Maven B1 vs. B2 – Comparison of 2023

If you are a hunter, you can relate to how different traps and weapons are crucial in looking for wild animals to catch and kill them. And this is either to make use of their fur, serve as decorations at home, or for food. Also, you need a device, such as a binocular, that can aid you in achieving your goal with ease and comfort. Perhaps, the most popular ones in the market are coming from Maven. And when you talk about it, it is inevitable to compare between Maven b1 vs. b2.

It is worth noting that there is one thing in common. Both are outdoor equipment designed to match your adventure with new technology and materials.

Let us find out which of the two you can take to your adventure and hunt with you!

MAVEN B1 VS. B2 – Binoculars Comparison


Maven B1

Maven B1 42 mm ED Binocular (10X42, Gray/Orange)

Maven B1 is a strong and powerful roof prism binocular with a high-end Schmidt-Pechan assembly. Its glass is designed with extra-low dispersion elements to lessen and remove the color fringe. This is to ensure that you will get a great image of your subject even in extreme glare situations.

The prism has the dielectric coating to guarantee adequate light in the roof prism. If you are hunting, it allows you to detect every single movement in the forest or woods and closely sense the target animals that may be hiding beneath the plants or trees.

This equipment is sturdy enough to tolerate various conditions, and the same time waterproof and fog proof. Not to mention, it is fully multi-coated that can allow you to use it even in extreme hunting activities.


  • A very wide field of view
  • Dielectric coating
  • ED glass
  • Excellent optical quality
  • Magnesium frame
  • Compatible with 49mm filters
  • Waterproof
  • Fog proof
  • Schmidt-Pechan roof prism
  • Durable


  • Heavy device
  • Slight aberration that only few can notice

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Maven B2

Maven B2 45 mm ED Binocular (9X45, Gray/Orange)

This product is armored with a magnesium frame that keeps it lightweight so you can carry it wherever you go. The lenses are made from extra-low dispersion glass that provides you with superb optical quality that you will need during your hunting.

It has a strong roof prism with high-end Abbe-Koenig assembly that allows optimum light transmission. This can be used in a wide field of view. Not to mention, it is fog-resistant, which makes it ideal for various conditions. And since it has an excellent optical quality, you will surely love the images.


  • Excellent optical quality
  • Fully multi-coated optics
  • Magnesium alloy body
  • Easy to use
  • Fog protection
  • Abbe-Koenig roof prisms


  • Expensive

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Maven B2 or Maven B1 – Head to Head Comparison

Perhaps, both of these devices seem to offer similar features such as optimal performance, heavy-duty coating, and water and fog proofing.

When it comes to objective lenses, B2 wins, but the difference is not that significant. On the other hand, B1 is more compact than the other for its Schmidt-Pechans roof prism.

In the end, the option depends upon your needs and the discretion lies on you! Anyway, let us understand this in detail.


Both devices can provide you with a wide field of view. This ensures that you can enjoy various colors during your hunting activities. With just a slight amount of falloff on edges, the vision remains sharp and bright on the images you see around.

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Objective Lenses

B1 comes with a “standard” full-size that uses 42mm objective diameter while B2 uses 45mm, but it does not look larger than the former. It is worth noting that larger lenses allow more light transmission. This can help you obtain a better image quality and can improve your performance even in low light.

Waterproof and Fog Proof

Both products are waterproof and fog proof. They are pressure tested at the IPX7 standard. This only means that these devices are capable of withstanding various weather conditions. Not to mention, they can definitely endure extreme activities, making them perfect for use anytime and anywhere.

Optical Coating

These devices are designed with an extra-low dispersion glass (ED) element to help remove or at least lessen chromatic color fringe. The coating is also made to be oil resistant and scratch-resistant. Most importantly, they are made with heavy-duty construction to ensure that they can bear years of usage.

Roof Prism

B1 utilized the Schmidt-Pechans, making it more compact compared to B2. Although it has a shorter length, the light can bounce around the lenses.

On the other hand, B2 employed the Abbe-Koenigs, which make, which makes it bulkier. Although it appears to be skinny, it is longer than B1. Anyway, this is designed to reduce aberrations.

Both of them are made to be durable with a magnesium alloy construction. They are fully sealed and filled with Nitrogen for fog protection. The two are also “tripod adaptable,” thereby adding to their flexibility.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main difference between the B1 and B2?

The difference between B1 and B2 is the prism used. B1 uses Schmidt-Pechan roof prism, while B2 uses Abbe-Koenig roof prism.

Does the size of the lenses matter in the performance of B1 and B2?

Yes. B2 has a lens size of 45mm objective diameter. It does not look larger than B1 that has a of objective diameter 42mm. However, with larger lenses, you can have better light transmission, which further means excellent image quality or view.

Can I use these products during rainy days?

Yes, both products can be used for any seasons or weather conditions. They are waterproof, fog-proof, and even shockproof.

Where are Maven products made from?

Maven is an American company that manufactures its products in Lander, Wyoming. It has been producing quality and high-end products, usually ideal for hunting, wildlife observation, and even environmental sightseeing activities.

Is it hard to clean the binoculars?

No, most binoculars upon delivery come with a soft cleaning cloth that is used to remove dust, water, or dirt. It does not recommend solutions with an alcoholic base because it may cause scratches on the products.

Final Verdict

You have just read the salient features of each product, so it’s up to you to determine which to pick between the Maven B1 and Maven B2. Hopefully, you already have one in mind to bring with you during your hunting activities. Remember to choose the option that best fits your needs.