How to Choose the Right .22 Suppressor

The .22 suppressors have been popular silencers for firearms ever since they were invented. This is because users of firearms find the design of this suppressor to be easy to use and because it’s cheap. To think that a firearm accessory that old could still be popular with the new generation is unthinkable.

If you’re also a fan who’s wanting to buy this suppressor, then you’re in luck because these are available everywhere. It’s also simple structured, so mass-producing these in a short amount of time is also possible.

Now the only problem for you is to know how to choose the right .22 suppressor for yourself. That’s what we’re here to help you with.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a .22 Suppressor

Factors to Consider When Choosing a .22 Suppressor

The need for a suppressor or silencer on your firearm is to prevent any damage to your hearing and to not cause sound pollution for other citizens when you are practicing target shooting.

If you are a sniper, then you would need a suppressor to prevent anyone from knowing your position when you are shooting. Even if suppressors do not mute the sound of a shot, it will at least reduce the noise to a muffled sound that will be audible only to the shooter.

And if you own a .22 rifle or pistol, it is expected that you would want a .22 suppressor that can be attached to either the rifle or pistol whenever you want to switch up. But to pick the right one for your firearm will take some information so that you can know which one will be the best .22 suppressor for you.

Below we have given some factors you should take into consideration when you are choosing the right .22 suppressor:


I’m sure you will have a budget when it comes to buying extra accessories like suppressors. Not everyone finds a gadget like this compulsory.
But if you do plan to buy one, then you will need to save up. And according to that budget, you can look for suppressors in stores. You can either buy new ones or second-hand ones that are cheaper. With all those expenses, there will also be tax added.

User Friendly

The suppressor you decide to buy must be easy for you to maneuver. It doesn’t matter if a suppressor is easy for someone else, if it is hard for you to understand, then do not buy it.

If you find a suppressor that is manageable and user-friendly to you, then go for that one. It also needs to be compatible with the type of firearm you use.


An important tip to remember when buying suppressors is to buy one that is easy to clean and maintain so that it works as good as new each time.

Weight and Size

There are different sizes of suppressors. But you need to buy the right sized one depending on the size of your firearm. You need to avoid buying large and heavy ones if you will use it on a pistol because the muzzle end will become heavy and make it hard for you to aim.

On the other hand, you can buy the heavy ones for rifles since most rifles are held with full-body strength or mounted on something.


The type of material your .22 suppressor is made of must be of high quality so that it can deal with tough environments or climates and still handle silencing shots like it is supposed to.


Choosing .22 suppressors from well-known manufacturers gives you more assurance that the quality of the suppressor will be better. Always make sure you have asked other people for their opinions on which company sells the best .22 suppressors according to their experiences.

Lifetime of Suppressor

You will be paying a lot of money for your .22 suppressor. So, you obviously should buy one that will last longer. If your suppressor isn’t durable enough to go through more than a hundred shots with silencing, then that suppressor isn’t worth it.

And you need to buy one that will have high durability so that you can use that one suppressor for years at best.

Reduction of Noise

When you buy your .22 suppressor, you should remember to test it out so that you know which one offers the amount of noise silencing you need. The suppression of noise from the shots is the main reason you are buying this. After all, so you should make sure your efforts don’t go wasted.

Final Words

Whether it’s for the art of shooting, hunting, defense, or sniper jobs, suppressors play a major role in making your experience with shots better.

If you need a .22 suppressor and you’re not sure how to choose the right one, then you can consider keeping an eye out for the above factors so that you end up with the right suppressor for your firearm.