How to Cleaning a .40 Cal Pistol – Expert Guide

Collecting guns is a fine hobby! And if you get the chance of checking out someone’s proud collection of firearms, we are confident that you will find a .40 Cal pistol in their arsenal. After all, these guns have a rich history.

You see, after the 1986 FBI Miami shootout, the federals were looking for firearms that would serve as superior alternatives to their old pistols. And they were seriously intrigued by the best .40 Cal pistol from S&W.

Even though the .40 Cal didn’t make the cut, it is a fantastic piece and is a beautiful gun that one should have in their collection. However, if your .40 Cal is not in top-notch condition, then it is just an attractive piece of metal. So, as you can see, cleaning a 40 cal pistol can be quite important.

Best Cleaning Kits for Your 40 Caliber Pistols

Best Cleaning Kits for Your 40 Caliber Pistols

A gun cleaning kit makes your life a lot easier. Due to these, cleaning your firearms has become a much less rigorous task, and you should be done with the entire work in an unbelievable time frame. So, let us find out which 40 Caliber cleaning kits are the best!

Firegear Gun Cleaning Kit

Did you know there is a gun kit that can be used to clean all sorts of pistols? Yes, you read that right! The Firegear gun cleaning kit is a world-class pistol cleaning kit, which should let you maintain almost all types of firearms, including your .40 Cal pistols.

It comes with various instruments, brushes, and other utensils, which will let you finish cleaning your guns in minutes rather than hours. Besides, all the tools it offers enables you to clean muzzles, patch loops, etc. and you can do the task with relative ease.

Otis Elite Cleaning Kit

The gun cleaning kit from Otis grants you all the essential accessories so that you can effortlessly take care of your guns. Not only pistols, but the cleaning kit also has a first-class collection of some top-notch brushes and other tools, which enable you to clean almost any firearm.

Besides, it comes with three dozen components, which should allow you to clean the muzzles, chambers, bores, and every component of your guns without any issue. No wonder, all the professionals and law enforcement units use this cleaning kit to maintain their firearms.

Hoppe’s No.9 Gun Cleaning Kit

Affordable and easy to use, Hoppe’s gun cleaning kit is a gem that enables you to clean your pistols, rifles, and other firearms in the shortest possible time. Furthermore, the tools that this gun cleaner has to offer allow you to reach all those tough spots that would have been impossible with your regular gun cleaner kits.

Also, the kit awards you with around 25-40 square cleaning patches, so you get a constant supply of patches that will not run out anytime soon. And the 2 ounces of lubrication oil has a perfect combination of all the essential chemicals to give you an optimum cleaning experience along with perfectly cleaned guns.

Boosteady Universal Handgun Kit

The entire handgun kit is a complete pack of all the necessary utensils you need, which should let you clean almost all types of handguns. Therefore, you should be able to clean almost several types of kits. And the cost of the item is quite affordable.

Moreover, bronze slotted tips, nylon brushes, metal gun cleaning kit, 100 patches, and everything that this kit offers you is sufficient for all types of gun-care related tasks. Lastly, because of its compact dimensions, working on those tight and difficult spots is like child’s play.

How to Clean .40 Cal Pistol

Now that you know which of the cleaning kits are the best, let us find out how to clean a gun!

Step-1 (Make Sure That Gun Is Unloaded)

When cleaning your pistol, ensure that the firearm is not loaded. You see, if it is loaded, there is a risk of the gun misfiring, which could result in dangerous accidents, and some of them can be fatal. Hence, you should be able to always confirm that the gun is unloaded, de-cocked, and the magazine is not attached.

Step-2 (De-Assemble the Gun)

To do that, put your one hand on top of the rails of the pistol, then using the thumbs, push on it to suspend the rails at least a centimeter from the entire contraption. Then, using your other hand, gently try to shimmy the rail out of the position. If you are following the instruction properly, the rails should come off quite effortlessly.

After that, remove the coil and barrel from the inside! And you are good to go to the next step.

Step-3 (Cleaning)

Once everything is separated, apply oil or solution to the cleaning brush or tools, and then you should start cleaning each of the components. Ensure that you are cleaning the insides of the barrels and everything else by applying a generous amount of whatever solution you are using to clean the item.

Then, once you are satisfied, you can reassemble your gun and give it a test run.


Even if you have the best .40 pistol, if you are not taking good care of it, then we can guarantee that it will not give you the performance that you want. However, with the help of this article, you should now know all the tricks of cleaning your guns.