What Is a Good Size Scope for a 22?

You can’t hit your target if you fail to see it properly. Scopes are one of the most highly sought after modern-day optics that help you to achieve that vision. A good scope goes hand in hand with a 22, but what exactly is an ideal size for it? We are here to give you an idea about the best sizes so you can get rid of this confusion.

The most widely accepted scopes for 22 firearms come in 3-9x or 4-12x magnification and 32-40mm lens size. But in reality, the right size is subjective to various other factors as well.

So we brainstormed and compiled all of the information you should know before getting a scope for your 22. Thus, here, you’ll learn what a good size scope for a 22 is.

Why You Should Get a Scope for Your 22

You need a scope to align the barrel of your 22 with the target. It’s as simple as that. Generally, a scope consists of –

• Objective lens
• Ocular lens
• Scope body
• Other internal lenses such as the focus lens

Each of the constituents of a scope serves its purpose. And the end result is known as the scoped vision. A 22 with a scope is at least thrice as better than one without. Since the internal tube remains vacuumed, so it makes your firearm the perfect choice for outdoor use as well.

Why Is the Right Size So Important?

A lot of shooters are oblivious of the opportunities they are missing out on just because of choosing the wrong size. The difference between choosing the right scope and the wrong one can be massive if you are using a 22. The right size can offer you most of the following benefits –

• By using the correct size on your 22, you will be able to ensure the right balance between weight and handling.
• Choosing the right size rather than going for the most advanced one will save you a lot of money.
• Advanced reticle scopes with elevation, windage, and enhanced illumination can sometimes be quite irrelevant for your 22. Consider them as worthy tradeoffs.
• When you are choosing the correct size, you are also choosing the correct lens dimensions. We all know this can be an upper hand for all sorts of shooters alike.

How to Choose the Best Size Scope Is Best for Your 22

Choosing the right size can sound like a lot of calculations, but that isn’t quite the case. The key to obtaining the best-sized scope for your .22 is making the right judgment. Most importantly, you have to prioritize the features you want to go for and what to tradeoff.

In the following section, we are going to help you discuss just that.

Things to Consider before Choosing the Size

Things to Consider before Choosing the Size

Have you ever wondered what precisely determines the appropriate size? Well, the right size is subjective to various factors. Here are some things to consider before you go scoping for scopes.

Stay within the Compatible Range of Lens Size

This is one of the most crucial pieces of advice as long as you are using the scope on a 22. Bigger lenses aren’t necessarily better lenses, again anything below 32mm will also have bad vision. Usually, lens diameters ranging from 32-40mm are considered ideal because it’s not too heavy on your 22.

How Much Does It Weigh?

Another important thing to keep in mind is that lightweight scopes are better on 22 than advanced and heavy ones. When you install a scope on your firearm, the overall weight increases, so it’s better to put as less added-weight as possible to keep the handling and accuracy intact.

Never Go for Over-Magnified Scopes

We often think that the more magnification on our scope, the better it’s going to be. That’s not the case all the time.
A magnification of 3-9x is sufficient for your 22. But just in case you want a little bit more, you can always go for 4-12x variations. Any more than this is entirely unneeded and irrelevant. If you’re thinking of buying a 16x for a .22, then you’ll only be wasting your money!

Consider Adjustable Parallax

If you are using a multi magnification scope for .22, then adjusting the parallax can be very handy. Through the adjustment of parallax, you can use your 22 to hit exceptionally smaller targets at a sufficient distance. You can bump your accuracy game on various distance points through adjustable parallax.

Is It Illuminated Enough or Too Illuminated?

The vision illumination is determined by how much light enters through the objective lens of your scope. This means the bigger the scope diameter, the more lit it’s going to be. But lens diameters more than 40mm can weigh your gun down and make the picture too washed up.

Make sure to check out the best scope for 22lr benchrest for a better perception of the matter. Remember that going for too much magnification means sacrificing the light. So, higher magnification scopes will have a darker vision. This is why we suggest you stay within our recommended range to get the best out of your 22.

Get the Perfect Scope for Your 22 Today!

Remember that a good scope for your 22 can sometimes cost more than the firearm itself. But that doesn’t stop shooters from purchasing. After all, a compatible scope can give you an advantage that’s completely worth the money. So don’t feel shy in stressing enough on choosing the right size to cater to your needs.