Vortex Copperhead vs Crossfire 2 – 2023 Comparison – Which One to Choose?

Everyone needs a riflescope. Whether you’re into hunting or shooting sessions, it’s a great addition to your gear. It greatly improves accuracy and gives you that quick advantage. Vortex Copperhead vs Crossfire 2 discusses it.

Vortex is one of the top manufacturers of scopes, and it released tons of scope models through the years, and they’re all on point.

So if you want to consider only the best from this brand, let us look at the two most prominent scopes and decide between Vortex Copperhead vs Crossfire 2.

Anyway, both of them come with numerous amazing features that can be very useful for your usual hunting and shooting range session.

If you’re thinking of buying one, but you just can’t decide which, it’s time to consider a few factors and weigh which scope suits you best!

Best Overall

Vortex Optics Copperhead

Vortex Optics Copperhead

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Vortex Copperhead vs Crossfire 2 Comparison

 Copperhead Crossfire 2
Magnification 4-12x 4 – 12 x
Objective Lens Diameter 44 mm 50 mm
Field of View 24.7-8.4 ft/100 yds 25.7 ft at 100 yds
Tube Size 25.4 mm 30 mm
Max Elevation Adjustment 60 MOA 40 MOA
Max Windage Adjustment 60 MOA 40 MOA
Parallax Setting 100 yards 10 yards to infinity
Length 13.5 in 14.2 in
Weight 15.8 oz 20.6 oz
Price Check Price Check Price

1. Vortex Copperhead – Compact and Powerful

Vortex Copperhead


There are many reasons to like this riflescope. For starters, we could mention the long eye relief, the locking diopter, and the lenses, which feature a multi-coated design. With just these three features, you can tell the quality of this scope makes it worth the money.

If that wasn’t enough, the scope offers incredible magnification power, going as far as 12x. That means that the Copperhead will allow you to see farther than most scopes, including the Crossfire 2. Even better, there’s no image distortion or issues that may compromise your sight.

The material used to create this scope is the aircraft-grade aluminum tube, which helps with the Copperhead’s durability and resistance. You can expect the Copperhead to do well regardless of the circumstances, as it’s waterproof, fog-proof, and weatherproof.

As for the reticle, the scope includes the Dead-Hold BDC MOA reticle, which is another plus because it gets rid of guesswork. Even if you’re hunting or shooting at varying ranges, you can expect the scope to do well.

  • Dead-Hold BDC reticle for more accuracy
  • Long eye relief secures a clear image on the target
  • Multi-coated lenses are incredible at increasing light transmission
  • Long-lasting and highly resistant materials used for the build
  • This scope is a bit larger & heavier than the Crossfire 2
  • More expensive


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2. Vortex Crossfire 2

Vortex Crossfire 2



Although less capable than the Copperhead, there’s so much this scope has to offer. For instance, the Dead-Hold BDC reticle included is great for tasks like hunting or shooting. Also, the long-eye relief, combined with ultra-forgiving eyebox, guarantee accuracy on locking your target.

This scope features 9x of magnification power, meaning that it’ll reach a hundred yards, approximately. It could go past that limit, but your vision may not be as comfortable as it’d be below the threshold. However, for average hunting, this magnification capacity is more than enough.

Additionally, the capped reset turrets included are easy to adjust by using your finger and the MOA clicks. Shooters can reset them to zero quickly after sighting in, which could be very useful, depending on the task at hand.

The scope features a single piece tube build, created from aircraft-grade aluminum. Due to this construction, the Crossfire 2 is durable and resistant.

  • Dead-Hold BDC reticle guarantees efficiency at hunting or shooting
  • The long eye relief included provides crystal clear picture
  • Fast focus eyepiece secures quick reticle focusing
  • Anti-reflective lenses for brighter and clearer views
  • Magnification power isn’t as high as the Copperhead


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Differences Between the Vortex Copperhead vs Crossfire 2

Differences Between the Vortex Copperhead vs Crossfire 2

The Copperhead and Crossfire 2 are great for your usual hunting and shooting sessions. They can give you a higher level of accuracy and more.

Yes, it appears that they have similar features, but then, they also have their own pros and cons. So let us break it down further and make sure you make the right choice.
Here are some of their respective features:

1. Magnification Power

Both of these scopes are actually fairly good in terms of magnification, which is the most important feature a scope should possess. It is worth noting that a high magnification power can greatly extend your range. So, depending upon your preference, you can choose either of the two.

