How to Make Bevel Cut with A Miter Saw?

A bevel cut is basically an angled cut relative to the material face. It’s the most possible angled cut that the woodworker can make. To cut the bevel with the hand tools is really very difficult, so the miter saw is preferable for its cutting.

Miter saw is a very popular and a power tool for the bevel cut, and it gives very precise and quicker cut. It makes a very specific angle. And it is also designed for a do-it-yourselfer. If you have a miter saw and want to cut the bevel cut but don’t know how to make the bevel cut with a miter saw? Then here is some guidance for you that will be really helpful for your DIY project.

Making of A Bevel Cut with A Miter Saw.

  • Step: 1 For making a bevel cut with a miter saw, firstly, you need to tilt a sheet of plywood or board with its length and with a table saw. Adjust the blade angle for its specific purpose.
  • Step: 2 To make the correct point of a blade angle, continually change the blade angle by turning it. The adjustment is doing by the control that is present on the front of the machine. But when you do this, unplug the saw carefully.
  • Step: 3 Then, positioning the fence so that the blade bent far from it. Never set the fence on the blade’s other side. Otherwise, where the blade crosses the table, the wood will bind at that point and then may kick back.
  • Step: 4 Once the saw turns on, push away the board about three quarters by hand, and then push the rest of the board by using a push stick.
  • Step: 5 Pin the blade to the angle point and again tighten the nut. Then hold the board and integrate the cut line with the blade.
  • Step: 6 Turn “ON” the saw and make the bevel cut.
  • Step: 7 You can use a multi-purpose tool that can fit with a routing bit to make the bevel cut with the length of a lumber piece. If you need it, then you can use a chamfer-style routing bit.
  • Step: 8 With a workbench, press the board with the edges. Hold the tool and turn it on. Then press the tool against the edges of the board and move it from one side to the other side.
  • Step: 9 Once the blade fully passes through the board, then move the trigger and raise the blade. And your bevel cut is complete.

So that’s how use the miter saw to make a bevel cut. By following these steps, you can easily make a bevel cut. Miter saw is actually a DIY friendly saw and make a bevel cut at 90 degrees with the thickness of a board piece.