Top 6 Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike Under 2000 Dollars 2023 – Buying Guide

The best full suspension mountain bike under 2000 dollars is specifically designed for off-road cycling and provides enhanced durability and performance in rough terrain. Decent mountain bikes include a full suspension fork, large knobby tires, sturdy wheels, powerful brakes, wider handlebars, enhancing the balance and comfort over bumpy terrain.

For your feasibility, we have assembled a list of the best mountain bikes under 2000 considering high functionality within a restricted budget.

Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike Under 2000 Dollars- Buying Guide

Buying a full suspension mountain bike under 2000 dollars can be convenient if some factors incorporating frame, brakes, saddle, handlebar, fork and rear shock, wheel size, weight, drivetrain, and gears. If any mountain bike fulfills these requirements, you certainly have spent your money in the right place.


  • The stiffer the material, the better the framework is.
  • To ensure durability and strength, the best options to go for aluminum, steel, or carbon buildup. You can also go for a framework having these materials combined fabrication.
  • Look for a framework possessing lightweight along with strength.

Carbon Vs Aluminum

The bikes having a buildup of carbon are pretty expensive but lighter in weight as compared to aluminum bikes. Carbon bikes have top-notch buildup and come with lighter build kits. Whereas aluminum bikes possess lower specifications, cheap in price, and comes with heavy build kits. Carbon bikes are also sturdier and stiffer than aluminum ones.


  • Generally, bikes come with rotor brakes but the best option is hydraulic brakes offering hydraulic disc mechanism.
  • Hydraulic brakes provide quick and easier stops without generating pressure on suspension and fork.
  • Shimano offers some of the best brakes so far.

Fork & Rear Shock

  • Fork and rear shock work together to reduce the impact on suspension.
  • Rear shock absorbs the impact and helps to keep the tire in touch with the ground. It increases the biker’s control and minimizes fatigue as well. It is equipped inside the main frame triangle to one end and the other end is attached to pivoting rear triangle.
  • Fork distributes the impact. So, it does not get concentrated at a single point. It hinders the damage coming to the frame. The front fork and rear shock feature some variations, spring system, and adjustments while traveling.
  • Stroke Travel: It informs about the compression of the rear shock and it is almost short to 1.5-inches to 3-inches. The shock is equipped at the short end of the lever of the frame. Whereas, the rear wheel is attached at the long end of the lever frame. It enhances the actual wheel travel which is greater than the travel indicated by stroke level.
  • Wheel Travel: In full-suspension bikes, the travel of front and rear wheels are the same.
  • Spring System: It is basically air or coil that is defined as per the front suspension. Air spring shocks system bikes are typical in cross country and trail bikes. On the other hand, coil spring shocks’ system is common in freerides and downhill bikes. As a mountain bike lies in between both styles so can feature any one of them.
  • Adjustments: it depends on the model of mountain bikes and is somehow similar to the front suspension. In previous models, rear shocks produce pedal bob- activates suspension on the pedaling exertions.

Wheel Size

  • Generally, mountain bikes offer wheels’ sizes of 27.5-inches (650b) or 29-inches (29ers).
  • 26-inches traditional wheels are designed for dirt jump and free rides.
  • 29ers wheels make prominent contact with the ground and ride faster.
  • 29er wheels accelerate slower as compared to 27.5-inches wheels. These wheels can maintain speed as they possess extraordinary rollover potential.

Saddle & Handlebar

  • Saddle and handlebars are used to interact with your mountain bike by using the two primary interfaces.
  • The saddle must offer height adjustability, whereas, handlebars offer smooth control to minimize the risk of accidents.
  • Modern saddles come in a thick shell fabricated of molded plastic, for example, nylon. These can also be of carbon.
  • Leather saddles offer thick stretched leather fabricated in between the front and rear ends of rails.
  • Handlebars are typically made of aluminum alloys. Some are made of steel, carbon, and titanium.

Price Range

  • Top-notch quality and intro-level bikes start from $2000 and go up to $2500. It depends on the features that you want and differs accordingly.