The Crossfire 2 and Copperhead scopes can help extend your range for up to several yards. If you’re going to use the scope for hunting and shooting, these are pretty good choices. But then, Copperhead has a slight advantage when it comes to magnification power. Let us find out why!

It boasts a magnification power that reaches up to 12x. This is great for shooting targets that are a hundred yards away and sometimes even farther. But if you’re going to opt for a slightly lower magnification power because you feel like you don’t need that much, then Crossfire 2 can give you just what you need.

Crossfire 2 has a magnification power reaching up to 9x. This is great for shooting targets more or less a hundred yards away, although if you go more than that, your shot’s accuracy will slightly decrease. So if you’re fond of shooting competitions, you may want to opt for the Copperhead 2.

Overall, both have ample magnification power, but for this round, Copperhead has that slight advantage.

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Vortex Copperhead Rifle Scope

2. Durability and Convenience

Since they come from the same manufacturer, you can expect almost the same level of durability. Both Copperhead and Crossfire 2 are made with aircraft-grade aluminum tubes that give them their extra strength. Their lenses are multi-coated fully to increase light transmission, for clearer sighting.

They are also waterproof and fog proof, thanks to their O-ring seals and also for the process of Nitrogen purging. Both of them can be used under various weather conditions.

They are designed with better eye relief with their forgiving eye boxes, making them very handy and portable, especially for long shooting sessions.

It’s safe to say that when it comes to durability, the Vortex Copperhead and Crossfire 2 are fairly equal.

3. Size

The size of your scope is important too. You wouldn’t want a scope that’s too bulky and too heavy. This will just drag your rifle down with unnecessary weight. Both scopes actually have compact sizes, although Copperhead is longer with just a few additional inches.

Their weights also don’t differ that much. Copperhead is technically a few ounces heavier, but it’s barely noticeable. It’s just enough weight to give you convenience when using it. So when it comes to size and weight, both scopes are at a tie.

Vortex Copperhead Rifle Scope

4. Accuracy

Copperhead has a dead-hold BDC feature, and this comes in handy when shooting at different ranges where you need hold-over estimates. Crossfire 2 also has this same feature to improve your shot’s accuracy. They also have easily adjustable capped turrets that you can adjust using the MOA clicks.
When it comes to accuracy, both can perform equally well.

5. Price

Both scopes have more affordable price tags compared to others on the market. Crossfire 2 is cheaper than Copperhead by just a few dollars. But since Copperhead has that magnification power and range advantage, you can say that the difference of a few dollars is fair enough.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Vortex Copperhead vs Crossfire 2

1. Which scope is better for hunting?

The Vortex Crossfire 2 and Copperhead are both great for hunting. They have exceptional ranges and can magnify your targets very well. Although if you prefer hunting with that additional magnification, you can opt for Copperhead.

2. How many yards can the Crossfire 2 scope reach?

The Crossfire 2 scope has a magnification power of up to 9x, and this can reach up to a hundred yards. Although if you go more than that, your vision might be compromised. But for your average hunting and shooting needs, it’s fairly enough.

3. Which is better between the two scopes?

Both are actually pretty durable and can increase accuracy well. The significant difference is just the magnification power and the range, and this is where Copperhead has a slight advantage. It all depends on your needs as to which is better for you.

4. Why are they Nitrogen purged instead of using Argon?

Nitrogen and Argon can protect the lens equally well. Although Argon can be less reactive compared to Nitrogen, it isn’t necessarily that significant. Since Nitrogen is cheaper compared to Argon, it’s the ideal choice to bring down the price tag of the scope.

5. Which scope is better for shooting?

Both are ideal for shooting sessions. They can give you just the right accuracy you need. But if you’re looking to have more of an advantage to help you move up the scoreboard, then the Crossfire 2 would be a wiser choice for you.

Final Words

For Vortex Copperhead vs. Crossfire 2, both perform equally well, and they also come with their respective advantages and disadvantages. Choosing one will depend on your needs and what features you prefer for your scope. Whichever you choose from the two will still be a great choice.

Nonetheless, if you were to ask for our choice, we’d have recommended Copperhead here, since it provides that extra magnification power and range.