What Is the Best Caliber for Suppressor?

There are many of us who enjoy going to hunts and are very successful, but the keys behind it are focus, precision, and silence. But how can you be quiet if your rifle makes a very loud noise every time you shoot it. Well, that is what you use a suppressor for.

Now, there are suppressors of different types with different calibers. So, when you want to select one for your rifle, you have to make sure you get the best one.

If you do not know what the best caliber for a suppressor is, then you are in the right place. Because we will tell you all that you need to know about it! Als you can check here the best multi-caliber suppressor for the money.

Why Is the Caliber Important?

Why Is the Caliber Important

Before we tackle the question of which is the best caliber for suppressors, we first need to know why caliber is important and why you need to keep this in mind during your purchase.

Different guns and rifles have barrels if different calibers mean the internal diameter of the gun’s barrel varies. So, during your purchase of the suppressor, you have to be very mindful of this.

Otherwise, you will not get the best result while hunting and will end up missing out on a few golden opportunities. So, for better performance and results, you need the best caliber for your suppressor.

What Is the Best Caliber for Suppressor?

Let’s get into the topic in more detail.


One of the best rounds to suppress is the 300BLK, you will find this to be a good replacement for AR15 as it has a range of subsonic ammunition to choose from.

With a 5.5” barrel, it will be a very good host, as it does not let the powder inside the barrel burn like the longer ones. Even though it is not the quietest, but you can use this for long range with its supersonic version.


I think, at this point, you have heard the age-old debate, but when it comes to handguns, the 9mm might just be one of the best options available for you to purchase. This modern development is far batter than what we had years before, and its subsonic option just takes this to another level.

A subsonic 9mm paired with the right rifle will go a long way, and they are also a very affordable option for you with great performance. That is exactly what it has such high demand in the market.


I can’t really talk about calibers for suppressors without talking about the 22LR. This is a very obvious choice for many people out there, and we are no different. There is no better round than the 22LR, which will give you the same result like this for the price you pay.

It is fairly inexpensive and packs one thousand rounds for a trip. The barrel on this one is very short, which is why the ammunition does not burn out and provides subsonic rounds.

As they are very quiet, you will be able to use this when you go out on a hunting trip without worrying about causing problems, and this is also a great option for self-defense.


And finally, we have reached the very last one, the .357MAG is a great option. This might seem funny to many of you, but hang in there, I have my reasons. Rather than a handgun, you will get the best performance from a lever gun or any type of bolt action host.

The sound you will get from this is nothing short of perfect, you are bound to get the real feel as close to the manual action as possible. All of that, and you will not even have to break the bank to afford it.

Also, the .38SPC actually might be a very close alternative to the .357MAG. There might be a minor difference, but overall the outcome and the feel will be the same.


If you were wondering which is the best caliber for suppressors, now you know. These four might be your best bet. There are other options so you can look around too if you want. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!