9 Best Commuter Bike Under 200 That Suits Every Kind of Road 2023

Do you think the time you waste in traffic jams on a regular basis is affecting your productivity? Traffic jams on the busy office routes are never going to end. Buying a commuter bike is the best solution to this problem. With such a bike it’s possible to make that time much more useful and productive.

To help you out we have enlisted all the important factors that should influence one’s decision while choosing a commuter bike. Moreover, based on comprehensive research, we will suggest the best commuter bike under 200 dollars.

How to buy the best commuter bike under 200?

Let us discuss all the important factors which one should consider before buying a certain type of commuter bike. One must read it carefully because these factors can immensely affect the bike’s performance.

Purpose to buy

Commuter bikes come in 2 major variations, there is the urban commute and then there is the off-road version. If only the requirement is to drive the bike in urban areas, then consider the model that does not have too many suspension bits. Alternatively, consider the model which has light frames, light alloys and can be accessorized well. Since the model is designed for the urban commute, therefore it is good to go for large tires that are thinner.

Although, if the plan is to use the bike for day to day off-road travel, then make sure to have high-quality handbrakes, the handlebar should be ergonomic and the suspension and gearbox should be designed to handle the off-road environment.


Commuter bikes come in different price ranges. Even for $200, there are many options. Pure commuters, semi-off-roaders, cruiser bikes for those who just want to relax while driving are some of the best options. It is recommended to look for a model that comes with high-quality accessories pre-installed because upgrading your bike, later, can cost too much.


Commuter bikes come in different design variations. Most of the design choices depend on personal preferences. Some of these are alloy or steel spoke wheels – body, others are simple or a more curved frame for a sports style option. Also, to accommodate different body shapes, some styling may differ for men and women. Some models come with the option of a customizable look of the bike to meet the rider’s preference. Make sure to exploit this opportunity to get the bike that meets your taste.


Most bikes come with Shimano gears. These gears are rather common and have been around since the starting period of the bikes with gears. There are also some other brands, however Shimano parts are easy to find. If you have never driven a bike before, it is recommended to take a few lessons about how to switch the gears. It is easy to lose focus while switching gears when driving.

Riding Comfort

Most importantly, choose a bike that is comfortable for you. An uncomfortable riding posture can cause back pain and neck pain depending upon the length of your everyday commute.

List of the top 7 best commuter bikes under 100

1. Basso Shimano aluminum full-suspension road bike – best commuter under bike under 200

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This commuter bike under $200 comes with an aluminium alloy body. It has a sturdy construction and shape. Generally speaking, this bike provides a smooth and comfortable driving experience. It’s very comfortable to ride regardless of the terrain. It has a unique design because this model comes with a double-walled CNC machined wheelset.

Moreover, this bicycle can drive in any terrain or weather because of its 21-speed. A rider can enjoy riding it for years. It is built using highly durable material. Furthermore, with quick gear adjustment, it has a very simple gear changing technique.

After extensive research, we have listed all the major factors you need to know about this bike. However, it is not full carbon. But it’s still a great product and that’s why it’s on the top of our list.

  • Aluminum alloy frame
  • Comfortable ride
  • Durable material
  • Quick gear adjustment
  • The body is not full carbon

2. YUCK 700c Road Bike – City Commuter Bicycle

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This model from YUCK is one of the best models for urban cycling. It is an exemplary hybrid cycle and we recommend this model for intermediate to advanced riders. This model is loaded with high-quality equipment for comfort. It has a saddle with dual springs and a slight-rise handlebar enabling upright riding. To match the feel of the hand, it has an ergonomic grip.

This model is loaded with brakes having a great grip. These are pulled brakes made with alloy. Moreover, they are equipped with bike wheel rims which are also made of alloy. This is the reason why it gives a smooth stop. The frame of this model is also made up of aluminum, it is very lightweight, weighing only 35 lb. This is one of the lightest models included in the list. Due to it’s lightweight and great brakes this model enhances the rolling momentum.

This affordable entry-level 21-speed road bike is equipped with a 700C Double Walled CNC Machined wheelset. It has a quick-release skewers 21-speed drivetrain that allows you to quickly switch between the gears. In this way, one can easily deal with any road situation. Beginners should be careful while selecting this model. Complex gears are not easy to deal with for a beginner.

  • Quality construction
  • Easy to handle
  • Very easy to set it up
  • Comfortable saddle
  • Equally effective for any route
  • Due to complex gears, not recommended for beginners
  • Fewer design options

3. Leisure 20in 7 Speed ​​City Folding – Mini Compact Bike

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Leisure 20in 7 Speed city folding mini compact bike is a great value commuter bike. This bike is best for urban traveling. It is conveniently portable. Users can fold it in 15 seconds, and it can easily fit in the trunk of a car. It has a 20” high tensile steel frame.

Also, a 7-speed gear mechanism is included. It enables the bike to optionally cruise. Users can also put it in high gear for a fast experience. With steel V brakes bikers can slow down smoothly.

The frame of the bike is best suited for students, general office workers, and urban users. One may feel uncomfortable while folding this commuter bike. There’s no place for holding it while folding the bike.

