Leupold VX6 vs VX6HD – Comparison in 2023

Your choice of rifle scope should not be determined based on what other people are using. The best one is always what you can use in many applications. This method of choosing will allow you to find the one that will enhance your skills as well as enjoyment whenever you’re using your rifle.

With that, here are two rifles you can choose from. These two scopes are quite different and will provide you with a good option and idea of what you can expect from high-quality scopes in the market. We will stage a Leupold VX6 vs. VX6HD head-to-head comparison.

Knowing the features of these two scopes will provide you with ample information you can use to decide on which one deserves to be your next scope.

Leupold VX6 vs VX6HD Rifle Scope Comparison in 2023

   Leupold VX6 Leupold VX6HD
Objective Lens Diameter 56 mm 52 mm
Magnification 7 – 42 x 4 – 24 x
Reticle Focal Plane Second Focal Plane (SFP) Second Focal Plane (SFP)
Eye Relief 3.9 – 4.2 in 3.7 – 3.8 in
Length 6.9 in 14.65 in
Illumination Type Non-Illuminated LED
Adjustment Type MOA MOA
Adjustment Range 65 MOA 150 MOA
Weather Resistance Yes Yes
Water Resistance Level Waterproof Waterproof
Shockproof Yes Yes
Fogproof Yes Yes
Price Check Price Check Price

Leupold VX6

Leupold VX6

This is a powerful scope with a 7x-42x magnification. It maintains a clear and high definition image thanks to the clear glass, which projects a great overall image. Additionally, it has an open center reticle that allows the user to locate the target even at long distances.

With that magnification power, you will be able to see your target easily, even with long distances making your hunting experience to the next level. Using this scope in the range will also help you hit the target more accurately.

You can take this scope anywhere you need to because it is durable. It has been tested to withstand impact from the recoil of powerful rifles, and the company also maintains that it is waterproof and fog proof. So you can take it to the mountains and even to the rivers without worry if you’re out hunting in the wild.

Using this in low light conditions will not be a problem because this is equipped with the Twilight Max HD Light Management System. This enables the user to be as accurate as possible in any circumstances.

When shooting from long distances, you need to have reliable adjustment knobs to help you shoot better. With this scope is the no-nonsense Custom Dial System (CDS) that helps you simplify your shots, especially in long distances, which eliminates the need for holdover or further calculations.

Adjusting windage and parallax is simple and without much fuss with the tactile knobs that have a satisfying click when setting the right adjustment.
Other than that, this riflescope is a great option, especially if you want to enhance your distance skills.


  • Powerful magnification
  • Reliable adjustment knobs
  • Can be used in dark environments
  • Simple operation


  • A bit on the heavy side

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Leupold VX6HD

Leupold VX6HD

This scope is the modern counterpart of the VX6. It has enhanced features that make this a versatile and practical scope for any beginner and professional rifleman.

Being from the product line of Leupold, you can expect this to have a good quality build. The lens has Guard-Ion hydrophobic coating that makes them durable, scratch-resistant, and waterproof. You can take this scope wherever you want, and it will perform consistently and will be reliable all throughout.

The scope has a magnification power of 4x-24x, which can help you spot your target from a distance. You will get a clear vision throughout because of the lens coating that keeps it free from fog or moisture. It is also resistant to scratches and extremely durable.

And it has a ZeroLock CDS, which is a nice feature to have, especially if you want to have a guided system to lock on to your target.
To help you when sighting your target, you can choose from 7 different reticles that you can illuminate.

These options will allow you to customize the scope to your preference in different situations, which in turn helps for more accurate targeting and shooting. You can also illuminate all the reticles for increased precision.

On the scope, you will get knobs that adjust the windage and parallax for compensating with the speed of the wind and elevation of the target. Adjusting these is also simple as they have a nice and sturdy feel to them.

One thing you will notice about this scope is the lightweight design, which is not seen very often with scopes of this caliber and quality. With this installed on your favorite rifle, you can hike long distances without feeling too fatigued when you finally find your target.


  • Versatile scope
  • Illuminated reticles help in low light conditions
  • Weatherproof design
  • Lightweight and durable


  • Costs more than most scopes

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Difference between Leupold VX6HD and Leupold VX6

Difference between Leupold VX6HD and Leupold VX6

What you will immediately notice when looking at these two scopes is the size. Aside from that, they are deceptively similar. But taking a closer look, you will see that each one can be defined by the features they have with them.

Magnification Power

The reason why the VX6 is bigger than the VX6HD is that the latter holds a much more powerful magnification. It can zoom in, starting from 7x up to a staggering 42x. That’s plenty of visuals that can help you easily spot targets from a long distance.

On the other hand, the VX6HD has a 4x-24x magnification. That in itself is strong by any standard but seems to be nothing compared to the VX6. That is why the VX6 is better in terms of magnification.

Reticle Option

Reticles are important parts of a sniper scope because they enable the shooter to have a firm grasp of the accuracy of the aim. While some reticles are pretty standard and can be used for many purposes, it will still be a good thing to have some options available for you.

In this category, the VX6HD is the better choice because it offers 7 reticle options, which are plenty for fine-tuning your instrument for better aiming. Although the VX6 has the T-MOA Plus reticle, it will still be a better choice if you have other options. Another thing is that you can illuminate all the reticles on the VX6HD.


If you’re an avid hiker and like to hunt in the mountains, then the weight is something you will consider. Since the VX6 packs more magnification power, it will weigh a lot more than its smaller counterpart.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most commonly asked queries regarding the Leupold products:

How do I choose the right magnification?

Low power magnification is great for hunting in short distances and moving targets, medium power rifles are ideal for a big game, and high-power scopes are best for smaller and still targets.

How do I choose the right magnification

What reticle is the best for me?

Scope reticles come in a wide range of variety, and you should choose one based on your activity.

Why do I need scopes with coated lenses?

This is to help the scope adapt to any environment without sacrificing functionality. If the scope doesn’t have any treated lens, it may develop moisture in cold weather, which can be annoying, especially if you still need to use it throughout the day.

Why do I need to consider the weight of the scope?

If you’re going to trek first before getting to your hunting spot, the weight will be a factor to consider. You don’t want to exhaust your strength, trying to carry all the load before reaching your destination.

What do fixed or variable scopes mean?

Fixed scopes are ones that you cannot adjust to zoom in on the target, and variable scopes are designed to help you zoom in and out to view your target easily.


Here we have two very great rifle scopes. But in a Leupold VX6 vs. VX6HD battle, we have to hand it to the more modern VX6HD. The features are greatly improved for shooting in many types of terrain and situation and can be utilized by both experienced and amateur hunters.