PVS-24 vs. PVS-30 Nightvision Clip-On Head to Head – 2023 Comparison

Hunting during the night is exciting and, at the same time, very challenging. Some prey can only be found during the night, so you’re sure to get a rare catch. The lack of light can significantly reduce your accuracy, but you can easily overcome this by using night vision devices.

When it comes to night vision scopes, many gun enthusiasts either go with using a PVS-24 or a PVS-30. These two products have unique advantages and disadvantages. But between PVS-24 and PVS-30 night vision clip-on, which is really the better choice? Well, to have the answer to that question, let’s get to know both of them individually.

PVS-24 VS PVS-30 Comparison in 2023

   PVS-24 PVS-30
WEIGHT 771 g 1320 g
MOUNT MIL-STD-1913 rail KAC 26597 for Quick Attach /Detach to MIl-STD-1913 Rail
Power Source CR123 Battery One AA or One 123 Battery
Price Check Price Check Price

EOTECH – M2124/PVS-24

EOTECH - M2124 PVS-24

The PVS-24 has a great line of features. It makes hunting and shooting during the night a breeze. And convenience isn’t the only thing users like about this but also the great efficiency it offers.

When you’re switching from a day sight to a night sight, you will usually need to remove one so you can install the other, and this can get very annoying, especially if you’re in a hurry. That’s not the case with this one because you can just mount it in line with your day sight and be ready to go.

After mounting it, there will be no need to re-zero it because your primary sight stays in place. Another great feature that users like about this is its eye-relief, which can be very handy, especially when hunting for long hours.

You can be sure of its durability because of its high-quality design that’s based on the AN/PVS-24 military nomenclature. This design is even used by the Special Operations Forces of the United States. It’s also compatible with the standard 1913 Picatinny rails.

Since it belongs to Gen 3 of night vision scopes, it’s equipped with the necessary technology so you’ll be able to see even during low-light conditions. Handling it is fairly easy too. The size is very compact, and it’s also lightweight, so you can feel free to carry it around.

There are two PVS-24 models that you can choose from; one is for standard shooting while the other is for long-range. Using the long-range model can enhance your range at up to 1,600 yards. You can also choose to use it as an observation device that’s hand-held.


  • Clear vision even in low-light conditions
  • Lightweight and compact in size
  • Can be used for medium to long-range shooting
  • Has an eye relief feature
  • Compatible to 1913 Picatinny rails


  • Battery life can’t last an entire day

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This clip-on night vision is meticulously built for military use. Its professional design is sure to level-up your shooting experience by enhancing your accuracy while giving you great convenience when using it.

The PVS-30 belongs to the third generation of night vision devices; this means that it is equipped with the latest technology that enables it to give you more crisp images even during the night. It’s equipped with a refractive lens that efficiently gathers light.

You can easily attach this to most long-range rifle models with a Picatinny rail. And it improves your accuracy, thanks to its patented technology from Knight Vision. This technology also makes it universal to ensure that when you mount it, your day scope’s accuracy will not be lessened.

Mounting it won’t disrupt your current weapon set-up either so that you can save more time instead of needing to re-zero it. The cheek weld and eye relief that you have will remain the same when you place this in front of your day scope.

Not only that, but using it is very convenient since it has a lightweight structure. You also won’t need to recharge it as often compared to its competitors because it can keep running for more than a day. Even when you use it with flashlight batteries that have been depleted significantly, it can still stay on for hours.

Overall, it has great performance and will be sure to provide everything you need from a night sight. Although it’s slightly more expensive compared to others, it’s still worth it. So, if you’re willing to spend a few more dollars, this is something that you should opt for.



  • Doesn’t disturb current set-up upon installation
  • Provides crisp images even in low-light
  • Has a long battery life
  • Compatible with most long-range rifles


  • Slightly more expensive


PVS-30 or PVS-24 Night Sights?

These night sights have a unique set of features that are sure to impress you. To know which is better, it is important to compare them based on several factors, namely battery life, compatibility, convenience, efficiency, and affordability.

Battery Life

Both of these have fairly long battery lives, but the one that’s more superior in this factor is the PVS-30. This can last an entire 24 hours and even more, while the PVS-24 can only last 16 hours. If you usually go on long hunting or shooting sessions, then the PVS-30 would make a better choice.

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Compatibility and Convenience

For this factor, both of these perform equally well since they are compatible with most Picatinny rifles. And they can both be installed effortlessly without needing any adjustments for your day sight. They are both also fairly lightweight and easy to use.


This factor refers to the night sight’s ability to collect light so it can produce a much clearer image even during low light conditions efficiently. Since both these sights belong to the Gen 3 of night sights, their light collecting efficiency is pretty much the same.


A product’s price is always an important factor. When comparing both their prices, the PVS-30 is more expensive by a few dollars. But considering that it has a much longer battery life, its price is justifiable. If you’re up to spending a few more dollars, then the PVS-30 will make a fine choice.

The PVS-24, on the other hand, is the one to pick if you want a sight that’s more affordable, and you’re not that critical of the battery life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use these sights for the daytime?

The PVS-24 and the PVS-30 are specially designed sights for low light conditions. Using them during the day may degrade their overall performance. It is recommended to use them only when there is low ambient light.

Do I have to re-zero my scope when mounting these?

There will be no need to re-zero your scope when using these night sights because they both don’t disrupt your current rifle set-up when you mount them.

What makes Gen 3 night sights better?

Night sights belonging to the Gen 3 are the real deal. They offer an enhanced range, and they give the best resolution and best low light performance compared to those belonging to the first and second generation of night sights.

Can I use these sights as a hand-held observation device?

Yes, you have the option of not mounting it to a rifle and can instead use it as a hand-held night vision device.

How far can I shoot using a night-vision device?

The range of night sights varies depending on the manufacturer, but generally, they can reach up to 30 yards.


So between PVS-24 or PVS-30 night vision clip-on, which is better? Well both of them have great features so it will have to depend on your preferences. If you prefer a longer battery life, then the PVS-30 is for you.