Top 6 Best Cheap Mountain Bike Under $200 2023 – Buying Guide & Review

Mountain biking has become a sensation as it performs excellently on rough terrains. Finding a cheap mountain bike under $200 is hard because durability matters the most. These mountain bikes are used for multiple riding styles including cross country, free ride, dirt jumping, and downhill.

To buy the best cheap mountain bike under $200, there are some significant factors that count in; so, let’s dive right in:

  • The frame
  • Size
  • Wheels
  • Suspension
  • Height adjustability
  • Shifting
  • Gears
  • Brakes

For your feasibility, we have assembled a list of the top 6 best cheap mountain bikes under $200 considering the above factors.

A Buying Guide To The Best Cheap Mountain Bike Under $200


To make the right choice on the best cheap mountain bike under $200, there are some important factors to be considered including the size, the frame, suspension, gears, wheels, height adjustability, brakes, and shifting. Considering these features, you will have a better understanding of mountain bikes and it will help you in choosing the right product.

The Size

The recommendable size of a mountain bike depends a lot on the height of a rider. The following chart will help you in choosing the right size of a mountain bike.

Rider’s Height (in cm)

Rider’s Height (in inches) Frame Size (in inches)



15 – 16



17 – 18








The Frame

The buildup material of a mountain bike affects the performance, comfort, durability, weight, and also price.


Commonly, the material used in building a mountain bike is aluminum alloy. Aluminum has a lower weight, and it never compromises the durability of the framework. However, mountain bikes with aluminum frameworks have higher prices.

Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is used in high-end trail and cross-country mountain bikes. This material is not only strong but also lightweight. Keep in mind, mountain bikes with carbon fiber buildup are more expensive and have intensified construction.


In high-end mountain bikes, titanium is used and these are the most expensive bikes. Titanium is very durable yet light in weight.


Steel mountain bikes are not only durable but comfortable as well. On the other hand, these bikes are heavy and cheap.


  • The quality of suspension is dependent on the needs of the rider.
  • Most mountain bikes come with front and rear suspension.

Front Suspension: The fork lowers attaches the front wheel to the bike frame’s head tube, while the fork steerer connects the stanchions to the headtube. A suspension fork’s structural soundness is determined by a number of factors, and normally more expensive forks are better suited to withstand flex than less expensive alternatives.

Rear Suspension: Only full-suspension mountain bikes have rear suspension, which is referred to as the rear shock, or simply “shock” for short. The shock absorbs impacts at the rear wheel, allowing the tire to stay in contact with the pavement, improving rider stability, and reducing fatigue.

  • You can get away with a mid-range suspension if you ride your mountain bike on relatively simple tracks.
  • If you really want to drive it to its limits, though, you will need to invest in a high-quality suspension system to smooth out your journey.


A mountain bike can have anything from a single gear to 30 or more. If you are having trouble deciding which number of gears is better for you, consider your fitness level and the distance you will be covering on the bike.

  • More gears will ease the exertion of cycling if you will be biking on hilly terrain.
  • If you like flat terrains or enjoy the difficulty of being a good mountain biker, use fewer gears.
  • Remember that more gears equal more weight on your bike.


  • Your trip would be affected by the size of the wheels.
  • Riding on larger wheels is more convenient, particularly when they are equipped with high-quality tires.
  • Steel wheels are more resilient than aluminum wheels, but they are still heavier. They would not encourage you to travel at a high speed.

The following wheel size chart of mountain bikes will help you in choosing the perfect size for you:

Wheel Size (in inches)

Age Range

Height Range (in inches)












48 and up






50 and up

27.5 (650B)


56 and up



60 and up

29 (700C)


56 and up

 Height Adjustability

If you are especially short or tall, this is something to think about. It’s convenient to be able to change the height of the seat and handlebars.


On a mountain bike, there are two types of brakes and those include disc and rim brakes. Rim brakes are commonly used on entry-level mountain bikes.

Disc brakes- provide consistent braking performance in all conditions, especially on steep and wet terrain. Users can, however, have difficulty inspecting the brake pad for wear and tear. Replacement of brake pads on disc brakes is often more difficult than on rim brakes.

