-inch configuration into a compact, 7-inch configuration without using tools.


The AAC Ti-Rant is machined from Grade 9 Titanium, while the front-module tube is machined from 7075-T6 aluminum to save weight. Thanks to this lightweight construction, the full-size configuration weighs only 13 ounces, while the compact configuration weighs in at 11.3 ounces.

Moreover, the suppressor fits M16x1LH muzzle threads. Titanium is utilized on the inside part of the suppressor. The blast baffle uses a steel coating that allows the ammo to move out smoothly. You can remove the baffle surface from the tip for easy cleaning.


  • Very versatile
  • Lightweight construction
  • Made from durable titanium and aluminum materials
  • Conveniently structured for easy cleaning


  • It may be harder to mount onsome guns

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6. Auto-Ordnance – Tommy Gun Summit 45ACP Drum Violin Case Suppressor

Auto-Ordnance - Tommy Gun Summit 45ACP Drum Violin Case Suppressor

On its own, a Tommy gun is fantastic, add a suppressor, and it becomes mind-blowingly magnificent! With this suppressor, you get two things that go together perfectly: the iconic “Tommy” gun, famed in action movies, and an incredible sound suppressor!

It’s primarily built around their legendary, civilian-legal, semi-auto reproduction submachine. This short-barreled rifle comes with a fully machined steel receiver and genuine American walnut furniture, just like the original.

This version sports an incredible Omega 45K silencer, one of the smallest, lightest, and most quiet centerfire silencers available in its class. For delivering extraordinary sound reduction, this rugged beast’s construction consists of erosion-resistant stainless steel.

Its action type is the blowback barrel length with a 20+1-round capacity. The cartridge is a 45 Auto (ACP) type and has a blue front sight. Furthermore, it has an adjustable height and also the 1 x 20-round magazine included.

Other features include a removable muzzle threaded rear sight. Its flexible stock material and light wood weight make it one of the best suppressors out there.

It features an extra grand feel of “Old Chicago,” with its own “violin” case for storage and carrying. On top of this is a 20-round stick magazine and a 50-round drum magazine.

The SilencerCo Tommy Gun Summit is a one of a kind package that’ll give you a shooting experience like no other, and it’s sure to be a hit with collectors too!


  • Has a feature to adjust your aim for perfect use
  • Cone baffle is easy to cleanout
  • Steel body lasts for years and does not corrode.
  • It’s semi-automatic, and fires from a closed bolt
  • Lightweight


  • The parts need to be adequately aligned for use

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What to Look for Before Buying?

What to Look for Before Buying 45 silencers

Believe it or not, there’s more to choosing the right suppressor than just the caliber or decibel rating. One important thing to consider is the fact that there are three types of silencers.

There are those with baffles on the inside, those with screens (or other sound-absorbing materials) around the inside, and those that are just straight-up mufflers. Here’s a list of some of the points to consider before purchasing one:

Find the Sound That Suits Your Ears

Suppressors are rated according to their decibel reduction (intensity), which isn’t quite the same as the loudness of perceived sound. Measured sound is affected by ammunition, action, barrel length, altitude, temperature, and the surrounding environment.

The numbers listed may be skewed, and what you hear is, in fact, very different from what is listed. So, the only thing you can truly trust is your ears. Practice with the suppressor you’re planning to get and test the quality of the sound.

Direct Thread vs. Quick Disconnect

The term direct thread may be a bit misleading sometimes since suppressors heat up even after moderate use. This is why it’s essential to allow it to cool before detaching it.

In this way, getting a QD won’t make that much of a difference. What it does offer, however, is freewill to use a flash hider when shooting. QD designs also perform better in maintaining tightness during full-auto fire.

On the other hand, a direct-thread suppressor mounts to the barrel without any intermediate connection. This then enhances its accuracy compared to QD suppressors.

As a result, most people would instead opt for the screw-on type. Additionally, direct-thread silencers offer a more consistent return to zero and have less POI shifts than QD designs.

Point of Impact Shift

Suppressors alter the trajectory of your shot. POI is the difference between the points where a bullet hits when shooting unsuppressed, compared to when it’s suppressed.

A high-grade suppressor will afford you a consistent impact shift, and a steady return to zero. With the suppressor on and off, your rounds should remain the same.

Size Matters

Generally speaking, longer suppressors are more silent, but they aren’t perfect. The length will affect your performance as well since it’ll be hanging at the tip of your firearm.

So, it needs to be a reasonable length. If your gun is already very long without the suppressor, then you’ll need to make your decision more delicately.

Gas Blowback

Keep in mind that the gas will need to have a place to go after firing. And with a suppressor, most people moan that the blowback is even worse. It may be chaotic and get in your eyes and disrupt functioning during rapid fire.

Different suppressors produce differing levels of blowback. So, factor this into your equation before picking an ideal suppressor for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you make your own silencer?

The key to all DIY silencers is getting an adapter with the right threading to attach to the barrel and whatever you are using as a makeshift suppressor.

Another popular option is to use an oil filter or a fuel filter for a car, otherwise known as a “Tennessee silencer.”

You can find a lot of detailed video tutorials online for assembling a filter-based silencer. One word of warning: if you’re determined to make a silencer as a DIY project, be sure to stay on the right side of the law and be careful not to endanger yourself in the process physically

How long can it last for?

Review how many rounds your suppressor can work for before buying it. Some suppressors can handle thousands of rounds of ammo, but others might only work with a couple hundred.

The materials used in the construction of the suppressor may be a factor in what causes your suppressor to work for a specified period. Also, a suppressor will experience more stress if it handles a full auto shooting layout.

What are the actual benefits of using a suppressor?

After you slip on a suppressor, you can worry less about firearm-related permanent hearing loss. Though it won’t be completely silent, it’ll definitely make a notable difference with the amount of noise emitted.

Another argument is that using a suppressor can increase your accuracy. They do this is by helping to minimize flinching. Most people flinch slightly (or sometimes a lot) in anticipation of the recoil and subsequent bang.

And lastly, it’ll reduce noise complaints from your neighbors. That way, you can go around your business without bothering anyone. And maintaining peace is always a good thing.

How does a silencer work?

To understand that, you must understand what creates the noise. When you shoot a bullet, the heated gasses produced by the burning of gunpowder expand rapidly, thus propelling the ball out of the barrel.

When these gasses exit the barrel, they shift from extremely high pressure to low pressure, which creates sound.

A barrel provides extra space to make this transition more gradual and efficient, which results in a reduction of noise.

Final Note

Think about the bigger picture. What practical application do you want your suppressor to fulfill? Do you need to be able to attach it quickly?

Can you find one that is short enough so that you don’t have to remove it? Do you value durability, lightweight, and compactness?

Whatever your priorities are, the reviews we’ve done above are some of the best .45 suppressor, guaranteed to leave you satisfied.