What Mags Do .224 Valkyrie Use? – Expert Guide

What mags do .224 valkyrie use? Any rifle enthusiast worth his salt knows that the .224 is the ideal cartridge, period. One of the biggest advantages of using this cartridge is the number of variations in which it is available. Therefore, just picking the first random .224 Valkyrie barrel, you’d find in a shop is probably one of the worst things you can do.

There’s a very high chance that you may not be able to use the cartridges at all, and you’d come to regret the purchase utterly. One of the key factors to look out for when purchasing the .224 Valkyrie is the magazine your rifle uses. Read on to find out what mags do .224 valkyrie use.

Exterior Features to Look for in a .224 Valkyrie Mag

Exterior Features to Look for in a .224 Valkyrie Mag

Your average .224 Valkyrie mag has the following 2 exterior features:


The .224 Valkyrie cartridges are much wider than Assault Rifle cartridges. Therefore, the average AR magazines won’t even fit the magazines due to size differences.

And the chamber dimensions are also vastly different from its competitors. Hence, it is more common to find a buying guide for the .224 Valkyrie mag than a .224 Valkyrie barrel buying guide on the internet.

Shape & Weight

The entire purpose of purchasing .224 Valkyrie cartridges is to have an edge when it comes to shooting from a longer range, so it’s best not to compromise with the mag.

And the ideal .224 Valkyrie mag is twisted to support the slightly different geometry of the cartridge. Therefore, it is an absolute necessity that the mags will be slightly angular than other magazines. The cartridges are also heavier than other AR-10 cartridges, so the payload of these magazines are also increased.

Factors to Consider during Purchase

Before thinking about the specifics of the magazine, there are a few basic parameters that should always be adhered to when purchasing .224 Valkyrie magazines. Compromising with these will surely lead to a bad purchase.

Here is our 224 valkyrie barrel buying guide to help you when heading to the store to buy a .224 Valkyrie mag:

The Manufacturer

When it comes to ammunition in general, it always important to make purchases from trusted and renowned manufacturers. Going off-brand is a very bad idea when it comes to buying products having such destructive properties.

This factor is more important when buying a .224 Valkyrie mag since it has to follow a specific dimension, or there might be the chance of the cartridges not firing and the magazine getting jammed.

The best manufacturers for buying .244 Valkyrie mags are the ones operated by military veterans or those that are contracted with the government of a country.


The mags of .224 Valkyrie are available in metal and polymer. Both materials have certain advantages and disadvantages. Metal magazines are hardy and durable. They can sustain minor damages, don’t crack easily, and are less susceptible to shattering.

Polymer magazines, on the other hand, don’t dent but aren’t shatter-proof. They are often semi-transparent so they can be used to keep count of the cartridges. The best option is to compromise and purchase mags made of polymer fitted with steel-cladded lips in order to get the best of both builds.


  1. Maintenance
    Magazines need to be well-maintained to prevent any malfunction. For that, it’s best to look for magazines with user-friendly parts. Magazines that can be easily deconstructed are the best for cleaning and maintenance. The spring should also be resistant to corrosion, and the magazine should have the anti-tilt feature.


Rifles relatively take a long time to reload. Magazines should be purchased for .224 Valkyrie mags on par with the purpose of the cartridges. Since the cartridges are for users who prefer a quick, accurate, and deadly shot, it’s best to buy a couple of magazines in order to waste precious time in reloading.

Popular Mags for .224 Valkyrie

There are a lot of options for .224 Valkyrie mags in the market as of now. However, not all of them may suit the needs or purpose of the user. Furthermore, there aren’t many reputable brands in the market that can even supply solid options to carry the .224 Valkyrie mags.

Here are a few magazines for .224 Valkyrie which are very popular brands in the market right now:


C-Products produce by far the most consistent .224 Valkyrie mags in the present market. Made in the USA, their magazines come with a lifetime warranty. The body of the mags is stainless steel and is coated with Teflon, ensuring zero glare, amazing durability, and smooth usage.

And the springs are top-notch, and the interior space is much more than the recommended amount, thus accommodating each load for longer periods of time. The only small quirk these mags have is its maximum capacity of 28-rounds instead of the round figure of 30.


If you’re looking to buy your mags from a retail store, the chances are that they are produced by D&H. D&H mags are more affordable in the market compared to other brands. Each mag can store around 25 rounds, which makes them high-capacity mags.

The magazines have been redesigned to ensure smooth feeding. And the body is made of solid steel and is fitted with anti-tilt Magpul followers. This magazine is perfect for shooting from a prone position and is cost-effective compared to other available options in the market.


Made in Israel, E-Lander magazines are both lightweight and solid. Operating well over 60 years, their magazines are used by the elite military personnel of Israel. The magazine design is rugged and is battle-tested.

And the magazines have anti-tilt and self-leveling followers, which leave no question about its dependability. This is certainly a .224 Valkyrie magazine that can weather even the harshest of conditions.


Here are the answer what mags do .224 valkyrie use. Although there are lots of options in the market which might confuse you, sticking to these tips will ensure a perfect purchase.