How Much Does a Good Suppressor Cost? – Expert Guide

As it goes for all products, if you want to buy something good you need to spend a good amount of money. The lower you pay, the lower the quality of the product will be. And the case is the same for suppressors as well.

If you are new to buying multi-caliber suppressors, then you might need a little bit of help in navigating and finding out the amount of money you need to spend on this. We are going to help you out here as much as possible with the details we provide.

So, the question now is, how much does a good suppressor cost?
We’ll answer that in this article in detail.

Why Is It Important to Get a Good Suppressor?

As I have already mentioned before, a suppressor is mainly used to reduce the sound a gun or rifle creates when a shot is taken. Now, the sound it makes is very loud, loud enough to actually take a person’s hearing abilities away. So, by adding in a suppressor to the gun, you can save your ears.

The suppressor is responsible for something very important. Therefore, you need to be very careful while choosing the right one for you. If it is not of good quality, then the chances of it not working properly is very high. And you wouldn’t want to suffer from hearing loss because of a bad suppressor now would you?

Price of a Good Suppressor

Price of a Good Suppressor

There is a variety of suppressors available in the market. They are of different price ranges, made for different types of rifles, and there are several that have distinct features from others. You need to assess all that before you make a purchase.

Because if you want to get another one, you will have to go through a whole process for permission. That could take a very long time to come through.
I cannot give you an exact value for how much the suppressor might cost you.

And that is mainly because the range is far too wide to estimate an average figure here. If you want a good suppressor, then you should be ready to pay anywhere between $300 to $2000, sometimes even higher.

If you get them from brands such as SilencerCo, then it should not cost you more than $800. But at the end of the day, the amount will depend on whom you’re getting it from and what features the suppressor has.

The more features it has, the higher the price is going to be. This is true for all types of things we buy. Along with the features, quality has a big role to play in the pricing of suppressors.

Final Words

How much you want to spend on a suppressor depends on how much your budget is. You can afford a good midrange suppressor at $300 or could go all out and get something in the thousands.

Understand your requirements and spend your money accordingly.