Rim brakes- on the other hand, are inexpensive and relatively simple to repair if they break or wear out. Rim brakes, on the other hand, grasp the tire rims and wear out over time, necessitating replacement. In wet or muddy terrains, rim brakes are less efficient, and users must exert more effort on the brake lever to brake aggressively.


The speed shifters and gear shifting mechanisms on various mountain bikes would be different. It is entirely dependent on how you choose to use your mountain bike.

Top 6 Best Cheap Mountain Bike Under $200

We have prepared a list of the best cheap mountain bike under $200 considering the high-end functionality, excellence, durability, and affordability as a priority. All the mentioned products in our rundown fulfill the buying requirements as well.

1. Huffy Hardtail Gloss Red (74808) Mountain Bike- Best Mountain Bikes Under 200 Dollars in 2023

Huffy Hardtail Gloss Red (74808) Mountain Bike- Best Mountain Bikes Under 200 Dollars in 2023

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Key Features

  • 24 inches wheels
  • 14 inches frame
  • Made of steel
  • Linear pull brake style
  • 21 number of speeds
  • Front suspension type
  • Weighs 41.14 pounds
  • Ideal for 12 to 19 years
  • 24” x 1.95” knobby tires
  • Easy seat height adjustment
  • Slight-rise handlebar
  • ATB-type resin pedals
  • 3-piece Kolo Crank
  • Kraton grips
  • Mountain bar handle type

Looking for a mountain bike that is easy to pedal? Then Huffy Hardtail is your bike to go for! This mountain bike has a sturdy framework as it is made of steel. When it comes to its weight, it weighs 41.14 pounds. Even people with bad knees have claimed this as the easiest bike to pedal because of its smooth-running components.

The size of the wheels is just right as it is 24 inches wheels and the frame is 14 inches. The style of the brakes is linear-pull and the handle type is mountain bar. The huffy hardtail mountain bike is of front suspension type. This bike is highly recommendable for 12 to 19 years.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Comfortable tires
  • Reasonable price
  • Beautiful design


  • The seat is a bit uncomfortable

2. Mongoose Status 2.2 Mountain Bike- Best Cheap Mountain Bike Under 300 Dollars

Mongoose Status 2.2 Mountain Bike- Best Cheap Mountain Bike Under 300 Dollars

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Key Features

  • 26 inches wheels
  • Aluminum framework
  • Linear pull brake style
  • 21-speed shifters
  • Weighs 44.3 pounds
  • Dual suspension type
  • Hydroformed tubing
  • Durable alloy rims
  • 26 x 2.125 inches (diameter x width)
  • Riser handlebar

If your budget is flexible and you can go up to 300 dollars, this Mongoose Status 2.2 mountain bike is a perfect fit for you! This bike is really easy and quick to assemble and it is adjustable to every height. The framework of this mountain bike makes it sturdy and robust as it is all made of aluminum. When it comes to the rims, know that these are designed of alloy making it explicit.

It comes with 21-speed shifters offering you a diverse and much more enjoyable ride. The dual suspension and riser handlebar make it even more desirable. This mountain bike offers a linear-pull brake style with hydroformed tubing. Another significant aspect of this bike is it has Shimano rear derailleurs offering great gear transition. Overall, this bike is amazing!


  • Also suitable for tall heighten people
  • Easier assemblage
  • Easier gear transition
  • Front and rear V brakes
  • Comfortable seat


  • Handlebars loosen up with time

3. Kentz KZ2600 Mountain Bike- 26-inch Mountain Bike Under $200

Kentz KZ2600 Mountain Bike- 26-inch Mountain Bike Under $200

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Key Features

  • 26 inches wheel size
  • 21-speed shifters
  • Aluminum framework
  • Linear pull brake style
  • Dual suspension type
  • Weighs 40 pounds
  • 65mm suspension fork
  • Rear tourney derailleur
  • Alloy wheel rims

For the KZ2600, Kent uses an aluminum hand-welded frame. This material can withstand a lot of trauma as well as wear and tear, so riders won’t have to worry about its durability while riding in different climates and terrains. The KZ2600 is a dual suspension bike, meaning it has to cushion on both the front and rear ends. Floating beam suspension was used as the suspension design.

