7 Best Electric Friction Drive Bike Kit 2023 – Buying Guide

Nowadays the most coined concept of “electrifying biking system” not only adds the grace to the whole body architecture of bike but it is also a source of easy and smooth bike friction drive towards hilly destination. The power pack e- bike kit offers easy installation with no friction as well as no tire wearing.

Now it’s the time to mark your check –list. Which friction drive bike kit is best suited for your hill station drive? Which friction drive bike is loaded with unmatchable power boosting mode?

How to choose best electric friction drive bike kit

Consider the multiple stroke bike motor kit

The exceptional torque production at higher revolution per minute is the characteristic feature of 2 –stroke engines but, no fuel usage and no power wastage, compact infrastructure with expensive but durable parts mark the distinction of 4-stroke engines. Additionally, the Environmental Protection Agency certified 4-stroke engines as the most preferable engine among all.

Understand the e bike motor mechanism

Before selecting friction drive bike kit, you should know about the parts and working mechanism of motor. Friction is majorly attributed to the rear wheel however, the roller – output shaft assembly provides enough friction with negligible tire wearing. The simultaneous execution of throttle and roller switch on the power boosting mode of e-bike.

Go for Horse power batteries

The master power pack behind comfortable journey, smooth pedaling with least exertion is the rechargeable batteries. Powering mechanism of Lithium ion polymers or Lead acid batteries align the energy from controller to motor that rotate shaft at appreciable speed due to magnetization.

No compromise on budget

In the era of skyrocketing price inflation the leverage of bike motor installation is a revolution for the hobbyists and e-bike riders to follow the trend even with tight budget. The manual guide helps to understand “how to install bike motor” in your current bike and provide you smooth, safe and sound journey on bumpy and rough tracks.


Here are some best electric friction drive bike kit.

1. Easy to install friction drive bike kit

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  • Riding modes >> E-bike & Pedal Assisted bicycle, Pedaling bicycle, Pure Power bicycle
  • Battery >> Kettle Battery: 36V, 48V; Hailong Battery: 36V, 48V; Rear Battery: 48V
  • TSDZ2h motor >> brushless motor (Gear motor: 1 piece)
  • Power assistance >> 36% – 300%
  • Power amplitude >> 350 watts, 450 watts, and 500 watts
  • Maximum torque production >> 80N.m
  • Size of bottom bracket >> 68mm -73mm
  • Weight>>Ultra-light version (3.6 kg)
  • Display >>VLCD5
  • Chain wheel >> 42 T
  • Inbuilt design>> thumb throttle (1 piece), controller( 1 piece), brake lever ( 1 piece),crank arm ( 1 pair)

How to install a bike motor, popping in your head?

Here is your top priority, to move smoothly through congested commercial areas or rough mountain tracks. The customized torque production mode and the multiple riding modes make it the best choice for e-bike riders. The paramount feature of easy installation makes journey more memorable and comfortable.

Do you want a friction drive cruiser to reach your destination?

Easy to handle feature along with mindboggling warranty mark its distinction among all other e- bike friction drive kit.

What’s in the gift’s box?

  • Head light
  • Taillight
  • Wrench and Y-splitter extension Cable


  • It shows compatibility with bike having 68 -73 mm bottom bracket
  • Warranty :1 year ( 100 % money refund)

Customer reviews

  • I really enjoyed the long drive on bumpy tracks however, I am not very satisfied with the working of torque sensor.
  • Well, I can’t explain my happiness when I experienced the ride on this powered assisted e- bike version .The reliable batteries along with sophisticated installed friction drive bicycle motor parts helped me to easily climb 20 percent steeped track.

2. Latest powered version of friction bike motor

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Unique features

  • Riding model >> Two riding model (e -bike and pedal assisted)
  • Power pack >> 500 watts
  • Range of speed >> 38 – 40 kilometer per hour
  • Revolution per minute >> 470
  • Display >> LCD panel
  • Front motor>> 48 volts (1 piece)
  • Motor controller>> 48 volts (1 piece)
  • Cables>> 1T4 cable, motor extension cable, manual and power extension cable
  • Wheel >>20 inches diameter

Mountain bikers!!! Are you ready to win the cup?

Motorized bike loaded with “brushless direct current motor” has miraculous power of direct drive. The sophisticated scheme of electric circuits convert the energy into motive force. The energized pedaling system with powerful long lasting battery promises the smooth streamline drive at highest speed


  • Motor rim alignment >> for “Disc brake “not V brake
  • 20 inches motor synchronization >> with 20 inches front wheels

Costumer review

The most trust worthy E-bike conversion kit .The combination of hydraulic breaks with pedal assisted powered mechanism are super awesome. It’s highly recommended for athletic spirits to reach the mountain top and hilly areas.

3. TURBO charged friction drive bicycle kit

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  • Unique feature >> 5- gear power assistance
  • Body >> Aluminum, plastic
  • Controller >> brushless, 36V/48V (1 piece)
  • LCD panel >> Speed and battery indications
  • Current flow>> 13 Amperes
  • Maximum power>>350 watts
  • Steepness angle >> 60/120 degrees
  • Length of cable >> 2 meters
  • Weight >> 12.6 ounces

Are you a fitness freak?

How many calories do you want to burn?

The smart assembly with integrate wiring system and power assistance is a blessing for fitness enthusiasts .Perfect aluminum coating with thermoregulation effect and crystal clear panel display elevate the mood of e-bike rider .Motorized soft pedaling provides the muscle relaxation therapy and long battery life offers ease in long day trips.

