8 Best M&P Trigger 2023 Review – New Edition

If you’re a gun enthusiast or someone who frequents firing range, you might probably have heard of Smith & Wesson M&P guns. It is an all-around pistol that provides an accurate and reliable firing experience for its users. However, one aspect that these pistols should develop is the trigger.

Some users find the trigger very difficult to use and find themselves looking for trigger replacement. Fortunately, this demand opens up a market where different kinds and styles of M&P is available.

To get the M&P trigger for your gun, this article will list down reviews of available products in the market. Read on.

M&P Trigger Review in 2023

M&P is a reliable handgun that provides accuracy when used. However, the infamous “dead trigger” can be a problem when firing, especially if you are in an emergency. To guarantee that your gun is always in its best shape, you can install a trigger for better aim and accuracy.

Apex-S&W Shield Action Trigger Kit

Apex-S&W Shield Action Trigger Kit

First in the list of M&P trigger replacement is one of APEX’s creations that can be used in 9mm pistols and .40 calibers. It can give the owner a smooth and lighter trigger pull.

The kit is made from solid aluminum, and it has a center-mounted pivoting safety bar. To prevent unintentional gunshot from happening, the pivoting safety bar uses a block to disengage the trigger system.

It also provides better trigger manipulation due to the smart face design that encourages shooters to put their fingers in the centerline.
Every part of the trigger kits is engineered to ensure that pull weight will fall within the acceptable range. It also reduces over travel and pre-travel by around 20%, ensuring a fast and accurate aim. This trigger also works best if the M&P gun is equipped with Apex Shield Carry Kit.


  • Made from solid aluminum
  • Smooth and lighter trigger pull
  • Center-mounted pivoting safety bar
  • Smooth face trigger
  • Detectable trigger reset


  • It is costly

Apex – Red M&P Shield Trigger Kit

Apex - Red M&P Shield Trigger Kit

Built with a solid anodized aluminum body, you will never go wrong when installing this trigger in your M&P guns. Enjoy firing without excessive post-release movement since the anodized frame reduces the over-travel and reset length by 20 percent.

The Apex red trigger is the perfect combo for your M&P shield, which can be used with a 9mm and .40 calibers. Safety features are also in-place like the flat trigger shoe and the pivoting safety bar, both guarantee that accidental gunshot will be prevented due to the secure trigger block in the mechanism.

You can bet that this trigger will give you a fast and better shooting experience with its smooth trigger pull and reliable safety features.


  • Made from solid anodized aluminum
  • Smooth trigger pull
  • Good safety features
  • Flat trigger shoe and pivoting safety bar
  • Reduces pre-travel and over-travel by 20%


  • Difficult to install for beginners

Apex- Brownells Trigger Kit

Apex- Brownells Trigger Kit

When you try this trigger replacement, you will feel that it will reduce the reset length and will give you a smoother uptake. This trigger can be used in 9mm pistols and a 40 S&W but not in a .45 ACP shield.

Due to its fully machined sear, it can significantly decrease pre and over-travel by around 20 percent. Enjoy also the reduced double click reset when you feel the striker block working.

The trigger also utilizes trigger return spring to maintain consistent trigger pull and elevated uptake pressure. You can install it easily with the help of a shield slave pin that secures the tension in the trigger when doing the replacement.

If you need the best trigger for M&P guns, this trigger has it all with its amazing features that promise consistent trigger pull weight and reduce post-release movement.


  • Reset length is reduced
  • Excellent and smooth uptake
  • Eye-catching color
  • Solid anodized aluminum body
  • Shield slave pin for easy installation
  • Consistent trigger pull weight


  • Not compatible with 45 ACP shield

Apex- M&P M2.0 Trigger Kit

Apex- M&P M2.0 Trigger Kit

If you’re very particular about the proper placement of the finger, then this trigger is best for you. It is a favorite of gun enthusiasts and used in many firing competitions. The trigger also comes with two sear and trigger return springs that allow its users to adjust the trigger to their particular shooting preference.

