9 Best 45 Suppressor 2022 Review – New edition

45 suppressor guide

If there’s anything Hollywood action movies have taught us, it’s what to expect when we see a suppressor. The silencer being delicately screwed onto the tip of a firearm is the shorthand for “somebody’s about to get murdered.” Suppressors, just to clear it up, have a better reputation than they’ve been portrayed. Their purpose is … Read more

Dead Air Sandman S Review in 2022 – New Edition

dead air sandman s review

So you are looking for a sound suppressor that is powerful and precise but relatively easy to install? You have gone through countless sites claiming that their product is the best in the market, and yet you are still uneasy? Well, my friend, look no further because this Dead Air Sandman S guide will give … Read more

10 Best 300 Win Mag Suppressor 2022 – Top 300 Cal Silencers

300 Win Mag Suppressor

Some call them suppressors, while others call them silencers. Either way, these units are specifically meant to cut down the noise produced when shooting at your targets with the best 300 win mag suppressor Luckily, the American Suppressor Association, NRA, and other activists have made it legal to use silencers for hunting in 40 states. … Read more

7 Best 338 Lapua Suppressor 2022 Review – New edition


Anyone who’s ever fired a 338 Lapua knows that they are way too much for low-quality suppressors to handle. These are extremely high-power long-range bullets that can demolish anything it shoots. Of course, that means that it can demolish suppressors as well. So, if you don’t opt for the best 338 Lapua suppressor you can … Read more