Electric Dryers VS Gas Dryers 2023 – Buying Guide

Dyers are available in different connections and you can make the final decision about buying gas dryers or electric dryers after you are done reading the comparison that we have in store for you.

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Modern dryers are designed to be energy-efficient. They also come with sensors and settings that help protect your clothes from high heat that is apparently ideal for all types of clothes. These dyers even get the launders wrinkle-free. Most of the designs are super stylish and will look contemporary in your place.

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Below are the two main variations of dryers that you will encounter in the market. Heads up! The main difference between electric and gas dryers is the amount of electricity that they use. Electric dryers use electricity as their main source of power input. On the other hand, gas dryers use electricity just to power on the lights and the main computer as to the heat they get it all from the gas.

Electric Dryers

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Let’s talk first about the construction of dryers. Electric dryers make use of a heating coil. Electric dryers power with a current of 240 volts.

The easiest and fastest way to get to know if you have the power necessary to run the machine is to have a look at the head of the plug. If the plug head is huge then it’s of 240 volts. You will have a 4-prong or 3-prong outlet. The latest designs have heads with 4-prong.

In case you have a dryer with 3-prong then that shouldn’t be a problem as electric dryers tend to operate with those too.

If you are looking for electric dryers that are compact then ventless dryers are ideal for you. Their compact sizes of 24-inches make them the best option in case you don’t have any choice except to vent the dryer outdoor.

These electric dryers make use of the condensation process. In this method rather than exhausting the air, the dryer makes use of a heat exchanger. With the heat exchanger, the air gets cooler and condensed into water vapors which are then drained out of the pipe.

The thing with this kind of dryer is that you don’t need to constantly maintain it. With the hassle of maintaining the dryer for better performance out of the picture, you can save a lot of time.

The thing with ventless dryers is that they expel the hot air right back, so you will require a ventilation system in the space you have placed the dryers.

The latest dryer currently is the heat pump dryer. These dryers can be found in compact and full sizes. So, you can get the one that suits your space and style.

The heat pump dryer is somewhat like a condensation dryer with the heat being generated with the help of a heat pump.

What happens is that the moisture from all the clothes that are wet condenses onto the heat pump’s cold coil. The condensed water is then expelled via the drain pipe. In some cases, it is collected in a box and one has manually emptied the box out.

As compared to a traditional dryer, heat pump ones take longer to dry the clothes out but they are energy efficient and gentler on the clothes.

Gas Dryers

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The thing with gas dryers is that they make use of a gas burner in order to generate heat for drying. Once the dryer starts the cycle, the sensor present on the motor will cause the igniter to light up. This happens when the dryer reaches the maximum gas-dryer-connection speed.

After the pilot gets lit another radar will open the valve of gas. After this, the electric fan will start to circulate heated air. On reaching the temperature which is ideal or desired the value will automatically shut off.

A thermostat is used to check the temperature of the air. Once the airdrops to 30 degrees the entire process starts again. In addition to the gas line you will also require an outlet of 110V.

This product from GE Appliances is a front-load gas dryer equipped with a 7.2 cubic feet aluminized drum capacity. It has an Auto-dry function that monitors the air temperature within the drum during drying.

Furthermore, in case you have fluid propane, you will require to convert the dryer so that it can work with this kind of gas. The overall cost of conversion will be as much as $300 to as low as $200 demanding on the labor and kit you opt for.

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Should You Opt for an Electric Dryer or Gas Dryer?

The main advantage of an electric dryer is that they have all the benefits that one can expect in a modern dyer. They come with a variety of settings regarding steam and capacity like normal, large, heavy, delicate, etc. The majority of electric dryers are made according to the efficiency standards set by ENERGY STAR plus they are texted through rigorous trials so they are all up to the mark.

As far as the drawbacks are concerned the clothes that you purchase recently might start wearing off due to the dryer. Its cause of the pulling and tumbling that makes the fabric and seams weak. Plus, it takes longer for your clothes to dry while using an electric dryer. So, your electric bill will be quite a lot with electric dryers.

The main advantage of a gas dryer is that it wouldn’t run for that long. Plus, with the clothes not getting stretched and spun for that long they will continue to stay new for a longer duration.

Unlike other gas dryers, this one has a built-in silencer system that reduces the sounds of the machines. It has a delay timer function up to 12 hours so get purchasing this product right here.

As far as the drawbacks are concerned gas dryers are more expensive to purchase. In case you already have the infrastructure required to hook a gas dryer up then you are good to go.

If not then you might need to look for gas connections and plumbers for installation.

When all is said and done gas dryers are far better than electric ones and if you are looking for a dryer then make sure to give gas dryers a try.

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