Can We Put Any Scope on 22? – Expert Answer

You may already have a 22 that doesn’t fire as far as you’d like, or you’re interested in getting one, but don’t know if it can hit targets far enough. Either way, we’re here for you.

This article will answer your question, “Can we put any scope on 22?” and walk you through the whole process of choosing the right scopes. If you’re interested, sit back and read along!

What Is a 22?

.22 Long Rifle is a rimfire rifle that was first incorporated in 1887. It has now become the world’s most prevalent weaponry. And it is accessible to general members of the community, with little to no restrictions, in most countries.

Presently, the traditional firearm is used by several major international sporting competitions, including Olympic events. Apart from competitive shooting, the .22 long rifle is currently the most frequently used firearm for training purposes, small animal hunting, wildlife protection, and pest extermination.

Its relatively low price, little-to-no sound-producing ability, recoil minimizing functionality sets it apart from other firearms.
The 22 long rifle is usually not used for protective purposes or chasing wild predators owing to the inherent risk of ballistic efficacy. However, it sure has the capacity to immediately neutralize and terminate anything with perfectly adequate firing, perhaps except the largest and fastest animals.

How Far Can a 22 Fire?

How Far Can a 22 Fire

This world-renowned rimfire rifle can fire without as much as a 1′′ bullet drop up to potentially 150 yards, but practically it can barely reach over 50 yards. Just possessing the firearm alone will not provide the finest feel this ammunition can offer due to a shortage of shooting range.

While it can fulfill some of your targeting requirements, when it applies to shooting big animals or even shooting at faraway objects, the range can feel incredibly restricted.

What Is a Scope?

A telescopic sight, normally recognized as a scope, is an optical viewing gadget secured to a refractory telescope. Scopes are often used in all kinds of programs that require precise focusing but are most frequently used for weapons, especially rifles.

You merely ought to align your targeting reticle to your target when using a scope. Training to aim with a scope is relatively more convenient than iron sights, and as most rimfire scopes often have the magnifying feature, your target seems near, and thus fairly clearer, allowing you to fire more accurately.

Why Should You Get a Scope?

All firearms, including .22 long rifles, can’t reach beyond a limited distance, and that is exactly when a rangefinder scope comes in. Apart from helping boost the range of your arms, it will also greatly improve your overall shooting accuracy.

When objects are far beyond your rifle’s range, or you don’t have the best eyesight, it is difficult to fire with a long rifle. Times like this, a telescope sight can do wonders.

The most important feature on a scope is its ability to expand the range of your rifle. Even if you can aim really consistently using iron sights, a scope beats iron sights for accuracy and efficiency in shooting when it gets beyond 50 yards.

A customizable scope allows you to move down to a minimum of 1.5x in magnification, which gives the feeling of slipping on your reading glasses, but you can choose to use it for any range of your choice.

One significant reason for a good scope is the proper identification of the target from far away, especially when getting closer is not an option. Besides, there’s a huge amount of fun in learning about the ballistics of the 22, and actually being able to take headshots at the maximum range, makes it worth each penny.

Can We Put Any Scope on a 22?

Yes, we can. There are quite a lot of budget-friendly models available on the internet, which perform well. You can even use one from an old hunting rifle, so it won’t cost you anything. But don’t do any of that just yet, there are better options out there!

It is best to refrain from purchasing cheap scopes, as they often prove to be junk. If you already have a 22 long rifle, no matter how pricey, cheap, or several thousands of dollars it cost, get yourself a premium quality scope.

Almost always, a great scope will cost more than the rifle itself, but you only purchase it once and use it regularly, so go for it! Oh, and if you have other similar rifles, you can use the same scope for all of them, the trick here is having a quality scope.

Although you can put almost any scope on a 22, it is better to use a good quality one, for optimal shooting experience.

What Kind of Scope Should You Get?

Using a good quality rifle scope, you can strike a target even with a distinctly average firearm. But if you use a mediocre scope, even with the best rifles available, you’ll face difficulty reaching targets.

Whether you’re into bench-rest shooting or not, you may want to buy the 22lr benchrest scope. They have topnotch accuracy, and in no time, you will start shooting like a pro. Among the hundreds of scopes available in the market, we will list the criteria for you to select the perfect scope.

  • Scopes with a power of 10-15x magnification
  • Adjustable scopes not required for competitive bench-rest shooting
  • Adjustable scopes recommended for hunting or other purposes that require movement
  • Bullet Drop Compensator scopes provide the most precision
  • Mil-dot scopes with duplex reticles most suitable for beginners


If you were thinking of upgrading to a more powerful firearm, save yourself the trouble and get a 22 long rifle bench-rest scope. Not only will it enhance the range of your firearm, but it will also dramatically improve its accuracy.

Remember, whilst a good firearm is certainly required, the scope is what will drastically affect your kit, so go get a quality scope that meets your needs.