Hooded Hair Dryers! Why are they Better? How to Select One?

We know how important looks are for you and that maintaining a level of attraction requires the right set of tools and devices.  So even though we have already gone through the best portable hairdryer right here, today we are going to go a step further.

We will tell you why you need to get yourself a hooded hairdryer and what features you have to look for while purchasing one.

We all know that hair dryers are designed to extract moisture but their extended function is to assist you in styling your hair. So if you want to add a bit of volume and grace to your hair then get styling with the hooded blow dryers.

There are other reasons too as to why you require a blow dryer constantly at your disposal. Without further ado let’s get to know a bit more about this revolutionary hair treatment device that will give your hairstyle a more professional look and you will add a well-groomed aspect to your personality.

Hooded Dryers are way better than ordinary dryers!

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We have proper reasons to support this claim:

  • As compared to ordinary hair dryers hooded ones have a healthier drying. What it does is make use to warm airwaves as compared to the hot air eliminated by other hairdryers. This warm air is protected. Even though the drying process takes longer in a hooded dryer the final result makes it worth the while. The hooded hair dryer will preserve the shine and integrity of your hair.
  • Hood dryers assist in improving the condition of your hair. To accomplish a spa procedure all you need are some hair cosmetics. The warming hood will open up your hair cuticles and the applied nutrition cosmetics will enter your hair. With the hair absorbing the required nutrients the finished look will be amazing. With the products we have mentioned you will definitely get healthier and silky hair. ADD PRODUCT HERE.
  • All the arm work is eliminated. With the hooded dryer set on your head, you do not need to move the dryer and brush on your hair. With your hands completely free you can read a book, browse the internet, do a manicure, or do anything else that like. You can also use your hands to separate the strands and make a style using hair products.
  • Hair wouldn’t be touched while it is drying. The lesser the level of manual contact there is the better your hair will turn out. As your hair doesn’t like being touched during drying so if your play with the hair strands they will get tangled and your look will be ruined. To eliminate any kind of touching in order to decrease mechanical damage. So get hood on and keep your hands busy elsewhere. This principle doesn’t apply to brushes and other styling products.
  • This device is perfect for creating natural-looking curls or for drying hair that is curled. With hooded dryers and hair rollers being made for each other you can get the hair curlers on and place your head under the hood and see the magic happen. In case you have naturally curly hair the hooded dryer will dry the curls without tangling them and overall your curls will look healthy and beautiful.

To wrap things up: utilizing a hooded hairdryer is an irregular practice that reminds you of the periods when self-care was not a part of everyday activities. Hooded hair dryers are an uncommon custom.

Assigning a minute to yourself and reflecting on self-care is vital. When utilizing a hooded hair dryer for about 20 minutes for short hairstyles or an hour for longer hair, you will have a chance to unwind or rest for a bit.

You can assist your hair and put its best self forward by utilizing a hooded hairdryer at home or salon. Your hair deserves to dry securely and gainfully.

Now that you have last comprehended that your hair could never again live without a hooded dryer then it’s an ideal opportunity to locate an ideal one. Below we will list the features that you can use for comparing and finding a product that will fulfill all care needs.

How to Choose a Hooded Hair Dryer for Salon or Home

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Being women you are the embodiment of beauty and deserve all the greatest compliments. Let’s forget all about makeup and concentrate on hooded dryers that will help you dry and style your hair each morning.

Hooded hair dryers have been utilized for a great time. You might have seen them in salons or at your friend’s house. Plus, there are many hair dryer brands so how goes one select a hooded dryer?

With a hooded dryer being as essential as makeup products you need to purchase one that will have amazing quality while being affordable.

Make sure to check these features:

1. Ionic Technology

First and foremost you need to make sure that the dryer has ionic technology.

What this technology does is that it break the water molecules down super easily. This makes the process of drying much faster. That is why this has to be the first thing to consider in a dryer.

The ionic technology will dry your hair in the shortest time period all you have to do is apply some heat-protecting cosmetics and seal the cuticles off.

2. Power Settings

The general assumption is that the greater the wattage of the hooded dryer the better it is. This is false.

The range of the wattage should depend on the texture of your hair and the styling you’re trying to achieve.

For a lower power range, you can get a soft bonnet dryer ad its power ranges from 500 to 900 watts. For higher watts, you can get hard hooded hair dryers as these range from 1,100 to 1,900 watts.

3. Remember to check the heat settings

It’s not ideal to dry your hair freely.

Contingent upon your hair type and its texture, the warmth, and speed of drying your hair will contrast.

From thick and wavy hair to all dark American hair, the heat and speed will clearly contrast.

Many top-of-the-line hair dryers have three warmth settings which are usually cool, warm, and hot. These ought to be effectively altered, contingent upon your hair type.

Now, all you need is to have a look at your requirements and budget and get your perfect match.