Shimano shifters have been used on this mountain bike. Riders can have access to up to 21 different speeds, as well as a rear derailleur. This mix provides a comfortable riding experience as well as outstanding handling when pivoting and turning. However, since the bike has two separate brakes, you can need to familiarize yourself with it before going on a trail.


  • Solid buildup
  • Decent brakes
  • Beautiful design
  • Reasonable price


  • Rear arm suspension swings up and down
  • No fenders

4. Mongoose Maxim Girls Mountain Bike- Best Cheap Mountain Bike Under 300 Dollars

Mongoose Maxim Girls Mountain Bike- Best Cheap Mountain Bike Under 300 Dollars

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Key Features

  • 24 inches wheel size
  • 21-speed shifters
  • Made of aluminum
  • Linear pull brake style
  • Dual suspension type
  • Weighs 37.4 pounds
  • Rear derailleur
  • SRAM twist shifters
  • 3 pieces mountain crank
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Alloy linear-pull brakes

The lightweight aluminum frame of the Mongoose Status Women’s Mountain Bike is usually used in higher-end mountain bikes. The frame is 16 inches across, which is the ideal height for most women. This bike also comes with a basic height change for different people.

This mountain bike has 21-speed shifters. The rear derailleur is Shimano, and the twist shifter is SRAM. This mix will provide you with a wide range of gear choices, and the changing will be smooth and comfortable. The wheel rim that supports it is made of alloy, which is both solid and light. It also has a rust-resistant finish, which adds to the system’s durability.


  • Pre-assembled
  • Adjustable
  • Easy to install
  • Comfortable seat and pedals
  • Lightweight


  • Plastic gear in the rear derailleur

5. Kent Comfort Pomona Bike- Best Cheap Mountain Bikes

Kent Comfort Pomona Bike- Best Cheap Mountain Bikes

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Key Features

  • 26 inches wheel size
  • Made of aluminum
  • Linear pull brake style
  • 7-speed shifters
  • Front suspension type
  • Full suspension framework
  • High tensile steel rear
  • Steel crown suspension fork
  • 26 inches double-wall alloy rims
  • 36 spokes
  • Shimano rear derailleur

A comfort bike is designed for a relaxed ride, with an emphasis on user comfort and an upright riding posture. The Kent Dual Suspension Comfort Bike is difficult to beat if you are looking for the ideal platform for comfort and dependability. The bike’s heart is an alloy dual-suspension frame that is both lightweight and handcrafted.

This full-suspension mountain bike can handle road bumps that few other bikes can. More lightweight components, such as a quick-release seat clamp, stem, and rims, contribute to a more agile and nimble ride. The Micro Shift Twist Shifter is a user-friendly shifter that fits well with the 7-speed transmission. Both the front and back linear-pull brakes are capable of stopping the vehicle. The seat is well padded, which aids in the rider’s ease.


  • Easy to assemble
  • The sturdy and durable buildup
  • Aluminum framework
  • Decent welding


  • Could not find any

6. MTB Outroad Mountain Bicycle For Adults- Folding Mountain Bike Under $200

MTB Outroad Mountain Bicycle For Adults- Folding Mountain Bike Under $200

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Key Features

  • 26 inches wheel size
  • Disc brake style
  • Carbon steel framework
  • Dual suspension type
  • Weighs 44 pounds
  • 200 pounds recommended weight
  • 0 to 6.0 inches recommended height
  • 17 inches frame
  • 59 x 9.8 x (23–27.5) inches
  • Adjustable seat
  • 21-speed shifters
  • 3 & 6 spoke magnesium wheels
  • Front and rear disc brakes
  • Easy to assemble
  • 85% pre-assembled

On our list, the last best cheap mountain bike under $200 is an MTB out road bicycle. This mountain bike comes in a sturdy framework of carbon steel. Being a folding bike, this weighs around 44 pounds. When it comes to the size of this mountain bike, it is 59 x 9.8 x (23–27.5) inches but when it is folded, its size becomes 37 x 34 x 15 inches. The assemblage of this bike is very easy and also, for your feasibility, it comes 85% pre-assembled.

The dual suspension type of this mountain bike makes it even more excellent, and it offers 21-speed shifters. It is ideal for tall heightened people and the seat is adjustable and comfortable. The recommended weight capacity of this bike is 200 pounds. Overall, this is the best folding mountain bike under $200.