Top 6 Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike Under 2000 Dollars

Keeping the considerations into focus, we have prepared a list of the best full suspension mountain bike under 2000 dollars.

1. Diamondback Bicycles Hardtail Bike- Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike Under 2000


  • Easy assembling
  • Appropriate for average-level riders
  • Bigger wheels
  • Easier maneuverability
  • Smooth trail riding


  • Heavier framework

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Key Features

  • The frame is of aluminum
  • Offers great balance
  • Lightweight
  • Offers Shimano drivetrain
  • Equipped mechanical disc brakes

One of the most noteworthy tested off-road bikes on the internet, the Diamondback Overdrive is an extraordinary choice under 2000 that is all set right from the beginning. When it comes to buildup, the hardtail mountain bike is fabricated of aluminum making it a bit heavy yet, easy to ride, yet adequate for even reasonably specialized rough terrain. This mountain bike also offers easy maneuverability ad easy assembling.

This mountain bike comes with different highlights intended to improve the Diamondback Overdrive’s capacities are Tekto circle brakes, which saves you the need to redesign it. With its 20-speed drivetrain, you can progress from street to rough to a difficult situation. The 27.5-inch tires are additionally a fine equilibrium of speed and deftness. So, overall, it is the best product to go for.

2. Schwinn Traxion Mountain Bike- Best Mountain Bike Under 750$


  • Light in weight
  • Dual suspension frame
  • 24- speed trigger shifters
  • Remarkable stopping force
  • Big and sturdy wheels
  • Alloy rims
  • Steady gearing


  • A comfortable seat would be appreciated

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Key Features

  • Has aluminum dual-suspension framework
  • Offers durable riding experience
  • Has 24 speed Shimano EZ Fire trigger shifters
  • Has mechanical disc brakes
  • Light and strong alloy rims
  • Has 2.25 inches knobby tires
  • Provides steady gearing

If you are looking forward to buying a lightweight but sturdy and robust mountain bike, this can be your best purchase. It offers an aluminum double suspension framework making it solid and sturdy. It offers an explicit design that delivers maximum shock absorption and makes it more durable against weather conditions. When it comes to speed, the Shimano Fire Shifter has 24 accessible speeds. It is joined with alloy cranks guaranteeing snappy and dependable gear changes and easy support.

As it offers front, and back mechanical disc brakes, so it gives you great stopping force. You will feel secure having such an efficient brakes system. It is quite easy to connect even at high velocity. This trail bike comes with 29″ wheels with wide twofold compound edges. These highlights are best for mountain areas. It likewise has 2.25″ bumpy mountain tires, and twofold divider alloy edges intended to ride easily over rough terrains. With its steady gearing, you will enjoy it at the best.

3. Northwoods Full Suspension Mountain Bike- Best Mountain Bike Under 1000


  • Lightweight
  • Full suspension aluminum buildup
  • Bigger wheels
  • 21-speed twist shifters
  • Provides decent stopping power and control
  • Easier assembling and maneuverability


  • No cons as such

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Key Features

  • Has full suspension aluminum framework
  • Has 50mm steel crown fork
  • Offers 26-inches alloy rims
  • Offers 21-speed twist shifters
  • Has Shimano rear derailleur
  • Offers triple steel crank

If you are looking forward to buying the best mountain bike under 1000 then this one is for you. This Northwoods mountain bike has a lightweight full-suspension buildup as it is produced using top-notch aluminum. It is not difficult to control and performs well on rough mountain landscapes. Its 50mm steel crown fork in both front and back suspensions is amazing to absorb shock. It ultimately ensures your smooth rides. It additionally has 24-inch wheels with more extensive tires that give you steadiness and also provides traction. Also, it works in enhancing longevity.

You can change between gears easily with its Speed Twist Shifters with 21 paces. The Shimano back derailleur guarantees magnificent change when moving. When it comes to safety, the bicycle utilizes 24-inch compound edges, an alloy seat clasp with a steel triple crank making it more durable. This mountain bike comes with solid brakes. With their mechanical brakes, you get the stopping force that you need while on the path. It is durable, amazing, and reasonable in price.

