What Is A Faux Suppressor

The faux suppressor is bogus or fake. The meaning of the word ‘Faux’ here is fake, imitation, artificial, in a circle, not original. It is made to look like the original one but does not act like the original one is the definition of the word faux. Therefore, it is a simple definition of what is a faux suppressor.

The word faux has come from France or the French language. Again the meaning of the word means suppressor is silencer or sound moderator. A suppressor works to reduce the intensity of the sound that a firearm produces.

There are three types of suppressors, and they are-

Rifle, pistol, rimfire suppressors.

You will find the faux suppressors of this type of gun, which will not serve you like the real and original suppressors. The faux one will only give you the feel of a real suppressor when you watch it.

History of the suppressor

The making of a custom Faux Suppressor

A suppressor is a very important muzzle for the military and hunting. But, do you know the history and how it began in the first place? So, let us come to know about it.

Real suppressor

Hiram Percy Maxim was the first man who invents a firearm suppressor. This invention was revolutionary in the gun or firearm sector. He was a student of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The Maxim suppressors pattern was public in 1908. This muzzle was made to reduce noise pollution while firing.

All the sportsmen or shooters got this suppressor for marketing. Another reason was to know the shooting experience using this muzzle in the firearm.

However, the suppressor has a tubular shape which reduces bursting sound while shooting. Side by side, it also reduces the flash of bullets firing.

The faux suppressor

For the first time in 1999, faux suppressors were made. This was the most effective faux suppressor of the original model Umarex Beretta 92FS. This suppressor was a mountain-like shape with a full inch to the barrel length.

However, the faux suppressor does not work like a real original suppressor but looks like the original ones.

Are faux suppressor legal

A faux suppressor will not help you to lower the intensity of the sound of the gun; neither will work as a flash hider. This item is featureless.

But, still, people buy it. As people are buying it, is it legal? This question arrives in many people’s minds.

In America, you will find in 42 states, the use of suppressors is legal depending on the uses. You can use the suppressor easily for hunting.

But there is a problem when you go outside with a faux suppressor attach to your rifle. However, if this thing an officer notices, then he can arrest you. All you require is to pass those documents to the court and wait for the judicial hearings.

Moreover, in many other countries, you will find that the use of suppressors is banned. In those countries, you cannot even buy the suppressor.

How does a suppressor works

CZ Scorpion Evo 3 Carbine with Faux Suppressor

A silencer or suppressor has been in the firearm industry since around 1908. At first, the suppressor was used to capture the gases escaping from the gun, allowing the expansion of the gases through the metal baffles for making less sound.

There have been many improvements brought in the suppressors. Now the suppressors make the lowest noise, which will not make any hesitation to an amateur ear.

The suppressor works with the snapping noise of the firearm. This happens when the suppressor lowers the sonic pressures of a firearm.

You will come to see that the suppressor builds in such a way that it is much lesser than the previous ones. This new formation of the suppressors can also hide the flashes at the time of firing.

Simple points about what a faux suppressor does in real suppressor working process

  • The faux suppressor makes no impact in the firing of the bullets. As well as the real one also does not make any changes or impacts.
  • It is cheaper and looks like real, where the real one price is much higher.
  • A faux suppressor makes the rifle or barrels much heavier, which changes the vibration of the guns. The real one also makes it heavier but does not change the flexes and vibrations.
  • The faux suppressor works for the show-off of many users for perfect social media pictures. But, the real ones are much appreciated and used by the professionals.

However, these are the uses of the faux in terms of the procedure of the real suppressors.


Fuel Filter suppressor from Aliexpress _ Cheap AK47 Silencer

Does a fake suppressor do anything?

What is a sealed suppressor? In this question, you will find the answer to the work of a faux suppressor. It comes in no work at all. You will find this so-called suppressor just increasing the weight of the rifle or other firearms. This thing will make changes in the vibrations and flexes of the gun.

Are fake suppressors illegal?

Suppressors are not allowed in many countries, but in America, there are forty-two states where you can use suppressors. To use a real suppressor or a faux suppressor, you have to show the purpose of buying it. There are tons of nations in the world where suppressor is banned.

What’s a fake suppressor?

A fake suppressor is a type of suppressor that seems like a real suppressor but does not work. This suppressor makes the gun looks stylish. The suppressor does not reduce the bursting sound of the firearm.


In this article, you got a quick peek at what is a faux suppressor. Real or fake, everything has importance or working potential. The real one works well to suppress the snipping or bursting sound of the firearm.

As we know, the price of this suppressor is much lesser than the real one. This becomes the main choice for many hunters and some people who like to upload social media pictures. But, to get the proper experience for using a suppressor, you have to buy the real one.