Customer reviews

  • The controller worked really well .Its indeed a nice choice.
  • I don’t like this product because of fragile plastic body and there were no guidelines regarding motor operation. I am not satisfied with my purchase.

4. Multifeatured friction drive electric bike kit

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  • Motor >> Chain brushed motor
  • Maximum output >> 250 watts
  • Current flow >>13.7 amperes
  • Revolution per minute >> 2650-2950
  • Range of voltage >> 24 volts
  • Overall efficiency>>80 percent
  • Weight >> 4.4 pounds
  • Horse power >> 0.35HP

Are you a sporty person?

Whether you are in a competition or chilling with your friends at some odd heights, the powered comfy ride is here for you. The exceptional torque production range can add spark to your whole journey. Climbing the hills and photography at mountain trails all are possible with this piece of fun.


Unique characteristic of clockwise as well as anticlockwise rotation of motor by reversing wiring setup is the most distinctive feature.

Customer reviews 

It’s easy to understand the installation of simple assembly. Impressive horse power with good rate of output. Higher torque production adds fun in hang out with friends  .Its highly recommended.

5. Nitro tech loaded friction drive kit

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  • Body >> Aluminum
  • Motor >> Brushless
  • Controller >> 36V/48V
  • Unique features >> easy to install, no thermal overloading, heat dissipation

Are you in search of “eazy bike kit”

“The small bike motor”

Equipped with the energy savor mechanism, the easy to install brushless motor hits the market. The shock absorber kit along with top notch accessories make it the most preferable one. No tension of fuel and tire wearing can decrease your excitement level. High speed with no jerks are the paramount features.


It is easy to install in bicycle, cars, mini bikes and motorcycles.

Customer reviews

  • Different colors of interfaces helped me to install the electric friction drive kit easily .The internal circuit system is so compact and reduce the overall heat production through thermal regulation mechanism.
  • I was excited about my parcel, but was pretty disappointed by non-understandable Chinese labels.

6. Efficient electric friction drive bike kit

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  • Motor >> E 30-150 (4 –brushes)
  • Revolution per minute>> 5600 at 24 volts
  • Horse power >> 1
  • Maximum power amplitude >> 740 watts
  • Voltage >>12V -36V (Direct current)
  • Torque production >> 5 N.m.
  • Maximum efficiency >> 76 percent
  • Cable length >> 17 inches
  • Weight >>3.6 lbs.

Is cycling your hobby?

Are you in search of friction drive bicycle motors?

This powered motor is an ultimate source of fun for hobbyists. Smooth drive on uneven tracks is possible with this small drive motor. Whether you want to explore top edgy places or you want to burn extra calories to maintain fitness record the horse power “reversible motor” is here for you.

Smart centralized powered system with maximum torque production provides nitro boost high speed.


An optional gearhead is available along with motor

Customer reviews

  • Outstanding performance!!! I am amazed at the efficiency output of this miniature machine piece .Perfect torque production, smooth running with speed controller. It’s highly recommended.
  • My small bike motor worked really well .I am really impressed with huge torque production.

7. Smooth silent friction drive bicycle motor

1500W 48V Electric Front Wheel hub Motor Electric Mountain Bike Conversion kit E-Bike Spoke Motor

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  • Motor >> brushless gear motor
  • Compatibility mode >> fat bike, mountain bike, road bike
  • Riding modes >> 2- riding models (E-bike and pedal assisted bicycle)
  • Battery >> Shark battery 48 V, shark battery 52V, Rear battery 48V
  • Power>> 750 watts
  • Display panel >> LCD
  • Cable >> IT4 wire
  • Package >>Thumb throttle, chain wheel, chain cover, speed sensor, brake lever, brake sensor

What’s the surprise?

The package contains headlight gift for the customers

Are you ready for fun ride

You can easily opt for comfortable pedaling mechanism with jet power battery .No one can beat you in bicycle racing if you are having this powered riding model. Well organized combination of throttle, brake and speed sensor provides maximum ease to the rider .The compatibility with different vehicles make it the favorite of all riders.


One year warranty with 100 % replacement /refund

Customer reviews

  • I thought that I am the happiest man on this planet when I experienced the smooth sleek ride powered by brushless gear motor .Very easy little bike attachment to make an e- bike. It’s indeed a wonderful product to climb hilly areas and bumpy tracks .It is very easy to install. I am highly satisfied.
  • First of all the, working mechanism of controller is amazing .I got crazy when I looked at the gift pack, headlights worked perfectly .Its highly recommended.


The series of electric friction drive bike kits are available at Amazon for travelling lovers. Everyone is open to select the best friction drive bike motor according to his taste. The best powered e-bike kits can add fun to your holiday trips.


1. Is there manual or automated switching between different riding modes?

  1. Manual switching helps the riders to switch to pedal assisted mode or e-bike mode to climb odd heights.

2. Does every motor kit package come along with battery?

  1. No, in many cases the battery is “optional” .If you don’t want battery, just skips that option.

3. Is there any difference in efficiency of motor working with 48V and 52 V battery?

  1. It means that motor can work efficiently with both 42V and 52V battery.

4. Is it possible to use e- bike without battery?

  1. Yes, you can drive e bike without battery, but pedaling gets difficult in the long run.

5. Are e -bike motor kits weather resistant?

  1. Yes, motors are coated with waterproof material .They can be surely used even during rain.

6. From where I can get the best electric bike kit?

  1. Amazon offers multiple options of friction drive motors .You can visit Amazon and to shop your favorite e-bike kit.