Is a .22 Suppressor Worth It?

A suppressor is a highly potential tool for shooters. Your purpose and circumstances of using a can will determine whether a .22 suppressor is worth it or not. We are here to walk you through everything you should know that is going to help you understand if these particular suppressors are your thing.

If you’re feeling lost and wondering if a .22 suppressor is worth it, then you’ve landed in the right place. There are a couple of factors that will shine a light on the right decision, and that is exactly what we’re here to talk about.

How It Functions

The fundamentals of a best .22 suppressor are quite similar to any traditional suppressor. Many people tend to question the suppression capabilities of a 22 can. Here is a brief description of how it muffles the loud bangs.

A .22 suppressor works by capturing a pressure wave caused by the explosion during the gunfire. It slows down the gas release and cools simultaneously while running it down the back. The internal volume of a .22 suppressor determines how quiet it’s going to sound.

What Do You Need a .22 Suppressor for?

What Do You Need a .22 Suppressor for

Just like any other suppressor, they reduce the intensity of the muzzle report. Before discussing why keeping a .22 suppressor is worth it, we need to understand how a gun generates its sound. Firearms tend to generate sound in several ways. We have briefly explained how a .22 can affect that.

  1. When you pull the trigger, a muzzle explosion happens. This is the high-pressure gas that comes out of the firearm right after the bullet. And this gaseous movement and fluctuation of pressure cause a loud boom.
  2. The movement of the mechanical inner parts of the gun also creates some noise during the gunfire.
  3. Lastly, there is the sonic boom. That is the sound caused due to an object moving faster than the speed of sound.
    When you mount a .22 suppressor, it interferes with sounds caused by the sonic boom and vacuum release. But the mechanical movements remain the same, and so does the sound. This is why suppressors do not give out entirely soft sounds when shot, like the ones you see in Hollywood movies.
    Despite these limitations, various suppressors in the market can offer as much as very little sound from your rimfires, more like just a thud. This automatically makes it a popular choice among professionals and hobby shooters alike.

Things to Consider before Going for a .22 Suppressor

As mentioned earlier, whether a .22 suppressor is worth it or not is entirely subjective to your purpose. When you say ‘a good suppressor’, what comes to your mind? Are you looking for the best value, handling, noise suppression, or all of these? All the answers to these questions will determine your suitability.

We have compiled some questions you should ask yourself before going for these suppressors. These factors are going to help you comprehend if .22 suppressors are to your preference. Let’s cut to the chase.

How Much Does It Cost?

Suppressors aren’t cheap. Prices may range from $250 to $560, depending on quality. They can be quite expensive due to the taxes and other additional fees involved with the purchase. Luckily shooters who are just trying to experience suppressors on an experimental basis can always go for cheaper options.

In such cases, .22 suppressors can be a great choice as there is a lot of inexpensive options available, ranging from $250 to $400. If you are someone who is looking to get their first suppressor but not willing to spend a lot, then go for the midrange or low-cost options. This is a great way to scan the ballpark.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Baffle Stack

.22 suppressors are the best go-to for people who aren’t interested in cleaning their cans every hundred rounds or so. Professionals advise using ultrasonic cleaners to clean smaller suppressors.

We all know that rimfires can be pretty messy due to the lead deposit. An inexperienced shooter shouldn’t opt for high end .22 suppressors that are not easy to clean. Also, remember that just because it’s difficult to clean doesn’t mean it’s a bad suppressor.

How Quiet Can They Get?

The best .22 suppressor, in terms of noise reduction, can bring the report down by 41 decibels! Suppressors such as the ‘SilencerCo Sparrow’ will let your .22lr report generate only 110 decibels. Quite impressive for .22 cans.

However, quieter suppressors also come with a few tradeoffs. Due to the increased internal volume, they might not be compact or lightweight all the time.

Handling and Durability

It’s pointless to have a suppressor that doesn’t let you hit your target. Similarly, if you expect a low-cost .22 suppressor to be durable, you’ll only be disappointed. The trick is to find your perfect blend of configurations. Only then will you be truly satisfied with the suppression you’re getting.

When choosing .22 suppressors for your firearm, you may look for configurations that specifically focus on its durability. Something that won’t start dying after a few hundred rounds. Note that you might need to go for mid-range and high-end options for a durable .22 suppressor to cater to your needs.

Since suppressors tamper with the vacuum release and sonic boom of the firearm, so it’s quite normal for them to sometimes mess with your aim. In such cases, stainless steel and titanium built .22 suppressor will come in handy. However, it may cost you more.

Go Silent with .22 Suppressors Today!

Some .22 suppressors are designed to efficiently limit reports, while others focus on material and maneuverability. On the other hand, some will give you the best of both worlds.

.22 suppressors have something to offer to everyone. In other words, you will have a variety of options to choose from. Therefore, your chances of finding the perfect match are very high. This is what makes .22 suppressors a truly worthy experience among shooters.