4. Roadmaster Granite Peak- Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike Under 2000 Dollars


  • Amazing bike for amateurs
  • Steel construction
  • Bigger wheels
  • Linear pull brakes


  • A bit heavier

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Key Features

  • Made of steel
  • Offers wheel size of 26 inches
  • Offers linear pull brakes
  • Has front suspension

The list of the best full suspension mountain bike under 2000 dollars is incomplete without this beast. You can discover at the present, the Granite Peak has all the specifications expected to make a bike adequate for rough terrains. This mountain bike does not feature disc brakes, the linear pull brake is more than adequate for an amateur level path.

The Granite Peak comes with a steel buildup making it sturdy and robust. The steel construction does not fail to make it work for longer. While this makes the bike somewhat heavier, it additionally implies it is more grounded, which makes it better for unpracticed riders who may unearth obstructions all the more frequent.

5. Hiland 26″ Mountain Bicycle- Best Mountain Bike Under 500$


  • Easier assembling (85% pre-assembled)
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to maneuver


  • No Cons

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Key Features

  • Has a durable steel frame
  • 21 speeds shifters
  • Has free kickstand and pedals
  • 26 inches tires
  • Easy to assemble
  • Offers lifetime warranty

If you need to buy a mountain bike that is 85% pre-assembled and you can have assembling instruments with that, this is your purchase to make. The Hiland Mountain Bike is a brilliant product for the riders who need to evaluate cross country racing. It is incredibly lightweight and with regards to its buildup, its framework and wheels are made of treated aluminum.

The Hiland Mountain Bike is about speed and control. The 26 inches wheels and disc brakes are ideal instances of this sort of equilibrium. With regards to speed, its 21-speed settings mean you can ride this bicycle on any landscape with no difficulty. It is quite possibly the most adaptable mountain bike you can find under 500 dollars.

6. Diamondback Bicycles Atroz- Diamondback Atroz Mountain Bike


  • Full suspension aluminum alloy framework
  • Hard-wearing cartridge
  • 11-speed drivetrain
  • Enhanced control and safety


  • A bit heavier

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Key Features

  • Have 4 inches travel aluminum alloy
  • Offers durable single pivot
  • Offers smooth performance
  • Has a wide range of gears
  • Comes with hydraulic disc brakes
  • Has 130mm travel fork

This mountain bike is designed of aluminum compound full-suspension framework making it solid, strong, and lightweight. It is combined with 27.5 inches brisk delivery through bigger wheels. You will get the very best features on this mountain bike. When it comes to the rider’s comfort, the edge is additionally intended to give incredible solace to the rider, even on testing trails. It can oblige riders of various statures. For suspension, it has a 5-inch travel Recon RL air-spring fork. Also, it offers 32mm stanchions.

The solid Shimano water-powered plate slows down the mechanism functions admirably in a wide range of scenes and climate conditions. Both front and rear plate brakes give enough power to manage the speed while handling the precarious descending incline and stopping at high rates. This off-road bicycle is amazing for getting a charge out of a recreation ride or overcoming a rough path. Thus, if you are searching for a full-suspension bicycle that should be reasonable, this can be your thing.

Full Suspension Or Hardtail? What Is Better?

A mountain bike offers 1 or 2 shock absorbers that are specifically designed to smoothen the impact of rough terrain to compress and rebound. There are some points to compare that are as follows:

Full Suspension Hardtail
Upfront Cost Higher Lower
Maintenance Cost Higher Lower
Weight A bit heavier A bit lighter
Trail Suitability Rougher trails with roots, rocks, and drops Doubletrack, smoother singletrack, pavement, and fire roads
Best For Hard rides on rough trails, riders with back and joint issues, rough, and high-speed descents All-purpose use, efficient hill-climbing, relatively smooth trails

What Are The Components Of Full Suspension Mountain Bikes?

