CZ 75D PCR Compact Pistol vs CZ 75 Compact Pistol

Ever since the introduction of the first compact CZ 75 back in 1975, all the variants are making the most significant contribution to this wonderful “wonder nine” era. In case you were not familiar with the term, wonder nines are the ones that chambers the 9×19 millimeter parabellum.

While going through all the available variants, it is quite easy to be bewildered because all of them are excellent performers. For that reason, you have to narrow down your choices a little bit.

If you have already done that and are stuck between CZ 75D PCR compact vs. CZ 75 compact, then you picked the right source. Leave the rest to us. We are going to try our level best to get you out of the dilemma by providing you information about both of these handguns.

CZ 75D PCR Compact Pistol

CZ 75D PCR Compact Pistol vs CZ 75 Compact Pistol

Ever since the first pistol came out, it went through many modifications. This model was designed specifically for the police of the Czech Republic.

But later on, it became popular even in the hands of competitors, hunters, and among the general mass for personal defense weapons.

In the case of the overall design, it is strikingly similar to the base CZ model. The only part where it differs is in the construction material.

Instead of regular steel, it comes with a forged aluminum frame. As a result, it is lighter than most of the handguns that are out in the market.

The overall weight of the unit is 1.72 pounds, while the total length stands at 7.2 inches, the height is 5.03 inches, and lastly, the width is 1.38 inches. From these dimensions, you can easily guess how compact it is and how easy it will be to carry this pistol with you.

Other than that, the other part where it differs from most of the CZ models is safety. Instead of using a manual safety lever, it utilizes a decocker.

It is a little bit more like a half-cock mechanism, and with it, you will get a relatively longer trigger draw. You can also convert the pistol from single to double-action operation.

In the case of the handle of the unit, it comes with checkered rubber-coated grips. It will offer excellent ergonomics, and you will be able to get a firm grasp. The magazine can hold ten rounds of bullets.

Lastly, the hammer-forged barrel is 3.8 inches in length. It comes with comparatively wide snag-free three-dot fixed sights. The dots are white and are not photo luminous. But you can upgrade it to aftermarket sights if you want. Also, it does not come with a rail.


  • Single and double-action operation
  • Comfortable to hold rubber-coated grips
  • Relatively lightweight
  • Features a compact footprint
  • Comes with a decocker


  • Included sight are mediocre
  • Magazine can hold a relatively lower amount of rounds

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CZ 75 Compact Pistol

CZ 75D PCR Compact Pistol vs CZ 75 Compact Pistol

All the variations that the CZ 75 Compact had are based on this model. This pistol is the one that started it all. But, just because this is the base model, do not think that it is comparatively less capable. Even to this date, it is now widely used by shooters from all around the world.

This handgun is the original one in the series with a manual trigger mechanism. With the manual safety lever, you will get two options.

You can choose between having it with the hammer-back safety for a single shot operation, or you can go for manual decocking for a double-action mechanism.

In the case of the overall body design, it features a steel construction, just like most of the handguns that are available in the market. This construction makes it a little heavier than the ones that are of aluminum.The overall weight of the unit is 2.05 pounds.

Other than that, the total length of the unit is 7.24 inches, the height stands at 5.03 inches, and the width is 1.38 inches. Because of the compact nature of the gun, you will be able to easily conceal it under your clothes and carry it around with you without any hassles at all.

The handle of the gun is plastic and has a checkered texture to enhance the overall grip of the panels. You can change the grip panels if you want. By simply removing the screws, you can take them off and swap them.

Moving on to the barrel, it sports a 3.75 inches cold hammer-forged barrel. On the barrel, you will find a dovetailed blade fixed sight. The three green photo luminous dots will make it easier to acquire and track targets at night.

Lastly, the gun comes with double-stacked magazines. The highest capacity of the magazine is 14 rounds.


  • Features an overall compact design
  • Lightweight body
  • Comes with a night sight
  • Sports a manual trigger lever
  • Interchangeable grips


  • Plastic grips are a little uncomfortable to hold on to
  • Grip panels wear out relatively fast

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CZ 75D PCR Compact vs CZ 75 Compact Comparison

cz 75d pcr compact vs cz 75 compact

Even if both the pistols feature the same overall design and is based on the same model number, they have some differences between them. To make the choosing process a little bit easier, we will go through each of the factors that set them apart. These are:


If you see both the guns at the same time, you will have a hard time trying to figure out which one is which. Both of them are strikingly similar in the case of overall design and footprint.

But, the part where they differ a little is in length. The PCR is 7.2 inches, whereas the CZ 75 is 7.24 inches. Also, the barrel length is a little larger in the case of the PCR.


Both of them feature different construction materials. Whereas the Compact has a steel frame, the PCR comes with forged aluminum. This difference in construction material also gives them a different weight.

The PCR weighs just 1.72 pounds, while the Compact is 2.05 pounds. So, you can say that the PCR is comparatively lighter than the Compact.


In the case of the sights on the barrel, the PCR comes with a night sight, whereas the Compact features a somewhat average sight. With the PCR, because of the photo luminous paint dots, you can easily acquire your targets in darker environments.
For both the guns, you can easily upgrade the sight with an aftermarket one according to your preferences.

Safety Lever

For the Compact, you will get a manual trigger mechanism for safety. On the other hand, the PCR comes with a decocker. Both of them are catered towards two different types of shooting styles. So, go with the one you are comfortable with.


Comparatively, the Compact can hold more bullets in the magazine than the PCR. The PCR can hold ten rounds, while the Compact can hold fourteen.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the D in the CZ 75D PCR stand for?

The D in the label of the PCR stands for decocker. Likewise, you will be able to find what the main feature of a CZ 75 handgun is by just reading the label.

Where will I be able to find custom grips for my CZ handgun?

Custom grips are not directly available from the manufacturer. But, some custom manufacturers are shipping the pistol with custom grips.

You can also find aftermarket grip panels for your gun. The process of swapping them out is by removing the screws that hold them onto the handle.

What is the main benefit of having a manual safety lever?

If the handgun comes featured with a manual safety mechanism, you will be able to carry it cocked. That means you will not have to cock the lever when you draw the gun out.

What does the decocker of the PCR bring to the table?

With the decocker, you will be able to get more trigger draw. Alongside that, you can also adjust the length of the trigger reset.

What does the PCR stand for?

The PCR of the handgun stands for “Police Czech Republic” because it was initially designed for them. Later on, it spread worldwide because of its superior performance and reliability.


To conclude, we hope that we were able to give you enough information on the CZ 75D PCR Compact vs. CZ 75 Compact topic, and you are no longer in a dilemma anymore. We would like to end it here by wishing you good luck and hoping for your utmost safety.