Does a Suppressor Reduce Range? – Expert Answer

Are you planning to get a multi cal suppressor for the gun you’re using? Well, if you are, then there must be many questions going on in your mind like “does a suppressor reduce range?”. You’re probably making a list of the pros and cons in your mind. And among all the questions, a shift in accuracy and range might also be some of them.

Well, we are here to help answer some of the questions going on in your head. You might be wondering, “does a suppressor reduce range?”
So, without further ado, let us get into all the details!

What Happens When a Suppressor Is Attached to the Gun?

What Happens When a Suppressor Is Attached to the Gun

At first, let us start with what happens to a gun when a suppressor is attached to it. Because a shift in your rifle or gun will ultimately have an impact on the type of output.

Now, not all suppressors are made the same. Say, most have them have several differences, and therefore, the effect each of them has on the gun will be different. Some are a little bulkier, while there are others that are made to look very sleek and are light.

Shift-In Barrel

First of all, you might see a shift in the barrel of the gun when a suppressor is attached. Now the same shift might not be noted by the same type of suppressor on another gun, as there are other factors that determine this factor. The weapon and ammunition as also cases in point for this.

Additional Weight

Now, the weight of the suppressor will change the output of the gun to a large extent as it will the gun down of it is on the heavier end. So, if you are habituated with using your gun without a suppressor, then you should try it out with one, so you can get used to the addition of weight.

However, this will not be an issue if you end up buying a suppressor made of titanium. They are least likely to change the performance of the gun due to the addition in weight.

Effect of Length

Having the right hold and balance on your gun is very important when it comes to guns. If you are unable to balance it properly then chances are you will be far from your target, in this case, it is very risky.

Now, the length of the suppressor will change the gun’s center of gravity, so the way you hold it also needs to be altered accordingly. You could opt for a short suppressor as it doesn’t have that much effect, but you have to put up with it being loud. Whereas, a shorter would be quieter but will alter how the gun works.

Do Suppressors Reduce Range?

Now we head on to answer the main question, whether attaching a suppressor to your gun will reduce its range. This a very common misconception people seem to have. And it is mainly due to how old suppressors used to perform. Back then, technology wasn’t as developed as it is now, so adding a suppressor changed the bullet’s velocity.

This actually did reduce the range! However, now we don’t have this problem anymore. In previous times, the ‘wipe’ in the suppressor would cause friction, which led to the bullet slowing down. This ‘wipe’ or rubber gasket is no longer present in the newer suppressor models.

So, there is no friction created, causing the bullet to slow down. Essentially, if you are able to understand how the length and weight of the suppressor alter the suctioning of then gun with some practice, you do not have much to worry about.With nothing in the bullet’s way, adding a suppressor will have no impact on the range.

Final Words

We have successfully debunked an age-old myth about the effect of a suppressor on guns! Hopefully, now you can put your worries to rest and invest in a good suppressor.