  • Foldable
  • 85% pre-assembled
  • Comfortable and adjustable seat
  • Sturdy framework


  • Could not find any


Mountain bikes are becoming popular day by day and if you spend money on something, it is necessary to invest in the right product. For your comfort, we have given you the best cheap mountain bikes 2023 above. All the products are selected considering their excellence and durability.

In our recommendation, the best cheap mountain bike under $200 is Huffy Hardtail Gloss Red (74808) Mountain Bike. This bike has all the features and insights that you might be looking for. Otherwise, all the other products are also reliable and so, you decide which mountain bike fits your perfectly!

Essentials of Mountain Bikes

There are some essential about which you must have the knowledge and these include the following:

  • Types of mountain bikes.
  • The terrain on which you plan to ride.
  • The adjustability of your seat and handlebars
  • Condition and performance of tires.
  • Shifting of gears.

Types of Mountain Bikes

There are four basic types of mountain bikes and those include;

  • Cross country bike
  • Trail bikes
  • Downhill
  • All mountain & enduro

Cross Country Bike (XC)

This type of mountain bike is specifically designed for riders who demand excellent pedaling as a foremost factor. XC mountain bikes are basically stamina-developing bikes as they are lung-busting. When it comes to the geometry of the cross country bikes, these are much similar to road bikes. these bikes possess downhill performance and are considered the best way to lose weight. XC bike is a perfect fit for those who prefer climbing to descending.

  • The commonly used wheel size in cross country mountain bikes is 29 inches. However, the preferable rim diameter of these bikes is 700C.
  • The lightest XC bike is those that possess light build-ups. Usually, these bikes weigh less than 24 pounds with 120 mm or 4.7 inches or even lesser of travel.
  • Hardtails could be appropriate in this class in certain circumstances.
  • Climbers were put in more effective positions with longer chainstays and spoked wheels, as well as relatively steep head angles of 69° or more and longer stems.
  • The grip, stability, and reliability of these bikes’ tires are likely to be prioritized over overweight reduction, strength, and faster rolling resistance.

Trail Mountain Bikes

Trail bikes have a little more suspension, gravitational characteristics, and a more relaxed geometry than cross-country bikes, making them more flexible on different terrains. If you love mountain biking upward as well as downhill and want the random drop or jump, a trail bike is a way to go.

  • 5” and 29” wheels are available on trail bikes. Suspension travel can range from 4.7″/120mm to 6″/150mm.
  • The geometry of a trail bike is basically known as neutral having head angles of around 66° or 68°. Though, these bikes differ greatly to correspond to different kinds of riding.
  • Trail bikes are specialized in striking a balance between rolling efficiency, traction, and longevity.

Enduro Mountain Bikes

If you are looking for a mountain bike having the capability of downhill but also offers technical scenery ad airtime, we will recommend you to go for an endure mountain bike.

  • They are available with 27.5” or 29” wheels, or a combination of the two with 29” in the front and 27.5” in the back.
  • The suspension travel on these bikes is marginally longer, varying from 5.5″/140mm to 6.7″/180mm.
  • The geometry of an enduro mountain bike always prefers descending over ascending. For steep climbing, the preferable head angles range from 65° to 67°.


Downhill bikes are built for altitude, huge drops, and jumps on rough, gnarly terrain. They are simply not designed to go in any other direction but away. Trails and scenery are used for helping the high speeds and airtime. However, the experience will help you in handling unexpected conditions.

  • Burly frames with rear suspension travel range from 6.7″ or 170mm to 10″ or 250mm+ and front suspension travel ranging from 7″ or 180mm to 8″ or 200mm, as well as a double fork that looks like they fit on a bike.
  • For trust on rough terrain and tough brown-pow perching corners, these bikes have a very low center of gravity and a very loose head angle of less than 65°.
  • With 2 ply casings, these bike tires are made for reliability and longevity.

On Which Terrain are you Planning to Ride?

Identifying the terrain, you will be traveling on the most will actually help you decide what to buy. The rough, rugged, rooted ground also necessitates wider tires, knobby tires, and/or full suspension on both tires. If you are going to cycle on the streets or sidewalks, as well as a few flat gravel tracks, choose a hardtail suspension bike with narrower tires.