  • It possesses a steerer tube that is used to connect the fork to the frame of the bike.
  • It has a crown used to connect the two stanchions together.
  • The stanchions travel inside and out of the sliders. When it comes to the internal workings, know that it consists of a spring, air chamber, oil, valves, and damper rod.
  • A full suspension mountain bike offers sliders or lowers and each is connected on the lower point of the front wheel. It also works in maintaining a connection to the brakes. The brakes are mounted for the rim, disc, or both.
  • The dropouts are used to hold the wheel axle.

Travel Distance

This alludes to the measure of the distance the suspension will move before it is completely compressed. Since the front suspension is extending, the suspension travel approaches the resultant wheel travel.

Inches Millimeters Type Of Bike
1 – 2 30 – 50 20” & 24” kids bike
2 – 3 60 – 80 24” kids bike, hybrid bike
4 – 5 100 – 120 Cross country and trail mountain bikes
5 – 6 120 – 160 All mountain bikes
7 – 8 180 – 200 Freeride and downhill mountain bikes

 Short Travel Suspension

Short-travel suspension (under 120mm) suspension furnishes all-around riding execution with an accentuation on a smooth path and going tough.

Long Travel Suspension

The long-travel suspension (more than 120mm) is best for plunging harsh landscape at high paces with more noteworthy control. The more drawn out the front travel, the more grounded the accentuation is toward descending.

What Is Basic Suspension Setup?

The general guidelines of basic suspension setup are as follows:

Mountain bikes’ Types Suspension Travel Recommended Sag
XC race 80 – 100mm 15 – 25%
Trail, all mountain 100 – 160mm 20 – 30%
Freeride and downhill 160 – 200mm 25 – 35%

Sag is defined as the sum of the shocks move under the weight of your body, bicycle shoes, helmets, and some other stuff you carry when you are simply sitting on the bicycle. Having it appropriately changed guarantees the shocks are neither too firm nor excessively delicate.


The best full suspension mountain bike under 2000 dollars must possess durability and longevity just like high functionality. Keeping fork and rear shock, brakes, buildup, travel distance, speed, assembling and maneuverability, and saddle and handlebar into considerations, we have given the above list and you can count on them. In our recommendations, the Diamondback Bicycles Hardtail Adult Mountain Bike is the best choice to go for as it offers utmost performance durability.


What is the best full suspension mountain bike under 2000 dollars?

The best full suspension mountain bike must have a bigger wheel size to execute grounded performance, and buildup of carbon or aluminum is preferred. Disc brakes are much appreciated for mountain biking. So, in our recommendation, the best full suspension mountain bike under 2000 dollars is Diamondback Bicycles Hardtail Adult Mountain Bike as it offers easier maneuverability and works explicitly.

Is a full suspension mountain bike worth it?

If you want a more comfortable ride then yes, a full suspension bike totally worth it. It basically soaks up the impact and saves your body from the jarring bumps. Otherwise, biking can be very disturbing. But it helps in reducing fatigue that permits you to ride quite faster, and you can enjoy for an extended period with great solace.

Is it bad to ride mountain bikes on the road?

Mountain bicycles are more difficult to pedal and slower when it comes to the pavement. However, they have a comfortable ride, an upstanding riding position, and can travel effectively on a wide assortment of surfaces. The mixture of cross bicycles is nearly as quick and simple to pedal as a street bicycle while being nearly as comfortable and adaptable as a mountain bicycle.

Which is faster hardtail or full-suspension?

Though the distinction in time may have been negligible, riding the hardtail required less force for a marginally faster opportunity and arrives out an unmistakable winner. Proceeding onward to the subsequent rough lap, which included the enormous trip and drops, the full suspension bicycle was quicker by 6.93 seconds (1.43 percent).

Should I buy a mountain bike or a gravel bike?

Proficiency and speed matter the most. On smoother surfaces, regardless of whether cleared or rock, a gravel bicycle will be a lot quicker and more productive than a mountain bicycle. As referenced before, the drop bars offer a more streamlined profile, the smaller tires have a less moving obstruction, and the harder designing is better for high velocities.