How Fast Do 125cc Dirt Bikes Go?

Dirt bikes actually design for rough lands or areas. And when it’s come to the riding, power, and speed of a dirt bike, then these factors are more important to consider than others. Now, there are many powerful and improved models of dirt bikes present with more speed and power.

As the riders improve their skills and progress day by day so, they demand the most powerful model of a dirt bike than 125cc. Because of this, 125cc is preferable for beginners who just start learning the dirt bike. The 125cc dirt bikes always remain because of their speed limit and unique construction, and this bike always meets the demand or preference of beginners

  • How Fast 125cc Dirt Bike Does Go?

When we muse that the how much fast a 125cc dirt bike can go? It claims that this bike reach at its max. Speed within a range of 55 to 60 miles per hour. Besides this, heavy riders always reach on the top speed beyond the mentioned range of a bike. As a 125cc dirt bike is for the beginners, so it recommends they should not go so higher than its limit unless they learn some basic skills and tips.

  • Two or Four Strokes of 125cc Engine.

The capacity of a 125cc engine also influences its speed. When we talk about the 125cc engine strokes that may contain two or four strokes, which effect the capacity of an engine. It noted that the two strokes are always much faster than the four strokes of an engine.

The 125cc four strokes dirt bike can be able to reach its maximum speed of 60mph, which last just for seconds. As compared to the four strokes 125cc, the 125cc two strokes dirt bike can be able to reach its maximum speed of 100 mph, which makes a huge difference.

Also mostly the 125cc dirt bike takes only 4 seconds to reach its high speed, but it also depends on its engine, that what kind of engine it contains two strokes or four strokes? The 125cc with four stroke engine reaches its max. Speed within 4 seconds, which have manual control and the 125cc with automatic transmission, takes 7 seconds to reach its max. Speed.

So, you get a lot of idea about how fast can go 125cc dirt bike. The average speed limit of this dirt bike is 55 to 60 mph, but there are many factors that affect the speed of 125cc dirt bikes like engine size or sprocket gearing.