CZ 557 Varmint Review in 2023 – New Guide

The Czech firearm company, CZ, has almost a century worth of experience in making premium rifles. They never fail to disappoint with every new model. However, there’s something about the 557 Varmint that’s distinctly special. What does this rifle offer that’s unique, and why should we care about it? Well, to answer all those burning questions, we decided to make this CZ 557 Varmint review.

Everything from its pristine wood finish to its ingenious bolt system makes it the ultimate rifle for any hunter. However, how much of it is true?

We’ll be examining every aspect of this rifle to find out if it’s worth the investment. So, without further deliberation, let’s set our sights on the review!

CZ 557 Varmint Review

Although one might say that every model released by CZ are master-crafted works of art, the 557 Varmint is easily one of their best work. It utilizes a spectacular combination of components to offer the best performance a rifle can.

With every shot, you feel like the weapon becomes a part of you. But what does it do to accomplish all that?
Let’s be blunt. This rifle is incredibly accurate.

The magazine, bolt, and barrel form a fantastic synergy to keep your bullets steady as it whizzes through the air. This also gives this rifle an incredibly long range. You can aim far away and still shoot down wild coyotes or deer.

The rifle adds a fantastic walnut log build to maximize comfort and quality. It makes the gun look and feels premium, and the laser-cut design escalates its comfort. With both power and comfort on its side, this rifle is a fantastic hunting rifle.

However, what separates the 557 from all models that came before it is its outstanding push-feed bolt. It’s reminiscent of classic firearms such as the Remington 700.

This makes feeding incredibly smoother and faster, upping your bullet-time and reloading speed considerably. There’s a lot to love about this magnificent rifle, so let’s discuss each point in detail.

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Push-Feed Bolt System

This is the feature that defines the CZ 557. Previous models would stick to the dated controlled-round-feed system. However, they have chosen to embrace the more capable and smoother push-feed system. The rifle can prepare its next shot as soon you make the first one.

It ejects the old cartridge, and by triggering the bolt handle, you prepare the next round instantaneously for firing. Since you can prepare each shot so quickly, you can keep aim and make more rapid shots even though it’s a rifle.

Easy Safety Option

Accidents happen. However, accidents involving rifles can prove to be fatal. That’s why firearms must have a good safety feature to make sure nothing too dangerous ever happens. The 557 Varmint utilizes intuitive measures to make safety easy. Above the trigger, there is a switch.

When pushed in, the safety turns off. And when pulled back, it comes back on. It has a small red dot as an indicator to quickly convey whether or not you can pull the trigger or not.

It’s placed conveniently close to the trigger, so you can use your index finger to switch it on and off, all while you’re in a position to shoot.

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Wooden Build

When you first get the CZ 557, you won’t be thinking about its precision accuracy, its fantastic recoil mitigation, or its intuitive bolt action design.

You’ll be too busy being mesmerized by the gorgeous wooden finish. It’s far removed from the basic and artificial plastic-based rifles you find nowadays.

Instead, it offers you something genuine. You don’t just see the texture; you feel it. The wood on the grip and the forestock are engraved to enhance your comfort and grip on the rifle.

You can aim faster and stay in position longer as it becomes a lot more comfortable to use. On top of that, it looks nothing short of amazing. No wonder the CZ 557 Varmint is a classic.


Every veteran marksman has his own unique trigger settings. So, trigger customization is a must-have for many. Thankfully, the 557 allows you to adjust the trigger however you need it.

Whether you want more resistance or less, the 557 Varmint’s customizability makes it all possible.


Adding accessories is a must for every gun owner. So, you’ll be pleased to know that the CZ 557 comes with plenty of accessories to personalize your weapon.

Due to its similar design to the Remington 700, accessories that support that gun also work on the 557. So, you get to add a huge range of scopes and accessories to add to this outstanding rifle.


  • Gorgeous walnut log design
  • Ultra-fast feeding due to push-feed bolt
  • Long barrel offers a huge shooting range
  • Pads on the butt reduce impact from recoil
  • Intuitive safety switch design
  • Customizable trigger
  • Comfortable to hold and use
  • Lasting and durable build offers superior longevity


  • Comb height might not be satisfactory
  • Some might not like that it does not have a full-length claw extractor

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the CZ 557 support left-handed people?

Yes, you can find a version made for left-handed buyers.

What does 308 Winchester refer to?

This refers to this rifle’s supported cartridge. The bullets are large, bottle-shaped, and incredibly powerful.

Does the push-feed bolt make it more accurate than other rifles?

Yes. This innovative bolt system makes loading faster and more accurate than other models that feed systems such as controlled-feed.

Can I attach third-party accessories?

There are quite a few accessories you can attach to this rifle. Of course, you must make sure that they support it before you buy.


With all that said, there’s no doubt that the CZ 557 is a fantastic rifle that offers a plethora of features and qualities that push it beyond.

You’ll find plenty of veterans and beginners picking this rifle up purely for its unbeatable accuracy, superb comfort, and fantastic feeding system.

We hope our CZ 557 Varmint review helped you find out everything you need to know about this outstanding rifle. So, what’re you waiting for? The hunt awaits.