Glock 22 vs. 27 Pistol – Comparison of 2023

Glock pistols are among the world-renowned ones, and they are loved for their function, design, and reliability. These are among the reasons they have been employed by law enforcement for quite some time now. The way they are created makes them ideal for quick action and effective use.

There are many types and series of Glocks. Here, we will have a Glock 22 and 27 comparison, not necessarily to see which one is better, but rather, which one you should go for if you’re looking for something for your everyday carry or something to add to your collection.

Both guns are well made, but the subtle differences can make a big difference, so see which one is worth your budget and will give you a good time shooting at the range.

GLOCK 22 VS. 27 Pistol Comparison in 2023

Glock 22 Semi-Auto Pistol

Glock 22

The Glock 22 is one of the favorites among the line of Glocks in recent years. One of the main reasons for that is the 15-round ammunition it can have. It also has a modular backstrap design that allows the user to customize the size of the grip according to your preference.

A good grip helps in aiming as well as reducing fatigue on the hand. When adjusting the size of the grip, you can swap out the stock with something that will fit better on your hand.

Like all Glock pistols, it has the Safe Action System trigger that’s known for the effective safety for these kinds of pistols, which are geared to making fast use from the holster.

It has a cold-forged and hammered barrel that ensures strength and durability. Maintenance is also easy on this, as is well known from this brand. On the barrel side is the well-known accessory grip where you can put flashlight or laser light for more accurate aiming and shooting.

When cleaning out the pistol, you will not need to have a rocket science degree as you can dismantle it in a matter of seconds for cleaning and put it back together just as easily.

Having a lightweight frame helps reduce recoil. This is especially useful when firing rapidly as you will need less time to recalibrate your aim because of the small throwback.

For the frame, it has the textured polymer finish that has the signature Glock finish. The magazine has an enlarged catch that helps change the magazine quickly.


  • Lightweight, durable material build
  • Fast shooting action
  • Safe Action Trigger safety
  • Easy magazine reloading


  • Stock grip is wider than standard sizes

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Glock 27 Semi-Auto Pistol

Glock 27 Semi-Auto Pistol

Sub-compact pistols have been growing in popularity these days because of how handy they are and how convenient they are to conceal and carry. They are also good beginner weapons as they are easy to control and use.

Although the Glock 27 may be small, it has the same power and build as any other standard pistols of the same brand. It takes up magazines that have 9 bullets and one more in the chamber. So it’s plenty of ammunition for enjoyment in the range or self-defense.

Even with the small size, it has an incredible amount of accuracy. Not only that, but it also has the firepower to become a sidearm if you are looking to go hunting and go on the trail.

This gun has a polymer frame, which is a proven material for pistols that offer a lightweight and durable design. You can take this along with you in any event as it has a small size and is easy to carry.

Like all Glocks, this has the Safe Action System, a three-trigger safety that also allows for fast operation. The trigger requires a balanced 5.5 lbs of pulling power to fire. It has a satisfying release when fired.

It has a modular backstrap design that allows you to swap out the grip for something more comfortable in your hand. But since the stock grip is already slim and small. You may not have to worry about swapping it out immediately.

Maintaining this pistol is not that difficult, either. You can dismantle it without tools and put it back as simply. And you can clean it out with regular gun cleaning tools.


  • Compact size
  • Great for novices and beginners
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Has the Safe Action System


  • May be too small for persons with large hands

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Difference between Glock 27 and 22 Semi-auto Pistol

These two pistols are among the favorites in the Glock line of pistols. Putting them side to side, you will immediately notice the difference in size. Aside from that, there are other things you can consider before getting one or the other.


The most obvious point of comparison between the two is the size. And the 22 has a more standard size, while the 27 seems to have been intended to be used by people with smaller hands.

That is something worth considering if you’re thinking of using either pistol in competition as the grip may affect your handling and control.


Both pistols can take a standard 40 caliber bullet. They have the same power since they are of the same make and build.
Since the 27 has a smaller frame, it is expected that it will have a small number of ammo per magazine. If you want something that can fire more than 10 bullets, then you can go for 22.

Conceal and Carry Factor

This is an obvious choice. The smaller 27 is a better choice if you’re looking for something you can carry in many places. It has the ideal size and weight as well as practical magazine size if you want a great everyday carry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have the most commonly asked queries regarding the Glock pistols:

What’s the best cleaning method for my pistols?

There are plenty of ways to clean out pistols. But the general rule of thumb is to use high-quality cleaning materials and tools to get the best results.

What does semi-automatic mean?

A semi-automatic pistol will fire one shot every time the trigger is pulled. On the other hand, an automatic firearm will fire consecutive shots as long as the trigger is pulled and until it is pressed or there are bullets in the magazine.

How can I transport my gun from one place to another?

When transporting any type of firearm, it should be transported in a secured enclosure. It should be as far from the driver’s side as possible, and the ammunition should also be in a different location as a precaution.

Where should I buy firearms?

You should only get any type of firearm from official distributors. Owning a firearm even however small is regulated by law, and purchasing from unlicensed sellers is illegal and is subject to fine or punishment.

Can I use a different caliber for my Glock?

The standard size of caliber a Glock barrel will take is 40. But some methods will convert the barrel to accommodate other calibers. But to do this, it is recommended to take the gun to a qualified gunsmith for conversion. This way, it will be safer and will have a more professional fit.


Here we have seen that the main difference between these two pistols is the size. In the Glock 22 or 27 comparison, the best way to determine the best choice, consider if you want something to carry with you without much hassle.

If you need something to take with you and don’t want an extra bulge or weight, the Glock 27 is the best choice to make.