The ground you ride on has a much greater impact on you than you may imagine. Little curves, inclines, and other factors all have an effect on how you travel. It can result in permanent fractures as well as long-term joint and muscle pain. Create a note of what you’ll be riding through and make your choice knowing you will be completely happy.

Why Adjustability of your Seats & Handlebars Important?

A mountain bike seat height that is poorly set will cause knee discomfort, muscle soreness, and even seat sores. Most riders set their seat height too low, resulting in burned quads and overworked joints on the climbs. The rider can get more extension out of their leg muscles by lifting the seat, and the knee joints aren’t required to curve as abruptly.

Aside from comfort and handling, the seat height has a significant impact on power transmission on the bike. Riders that have the proper saddle height are able to generate the maximum amount of leverage with each pedal stroke, avoiding muscle exhaustion that is common with low seat heights. Similarly, the adjustability of the handlebars matters a lot in keeping up your comfort.

If you see a mountain bike that has both, you can dig further into the specifications and see if it’s right for you.

The following video will help you in adjusting the saddle and handlebars of your bike:

What Should be the Condition & Performance of Tires?

The ideal mountain bike tires will be knobby and thoughtfully designed to run smoothly over difficult terrain. They should be able to walk over pebbles, gravel, grass, branches, and other trail debris with ease. If the tires are not big enough, they will cause an imbalance, which will make cycling even more difficult.

If they are too wide, on the other hand, you will be pulled down to a grueling, sluggish acceleration. You should also inspect their structure to ensure that the rubber is sufficiently thick. Thin tires dry up, break, and inevitably spill a lot of air, resulting in a flat tire at the worst possible time.

Why Shifting of Gears is Important?

When on the trail, the opportunity to shift gears is very useful. While it is not needed, many riders feel that changing speeds is almost mandatory once they get used to them. You do not have to be concerned with overexerting yourself by pushing uphill or flying downhill too quickly.

When changing inclines and going through brush, gravel, and sometimes even snow if it is a fat tire bike, Shimano gear sets let you turn things up to give your legs a rest. Not only do they support your muscles, but switching gears when necessary is much easier on your bike’s dignity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best mountain bike under 200?

To choose the best cheap mountain bike under $200, check the features it offers. To buy the best, consider the gears, adjustability to height and handlebars, shifting of gears, type, performance, suspension, framework, weight, and size. Keeping all these features in mind, in our recommendation, the best mountain bike under 200 in 2023 is Huffy Hardtail Gloss Red (74808) Mountain Bike.

Are our full suspension bikes worth it?

The majority of the jarring bounces that will otherwise be transmitted to your body would be absorbed by a full-suspension mountain bike (and in some cases, buck you off your bike). This will aid in fatigue reduction, allowing you to travel harder, over longer periods of time, and in greater comfort. So yes, a full-suspension mountain bike totally worth it.

Should I get full-suspension or hardtail?

Hardtail, like full-suspension bikes, is designed for off-road use and is usually less expensive and lighter than dual-suspension bikes. However, while a full-suspension bike can have more comfort and power, a hardtail bike should not be underestimated. If you are a rough terrain rider, you should go for men’s full suspension mountain bikes.

What are the best men’s full suspension mountain bikes?

For choosing the best men’s full suspension mountain bikes, you need to consider the type of bikes including the terrain you have to cover. It is the most significant factor to consider. Also, consider the wheel size (27.5 or 29 inches), travel range (short, mid, long), frame material (carbon or aluminum), groupset components (basic to high-end), and price range.

How to change a mountain bike tire?

To change a mountain bike tire, there are some steps that you need to follow:

  • The tire should be deflated, and the bead should be loosened. Since the tire is already flat, you might be able to skip this stage.
  • Remove one of the tire’s sides.
  • Take out the tube.
  • Replace the tube with the new one.
  • Valve Stem should be adjusted.
  • Return the Tire Wall to the Inside of the Rim.

The video below will help you better understand:

Do I need a torque wrench for my mountain bike?

On a bike with non-carbon components, a torque wrench is possibly unnecessary, but it’s useful to have a torque wrench if you intend on constructing or wrenching on your bikes. Consider it a wise investment.