What set this apart from other trigger replacement is the 40 percent reduction in pre and over travel. Due to this, shooters can experience better aim, and faster reset for follow up shots. The trigger’s contour provides a better area for finger placement, allowing you full control over reducing trigger weight.

No need to worry about the installation; the trigger is engineered for easy installation and compatibility with M&P guns. It’s no wonder that this is one of the perfect triggers for M&P guns with its impressive features and reliable trigger safety system.


  • Reduces over-travel by 40%
  • You will have a smoother trigger pull
  • Lowers pull weight by 2 lbs up to 6 lbs
  • Reliable trigger safety system
  • Easy installation
  • Trigger’s contour provides leverage when controlling trigger pull


  • Only compatible with S&W M&P 2.0

Agency – M&P 1.0 Drop-in Trigger Kit

Agency - M&P 1.0 Drop-in Trigger Kit

This trigger kit uses a flat-face trigger shoe from Agency arms and Apex tactical forward sear kit. The product is made from solid aluminum that is aircraft-grade to ensure that it will last longer. For safety features, it boasts a center pivoting system and a smooth face feature to prevent accidental gunshot.

The combination of apex forward sear and ultimate striker block produces consistent trigger pull, shorten trigger stroke and ultimately, deliver improved aim and fast trigger response. Users can also enjoy a comfortable area for their fingers due to the rounded trigger face.

You can modify the trigger weight using the two springs provided, giving you the flexibility you want in terms of the trigger’s pull weight. Due to its solid polymer frame and functional features, it can be one of the best triggers for M&P guns that will surely be a favorite upgrade for gun enthusiasts.


  • You will have a smoother trigger pull
  • It reduces over travel and uptake
  • Included springs help you modify trigger pull weight
  • Durable


  • Not compatible with 2.0 shield, 22 compact pistols or bodyguard 22

What to Look for Before You Buy?

Upgrading your Smith & Wesson M&P trigger is an excellent decision to ensure safety and accuracy when using handguns. However, looking for the best product can be an overwhelming task. To help you choose, here are things you must consider when looking for the best trigger replacement.

Safety Features

The first thing you must look for when buying a trigger is the safety features. Ensure that the trigger has enough pull weight. Keep in mind that when the pull weight is too light, it may cause accidental firing, which is dangerous for you and other people around you.


Another factor you must consider is the fit of the trigger. It will be easier if you stick with a trigger that is designed primarily for M&P guns. This can save you from the hassle of further modification, which can result in problems on your bolt carrier.

If you’re hesitant with the fitting, you may contact the manufacturer of the trigger or ask help from a reliable gunsmith.

Easy Installation

For beginners, it would be beneficial if you look for a trigger that is easy to install. Check if the trigger comes with a drop-in kit that is user friendly and easy to adjust according to your preference. It will help save you from agony and frustration when upgrading your M&P guns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need M&P trigger replacement?

Due to the gun defect called “dead trigger,” most users of M&P guns experience difficulty in resetting its trigger. Some users can then opt to have trigger replacement to offset this problem. This upgrade can improve shooting efficiency and can add safety features to the gun.

Why do I need M&P trigger replacement

What is trigger pull weight, and how does it affect gun performance?

Pull weight is the force applied to the trigger to fire a gun, which is usually measured in pounds. This force can affect the stability and accuracy of the user’s aim when shooting.

A lighter pull makes the aim easier and the over travel shorter. However, keep in mind that the trigger pull can also have potential safety risks when the weight is too light.

What is the right trigger pull?

There is no right or definitive trigger pull for anyone. It all depends on how you utilize the gun, and if the weight feels right on your finger. If you’re concerned about accuracy, you may opt to use a trigger that has a relatively lighter trigger weight.

Final Words

Trigger kit installation is a great upgrade to guarantee better experience when using Smith & Wesson guns. However, it would be beneficial to understand the necessary factors that you have to consider before upgrading.

Doing so will ensure that you will get the M&P trigger replacement for your pistol and will give you a safe shooting experience.