Faxon 224 Valkyrie Barrel Review 2023 – New Guide

In any sport or art form, skill is important. But just as a skilled swordsman cannot perform his best without a good sword, a good shooter cannot perform optimally without a good weapon. Rifles, in particular, require certain parts to function well, and a barrel is one of these parts.

There are different types of barrels suited for different types of shooting. The 224 Valkyrie barrel has been designed keeping long-range shooting in mind.
However, many shooters want more diversity from their barrels, and that is exactly what Faxon brings with their 224 Valkyrie. If you’d like to know more about this versatile rifle barrel, then read our Faxon 224 Valkyrie barrel guide.

Faxon 224 Valkyrie Barrel Review in 2023

Shape of the Barrel

Faxon is a firearms company that was founded in 2012, and have been successfully engineering and manufacturing products ever since.
Upper receivers for AR-15 are what they are known for, and they make them well.

Barrel Length

The Faxon 224 Valkyrie is a barrel from Faxon’s Match Series, and is available in 3 different lengths- 20″, 22″ and 24″.


Made of 416R stainless steel with a QPQ Nitride finish, both inside and out, this unit is meant to last long, even when used in harsh outdoor conditions.
So even if you like to hunt, this barrel can take on rough weather conditions pretty well.

Barrel Type

The barrel is a 5R button rifled, which enables high velocity. This is possible due to the setup of grooves and lands that are placed opposite to each other, decreasing the sharp angles. Of course, this also means that the product is easier to clean, as an added bonus!

Shape of the Barrel

This unit is a heavy fluted barrel, which means that it is shaped like a flute. The flute shape means that it has a relatively narrow diameter, making it possible for lightweight bullets to maintain a high speed.

As this increases the accuracy, you can tell why this would be an advantage! Not only that, but even bullets that are heavier can also be used while maintaining high speed.


Contributing to the great accuracy of this barrel happens to be the fact that Nickel Teflon is used to coat the M4 barrel extension.
This also makes the unit more resistant to corrosion, and as it acts as a dry lubricant, it also decreases friction, making for efficient performance.


The muzzle of the barrel has been machined with a polished 11-degree Target Crown, which increases the accuracy as well.
On the flip side, however, is the fact that this barrel cannot adequately reduce flash by its muzzle.

Twist Rate Ratio

The bullet will undergo one revolution once every 6.5 inches with the 20″ and 22″ barrels, giving it a 1:6.5 twist rate ratio.
As for the 24″ one, it has a ratio of 1:7.

With heavier bullets, this product can be used indoors along with outdoors with the lower grain bullets.


The gas system on this unit is rifle length as it is 20″ and more, which ensures that there won’t be any unwarranted explosions.
Faxon makes sure that their barrels are made properly from start to finish and also checks for magnetic particles once it’s done.
This makes sure that there are no flaws in the metal barrel, hence decreasing the chances of safety hazards later.

All of these great features, along with the fact that it is easy to install, makes this unit the best .224 Valkyrie barrel out there at a reasonable price.


  • For both indoor and outdoor use
  • Works in rough weather
  • For both heavy and light bullets
  • Great deal of accuracy
  • Easy to clean
  • Tested for magnetic particles
  • Comes at a reasonable price
  • Easy to install


  • Can’t adequately reduce flash

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have the most commonly asked queries regarding the Faxon 224 Valkyrie barrel:

How much does the barrel weigh?

The 20″, 22″ and 24″ weigh 2.85 lbs, 2.85 lbs and 3 lbs respectively.

Does this barrel need to be broken in?

No, that is not necessary.
However, if you want maximum accuracy, it is advised to do so.

What is a fluted barrel?

A fluted barrel means that material is removed from the cylindrical barrel to create grooves.
This decreases the mass of the barrel as well as the cooling time.

What is the Faxon Match series?

The Faxon Match series contains stainless steel barrels for 5R rifling.
These all contain Nickel Teflon coatings as well as Nitride finishes for increased durability and reduced friction.

What are 224 Valkyries used for?

In general, 224 Valkyries are used for long-range shooting as well as hunting.
They can be used to shoot heavy and aerodynamic bullets, though some are also good with lower grain bullets.

Is the gas block size military standard?

Yes, it has a diameter of 0.750″.

What is the length of the gas block journal?

It is 1.1″.

How many threads per inch does this barrel have?

It has a TPI of ½” × 28.

Final Words

There are many 224 Valkyrie barrels out there in the market nowadays. They have been gaining a lot of popularity for a while now, especially amongst long-range shooters.

The Faxon 224 Valkyrie is an all-purpose barrel that can shoot long-range, be used for hunting, and be used indoors at the same time.
So if that’s something you want, then go get one, for it’s perfect for all those purposes!