  • Comfortable
  • Guarantees safety
  • Affordable
  • Difficult to fold

4. Cobb Adult Road Bike – high carbon steel bike

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Cobb Adult road bike has a simple style. It has an aluminum frame with a good quality fork, a flat styled handlebar, and a sporty saddle. It provides a 21-speed gear functionality by using a combination of an indexed SHIMANOS rear derailleur and a micro-shift twist shifter. This makes it easy to cycle in any terrain.

Furthermore, It is equipped with great looking high profile alloy matte black wheels. The bike also includes brakes on both wheels. This means that stopping it won’t be a problem regardless of the speed or terrain.

The handlebar is adjustable by default, it should be slightly raised to minimize back and shoulder strain. Pedals on the 3-piece kilo crank give a good cycling experience. Also, this bike has a comfortable Crayton grip making it easy to control. Most of the users think that it is not made for beginners. They should first ride a simple bike and then move to it.

  • Folding bike
  • High carbon steel frame
  • 21 gear speed
  • Limited design option
  • Not very best for beginners

5. 26 Inch Mountain Bike – smooth gear shifting bike

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26-inch tires provide security and firmness, while also maintaining rolling momentum. Its padded saddle can easily be adjusted for the right fit. It has a great and smooth gear shifting with the help of a 21-speed gear mechanism which helps cope with hilly terrain. While sitting on durable alloy wheels, wide-knob mountain tires provide added stability regardless of the terrain.

The tires are 700C, the front derailleur is Shimanos TZ-30 and the back derailleur is Shimanos TZ-50. This is a lightweight model with durable magnesium wheels. its double suspension is of high carbon steel. That’s why it is very durable.

This bike is an all-rounder model best suited for cycling enthusiasts, office workers, and school/college kids. Some users recommend this bike more for a hilly terrain rather than an urban one.

  • Grip is strong
  • Gear shifting is smooth
  • Not very best for urban terrain

6. 26 inch 21 Speed Aluminum – Mountain Bike City Commuter Bike Road Bike

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The tires of this commuter bike under $200 can work well on different terrains. Whether it is a hilly terrain or a sandy terrain, the gear change remains smooth. It gives an enjoyable experience with 26” X 1.95” Tab tires. They can easily handle any sort of surface whether it is pavement, gravel, or dirt.

It is equipped with linear-pull hand brakes which give a consistent stopping action. Moreover, it has a durable high-quality ATB saddle and seat height is easily adjustable. It also offers great suspension while riding in any terrain.

It is one of the best models for a person whose age is above 14. Children may not fit it the most appropriate option in the market. They can ride it with satisfaction only if they learn things fast.

  • Height is easily adjustable
  • Smooth gear changing
  • Not a good option for children

7. Aluminum Full Suspension MTB – easy to ride commuter bike

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This model offers 21 speeds to tackle different situations, such as uphill climbing and downhill riding. For pure acceleration, the derailleur guard is removable. This ensures consistent gear operation. Moreover, it has a double suspension fork that comes with a solace shock absorption. That is why this model offers a smooth and comfortable riding experience.

It has a gloss back silver hardtail frame and the maximum of the frame is made up of aluminum. This model has a great quality Padded ATB saddle which comes with a height adjustment feature. The dimensions of the tires are 26” X 1.95” Tab tires. These tires can easily handle pavement, gravel, and dirt without any problem. Furthermore, they can deal with the off-road terrain and can also handle the hilly terrain.

It has great linear pull hand brakes. Both the front and the rear brakes are disc brakes. These brakes perform well in any sort of surfaces such as mud, creeks, and sand. Only the drawback of this product is that there are very limited design options. Often users feel it difficult to choose one from limited designs.

  • Smooth gear change
  • Seat height can easily be adjusted
  • Very easy to ride
  • Limited design options


After several testing by highly experienced riders, in this article, we presented to you the top 7 commuter bikes under 200$. These bikes are best for a regular commute. It is important to make sure the bike you are purchasing is comfortable according to your daily usage. There is nothing more annoying than riding a bike every day that does not provide the necessary comfort.

All the mentioned commuter bikes are very suitable options. It is advised to first read our buying guide and then select the best option for yourself.


Q1. What bikes are best for commuting?

Hybrid bikes / flat-bar bikes are the best all-rounders commuting bikes, hybrid bikes are influenced by mountain bikes because of their off-road flat handlebars.

Q2. What is the easiest bike to ride?

Mountain bikes are slower on pavement and are hard to pedal, however, they offer a comfortable ride and can easily travel on different surfaces. Hybrid bikes are sort of an all-rounder, they are fast and easy to pedal like a road bike while providing the comfort of a mountain bike.

Q3. What is a good weight for a commuter bike?

The weight for a commuter bike should be less than 15 pounds, they are strong enough to carry extra load and have a good build, so they can function easily in severe weather conditions.

Q4. What is a good bike for long-distance riding?

For long-distance riding, a mountain bike having a good suspension or a ‘hardtail mountain bike’ is the best choice for a bike tour. Since it has thinner tires, it provides a decent ride on paved roads and due to its good suspension, it provides a comfortable ride off-road.

Q5. Are heavier bikes harder to ride?

Light bikes take less time to lean into corners as compared to heavy bikes. Heavier bikes take more focus to avoid tipping over at extremely slow speed as compared to light bikes.

Q6. Is 17 kg heavy for a bike?

There is no such thing as a heavy bike. It is a matter of personal preference. However, bikes generally, over 25 pounds are considered heavy. All bikes under 21 pounds are considered average.