Maven C1 vs Vortex Viper – Comparison of 2021

Binoculars are essential for most applications like astronomy, sports, bird watching, and even for some outdoor activities. With their help, you won’t worry anymore if you cannot see things at a distance. They allow you to use both eyes to view distant objects clearer and in a natural way.

Many binoculars are currently dominating the market, and among them are the Maven C1 and Vortex Viper. These two are the most-discussed models. What are the differences between Maven C1 and Vortex Viper? This article will answer you.

Below are their characteristics and features that will surely offer you exceptional value. Take a look into them to find out!

Maven C1 vs Vortex Viper

Maven C1 vs Vortex Viper

Model Maven C1 Vortex Viper
Magnification 8x 8x
Eye Relief 19.5mm 18 mm
Field of view 341 409
Weight 24.5 oz. 24.5 oz
Waterproof Yes Yes
Tripod Adaptable Yes Yes
Exit pupil 5.25mm 5.25mm
Price Check Price Check Price

Maven C1 12X42mm ED Binocular

Maven C1 12X42mm ED Binoculars Gray/Orange

This company has made a name for itself because of introducing a topnotch mid-level optic that is budget-friendly. It means you can have one with great features of optical elements but at a cheaper price.

C1 features fully multicoated ED lenses with low dispersion rates. It allows you to see clearer and brighter. Looking through the lenses, it gives you a high-contrast, crystal clear image with better size estimations.

A Schmidt-Pechan roof prism system comes in this model. Because of this roof-like prism, it provides a compact composition and build due to the straight-line position of eyepieces and lenses. This helps create images with good color variations, even when they are 8x or 10x magnified.

These binoculars work well in difficult working situations and all types of weather. Thanks to its overall design and features, which are meant to protect the lenses from the accumulation of dust particles and scratches. It is also made to be waterproof and fog proof.

You do not need to worry about carrying many things for your adventure and having a binocular since it is portable. It is made with a polymer frame, which makes it lightweight.

With its nitrogen-purged housing and tight assembly, you will surely be stress-free, not wondering if it’s going to survive rough conditions.

The binoculars also come with a neck strap and lens cover. This neck strap features a quick-connect strap system with a buckle connector for convenient use. However, lens covers are made of plastic/rubber material, which is flexible to connect to each ocular.

Indeed these binoculars come as an alternative to mid-range binos with good technology packages and affordability that are available in the market.


  • Easy to work with especially in difficult working situations
  • Ideal for hunting and bird searching purposes
  • Uses an ED technology for the lenses for improved color and image clarity
  • Resistant to scratches and dust
  • Comes at a friendly price


  • Does not come with a locking diopter which makes set-up difficult

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Vortex Optics Viper HD Roof Prism Binoculars

Vortex Optics Viper HD Roof Prism

This product from Vortex offers a great balance between performance and price. It comes with lots of notable features, including the 8x magnification and 42mm objective lenses that are ideal for birding or wildlife viewing.

Viper comes with a high-density extra-low dispersion glass that offers exceptional resolution and clarity. The XR fully multicoated lenses added to the bino delivers bright, crisp details of images with good color fidelity. It also helps lessen the scattering of light inside the binoculars.

Working with these binoculars is made simple. You can easily adjust the interpupillary distance through a large central hinge, which moves smoothly on the top. There is a diopter on the right lens, and it can be adjusted smoothly by pulling it up. When it is on its down position, the diopter is locked in place.

The Viper is sharp and smartly made. Its focus knob is engineered so well that it smoothly turns whenever you need to. The rubber-armored chassis is easy-to-grip and is perfectly designed with thumb indents. This is reliable enough for rough outdoor use.

You won’t experience any struggle carrying these binoculars since they’re designed to be lightweight. They are secured with argon purging and o-ring seals for better waterproof and fog-proof performance. An Armortek coating safeguards the exterior lenses from dirt, oil, dust particles, and scratches.

Included in the package is the neck strap, which is soft and has a stretchy rubber that goes around your neck to distribute the weight equally. All hinges and joints move steadily, making the binoculars have a solid build and the tolerances tight enough.

Overall, this product offers better quality optics that come at a cheaper price.


  • Easy to hold and compact to carry given its lightweight
  • Comes with solid construction and intuitive adjustments
  • Excellent glass clarity
  • Not expensive


  • Magnification adjustment might be stiff sometimes

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Vortex Viper vs. Maven C1 Binocular

Based on the features that we’ve discussed, it is obvious that both of these binoculars have something in common. But they individually have unique features and disadvantages too.

Magnification and Lens Size

Magnification and Lens Size

The main use of a binocular is to magnify the view and let you see objects at a distance clearly. It is important to have one which offers great magnification that is suitable for what you intend to use them for. Maven C1 can be magnified to 12x with a 42 mm objective lens.

At the same time, Vortex Viper offers a magnification of up to 12x with a lens size of 50mm. With this, you will be able to acquire a much wider view and take a look at objects closer than what you could’ve imagined.

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These binoculars also have features for giving you the control and stability you need when you use it for whatever purpose it may serve you. But when it comes to this, Viper Vortex has a little advantage.

It has several designs for control and stability, like its large central hinge for easy adjustment of interpupillary distance. This helps you to adjust the lens perfectly to your eyes. Also, there is a locking diopter for better and simple set-up.

Maven C1, on the other hand, can be adjusted manually. It is quite difficult to set-up since it is not equipped with a locking diopter.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which of the two binoculars is better?

Both of these binoculars come at a friendly price and are good at birding and hunting purposes. They’re equally good in any terrain and weather condition. But if you’re looking for more convenience and stability, Vortex Viper is a good choice. For the portability feature, you can go with Maven C1.

Why is the “optical quality” of binoculars important?

Optical elements need to be coated to reduce internal light loss and glare to ensure the light transmitted will result in greater image sharpness and details. Choosing a binocular with a good lens coating will give you satisfaction since it offers a clearer and brighter view of the image.

What is “objective lenses” in binoculars for?

Objective lenses or the main lenses play an important role in the binoculars. They are the ones that gather the light, giving a high-resolution observation of objects at a distance. The pair of binoculars with larger objective lenses will eventually capture more light, giving a brighter image.

Is it true that the wider the magnification of the binoculars, the better?

It has been a widespread belief, but it is not the case. You need to take into account the prisms, coating, and even the materials used to have a better experience with the chosen binoculars.

How can I say the difference in image quality?

Ideal binoculars are the ones that make you forget you are using binoculars when looking at distant objects. Purchasing a pair with a wide view gives a superior image quality.


So now that you’ve known their features, which is better between Maven C1 or Vortex Viper? Choose either one of them, and you will still have binoculars with great optical elements that are budget-friendly.

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