Are Faxon Barrels Any Good? – Expert Answer

We are often presented with many different options, especially in this day and age we have options coming in from all directions. You will also be presented with a few different options if you happen to be interested in shooting or hunting.One of the many things you need for this hobby is the right kind of barrel.

One of the most popular barrels you will find is the ones from Faxon. There are many reasons why people like them as much as they do; however, there are some flaws as well. Here we are going to answer the question, “Are Faxon barrels any good?”.
Let us get into the review!

Faxon Firearms

At first, I am going to give you some information about Faxon Firearms. They manufacture and sell different types of firearms and have been doing so for almost a decade.

Their main aim is to produce the best quality products for its customers. Everything they make is innovative and new, which is why people chase after it.
The company started in 2011 when the founder Bob Faxon of Faxon Machining wanted to upgrade his AR-15 with all the qualities and features that were unavailable in the ones that were being sold. A part of the company was set to start Faxon Firearms, and thus, the whole business started.

They have been in business for a very long time, and over the years, they have perfected the art of machining, having produced more than 30,000,000 parts. Barrels are also one of the items they make and sell.

Why Use Faxon Barrels?

Why Use Faxon Barrels

For the most part, when you go to the store to buy a gun, you tend to find the whole piece intact. You just have to make a purchase of the unit, and you are good to go. But in certain cases, you might have to make the gun yourself, and that is when you will have to acquire all the separate parts.

Now, there are some people who want the best of the best, and that is exactly why making their own guns would be an option they would want to opt for. If you make your own gun with different parts you acquire, then you can handpick the best ones and combine them all to make something perfect.

Perfection is not the only goal here, rather something that is of greater importance is the customization you are able to make with guns like these. Everything is going to be catered to you specifically, and therefore the gun is going to fulfill any and all of your requirements.

And those getting a barrel from axon might be a great option for you.

Faxon Barrels Review

If you are in the market looking for barrels, then one company that has your back with a wide range of options is Faxon. You are likely to find almost everything you are looking for if you take a good, long peek at their website.

The AR-15 is their most popular barrel, and there are a few others like the AR-10, pinned gas block barrels, M1A and M14, and integral muzzle device barrel. All of these are used for different reasons and are excellent at what they do, making this a very popular choice for many people.

They have specialized in making barrels for guns, and this perfection has come from years of work from their research and development team. And after their extensive work, Faxon makes the best 224 valkyrie barrels available in the market. You are unlikely to find one they can compete with the price and quality.

There are a number of reasons why people enjoy using Faxon barrels. We are going to go over each of those, so you have a thorough understanding before you get something.


Whenever we buy something expensive, we try to evaluate whether it is going to last a long time or not. If it does not stay intact after a few years, then we often forgo the purchase. The same thing applies to barrels as well. You would want to invest your money into something that is going to give you a return for a long time.

That is exactly when you will be getting when you buy one of the barrels for Faxon. They spend a lot of money on the quality of the material they produce, which is why even after a lot of use you will see that it is going to remain looking and working well.

You will see that there is not much sign of friction from the bullets being fired, along with that, the inside of the barrel is not going to lose its shine as you see in a lot of others one. So, if you decide to install this into your gun piece, then it is most likely to look as good as new for a long time.

Design and Look

Even though the look isn’t something that is a primary concern when it comes to a gun or a barrel, that is something you will get when you invest your money on a barrel from Faxon. Most of them have a nice and rustic look, which gives it an additional edge many people look for in a gun.

Along with that, the barrel has been designed in such a way that it fits in perfectly with all the other parts with ease, so it will be a great addition to the set. This is a matter of great importance as many times, finding the right parts can be an issue.


Let’s say you are practicing shooting targets at a shooting range, if you want to shoot many rounds then you will have to hold on to your gun for a very long time, so a heavy gun will easily weigh you and your arm down after some time. So, you would want parts that are lightweight.

Most of the barrels made by Faxon are lightweight and will not have to deal with a heavy barrel, which is going to make your wrist ache after a while.


Most people who have used a Faxon barrel know what a gem they found. There really isn’t anything negative to say about their products, and the same applies to their barrels as well. I hope I was able to answer your question, and you know where your money should go if you are indeed looking for a barrel.