How to Ride Dirt Bikes?

If you love the wind feelings that running by you at high speed, then a dirt bike must be made for you. Dirt bike riding is the amazing feeling of excitement, but you must know all about the ins and out of a dirt bike and how to tackle any riding situations? If are you a beginner or got a new dirt bike? Or want to try your hands on racing or want to know How to Ride Dirt Bikes? So before riding a dirt bike, must keep in mind that never takes a shortcut in your first few rides. Here are some methods that guide you to learn How to Ride Dirt Bikes? By keeping these steps in your mind, you will be able to take a ride of your dirt bike.


  • Learn The Basic Dirt Bike Riding Positions.
  • Practicing the proper driving process with the help of your knees bent and back curved.

Firstly, sit on a bike, but make sure that you sit close to a gas tank. Place the middle of your feet on the bike’s foot peg and make sure that your knees are bent. Hold the bike firmly between your knees and bend forward, so your back slightly curves. Then lift up your elbows and tightly squeeze your muscles core.

  • This sitting position on a bike is perfect for long and smooth sections of land.

  • The best way to learn this basic dirt bike’s ride position is on a parked bike that has an engine off.

  • Stand with your slight bend legs when moving through a rough land.

Our legs act as shelving when we cross through an uneven land. To learn or make this form, stand up on your feet balls, lift up your butt, keeping your knees bent slightly, and make a grip against a gas tank. But keep your muscle core tight as well as you can.

  • By doing this correctly, your weight will be able to shift forward, backward, and side to side to tackle the uneven areas.

  • Standing up on a bike is a difficult task, but keep practicing to make this form.

  • Maintaining a loose grip with your fingers on the handlebars.

Most riders start learning the dirt bike by wrapping their hands surrounding the clutch and keeping below their thumbs on them. Then place the fore and middle fingers on the levers. It will allow you to press the clutch and brake levers immediately in case of an emergency with your strong fingers.

  • These two fingers grip is very useful for you to learn, but you can also learn many alternative grips in which you feel comfortable.

  • Always raise your head and look forward.

Always trust your peripheral vision and look straight during the riding and never look down at the time of riding a dirt bike.

  • At the time of riding, you will see a lot of obstacles in the land, which increases the chances of the accident. You prepared yourself to handle that the obstacles and guide your bike to move straight towards them.


  • Now, Time to Start an Engine.
  • Activate the bike’s battery.

Before starting an engine, there is a battery in a bike that needs to activate. Some dirt bikes may have a red switch or just an “on” button on the right side of a handle. You just need to press it on to activate the bike’s battery.

  • If your bike has no button or switch, then put the key on a slot to make it turn on.

  • When you turn on the battery, you will see that all lights are activated.

  • Pull out the plug in colder temperatures to start the bike.

The plug or choke is present on the left side of a bike near your legs in a seated position. This choke allows the air to enter into the engine to increase the gas flow because in cold days, the more gas need by an engine.

  • All the way pulls, the clutch.

Riding a dirt bike with the clutch is not hard, and it’s present on the left side of a bike, same a handbrake presents on the left side of a bicycle. You have to hold and pull the clutch all the way once you start the bike.

  • If you don’t want to use the clutch, then you can convert it into a neutral mode.

  • Hit the gear shifter six times down to move into first gear.

Once you sit on a bike, expand your legs towards the front peg and reach on the front gear of a bike. Repeatedly push the gear shifter down once you hold the clutch.

  • This gear shifter step puts the bike into neutral, and now you can rock the bike forth and back.

  • Kick start the engine.

Now, it’s time to start the engine by using the metal lever that is present on the right side of a bike. Grab and flip the lever away by hand from the bike, and next place your foot on a foot peg of the left side and stand up. This step is finished by heavily place your right foot on the lever down.

  • Mostly dirt bikes have an automatic engine that will start automatically by turning on the button.

  • Once you pull back the clutch, release the clutch.

The key to starting the ride of a dirt bike to do both actions at the same time and slowly. Once you begin the clutch, letting go and put the throttle back, and then the bike will start moving. Then you can stop the bike by pushing the choke back.

  • When you let go, hold the clutch, and if you pull back the throttle very fast, then it will make the bike fall over.

  • To make perfect this motion before driving, you have to practice this in the air.


  • Drive The Bike.
  • Turn the throttle to control the speed of a bike.

When you want or need to stop the bike, you just need to roll the throttle towards you back and slow down it. Once you release the throttle, it will turn to its original condition or position.

  • You just need to put your hand always on the throttle but, don’t be panic. Never freeze yourself when they get fast.

  • Use the shifter to change the gears.

You start the bike in first gear that built the speed of a bike and gets an engine louder. But you think that how to shift the dirt bike gear? When you put the throttle back or slow down it, the bike will not go fast. Then you need to press the clutch and at the same time, pull up the gear shifter to keep going.

  • Hit the back brakes to stop or slow down.

How to slow down the dirt bike? Slightly press the brake pedal to slow the bike. And when you need to stop the bike, then pull in the clutch and press the brake pedal down to stop the bike.

  • You can also slow down the bike by taping the handbrake of a bike.

  • Slope to the side to movements around corners.

When you come towards the corners of the land, then you need to slop the bike in the same direction of a turn. Now, put your foot down that helps you to take a turn and convert your body up. During the turn, also keep your weight on the outside of a peg.

  • During this motion, stick your elbow to make it parallel to the handle-bars, and by putting your foot down makes your bike steady in case of taking the corners sharply.

  • Practice your drive on a rough land when you get more comfortable riding.

Dirt bikes designed for rough areas, and their lifted frames have more control, that they don’t much damage on a crash or accident than other vehicles. So, once you are comfortable with a dirt bike, then practice the driving on the rough terrain.

  • You can try your driving on different types of rough terrain to make your driving more improve because each type of terrain requires different skills of the ride.

Riding a dirt bike is not so difficult. Even after your first-five rides, you’ll still feel some parts of driving awkward or still developing the muscle memory.

Just trust your rider expert or put these points in your mind, and you will be able to learn or try each method of a dirt bike properly. But never take shortcuts because it will lead you to bad habits. No matter that you will uncomfortable at your first ride, just try again and do practice daily, and you will see that in no time, you will ride the dirt bike like a pro.”