Best Bench Priming Tools Review in 2023 – New Edition

Without a doubt, you need to have the right tool to ensure that you properly get the job done, and it is true for all projects. This consideration is also equally crucial when you are reloading your ammunition.

Creating your own cartridges may be quite hard, but with the good bench priming tool, you can do it with ease. Not only that, but you will also be ensured of efficient and accurate ammunition if you use the most appropriate device.

Anyway, you have a lot of options on the market. Don’t just settle to something that dubs itself as the best. Make sure that it really is; otherwise, you will be wasting your money. That is why we’ve made this to help you find what suits you best.

Best Bench Priming Tools Comparison

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Top 4 Best Bench Priming Tools Reviews- 2023

Best Bench Priming Tool 2023

In this guide, let us find out which among these tools is ideal for your needs. Yes, they have their own unique features and drawbacks. Let’s delve into them further!

1. LEE PRECISION 90700, Auto Bench Priming Tool

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If you want a priming tool that is specially made to be mounted on your bench, this product from Lee Precision is undoubtedly a good choice. Perhaps, this is ideal if you are a starter or someone who is not comfortable with using a hand primer.

With this in your arsenal you won’t have to worry about the stability of your hand primer. Of course, this also facilitates a more precise and smoother process. Being equipped with a triangular tray, you are allowed to use this in any primer boxes. Also, this is made with ergonomics in mind, so you are assured that it can be utilized with ease.

By simply pulling down the handle, you can inject the primer in an instance. Much more, this can be done with just one finger, so you don’t have to exert too much effort in doing so. Whether you’re left or right-handed, this device can certainly provide convenience

Since this can hold small to large primer trays, you won’t be needing to swap the press shell all the time. And this function alone makes it stand out from the rest of the brands. Also, this can handle even the most difficult primers without compromising its effectiveness. In fact, it can be done effortlessly.

The primer is equipped with heavy-duty polyester and the rest with sturdy steel, thereby ensuring you durability. No doubt, this is dubbed as one of the best priming tools.


  • Can be mounted in the workbench
  • Ensures optimum stability
  • Made of durable materials
  • Ease of use
  • Effortless operation


  • Quite complicated to work with the priming tray

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2. RCBS 9460 Auto Priming Tool

RCBS 9460 Auto Priming Tool,Green

This product from RCBS is well-known in the market as one of the right bench primer tools. Probably, it can be explained by its ease of use and efficiency. Also, this comes with several cases, so you have the flexibility to use this for various applications.

Since it is lightweight, you can bring this with you whenever needed. This is compact enough compared to other tools that are too bulky. Much more, it comes with 2 pieces of rod assemblies and 2 feed tubes that are even more useful for priming. These additions can make your work more efficient.

Furthermore, this promotes precise and fast priming with its single-stage lever system. You will certainly find it easy to feed the shells regardless of their sizes. The primer tube can also hold 100 primers at once so you can get the work done instantly. With all of its amazing features, this device is nothing to lose!


  • Ease of use
  • Promotes efficiency
  • Flexible enough to fit in various work applications
  • Lightweight for easy transportation from one place to another
  • Can hold up to 100 primers at once


  • Slower removing process

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3. RCBS Auto Primer Feed Tube-100, Small

RCBS Auto Primer Feed Tube-100, Small

If you merely need a tube that can be used for small trays, then this product is the best choice. Well, you really don’t need one that offers both if you just need this certain function. Anyway, it can still give you optimum performance with a primer capacity of up to 100.

Being made by RCBS, you are ensured that the equipment is engineered with precision. And since it is made of high-quality materials, it will last for a longer period. Also, you won’t have to make replacements all the time because of its durability. It’s also a bonus that it is made in the USA.

This is a good choice if you want a tool that is within your budget. Perhaps, it is the least expensive priming device that we have on the list. Anyway, you are not compromised with quality and functionality, so it will be worth the cost. Also, this is made to be simple, so there’s nothing more that you should ask for!


  • Cheaper in price
  • High-quality, therefore, ensures durability
  • Optimum functionality
  • Engineered for precision
  • Longevity


  • Only ideal for small trays

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4. RCBS 90200 Hand Priming Tool

RCBS 90200 Hand Priming Tool, Blend

If ever you are curious about what is the top-rated bench priming tool in the market, this is simply the answer to that! It comes with many features that will ensure you of maximum functionality.

Well, this has a safety gate, so the primer is separated from the primer supply, thereby minimizing tray detonation. Although this doesn’t come with a shell holder, it ensures that you won’t find it hard looking for one. In the first place, this is compatible with the usual shell holders that you already have.

Being cast with metal means that you are ensured of its durability so you can use this for the long-term. More importantly, it is easy to use, meaning there’s no way you face any trouble during operation. Also, it includes a manual that can show you step-by-step instructions on how to use it properly, and that’s a plus.

Indeed, it works perfectly well up to 100 rounds. However, you should make sure that the case is primed appropriately so you won’t experience any hand cramps. Anyway, find out your most comfortable way of using the device, so there’s no issue at all.


  • Includes safety measures to reduce tray detonation
  • Same shell holders from others can be used
  • Reliable and durable
  • Easy to follow manual
  • Up to 100 rounds


  • Shell holders are not included
  • Requires you to look for your most convenient way of priming

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Things to Consider Before Buying

There are some things that you should look for before buying a good hand priming tool. Ergonomics, safety, and affordability– these are just a few features that should be considered. Let us find out more!


A good tool should provide you with an ergonomic design. You have to make sure that your hands won’t get easily tired after priming a hundred cases. Well, the tool should help you do the job faster and easier. Much more, look for one that can give you optimum comfort.

If you have an ergonomic handle, you can prime several cases at once. Also, you are assured of more precise priming. But it is worth noting that the sensitivity of the tool increases, especially if you have a good handle.

Safety Measures

priming Safety Measures

This is also a key concern whenever you have to buy a hand priming tool. Do you know that such a process is one of the most crucial and dangerous steps in the loading process? If not yet, then now you know!

It can be explained by the fact that you will be handling unstable and powerful explosives. Just one wrong move, and you can experience a detonation. But this is not really scary, especially if your device is equipped with safety features.


You don’t need the most expensive device just to give you the optimum performance that you ever wanted. The first thing that you should think about is your budget. Well, anyway, it is always a good thing to be practical.

Also, it is worth noting that not all expensive products are made of high-quality. They are also not necessarily your need. So in buying one, make sure that it fits your budget as well as it comes with all the features that you desire.


You will certainly need shell holders. Some products already include these, while others don’t. Anyway, even if some don’t include shell holders, you should make sure that the tool can be compatible with any other shell holders that you already have. Otherwise, you will need to buy a separate one.

But then, some users don’t find this a big deal since they are just cheap. The problem is the availability of specific sizes. In the end, the discretion still lies on you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use any shell holders on my priming tool?

It depends. If your tool allows a universal shell holder, then you can do so. But if it only holds a specific brand or size, then you should look for it.

Can I use any shell holders on my priming tool

What is the difference between a portable and a mounted hand primer?

Although both of these tools have the same function, they come with major differences. However, the main differences are their portability and stability. From the name itself, a portable hand primer ensures portability, but it is not that stable. On the other hand, a mounted hand primer is vice versa.

How can I ensure that I don’t crush a primer again?

The seating depth depends upon the tool. You have to ensure that it is set according to your needs. Otherwise, you will be crushing the primer.

Can the same shell holder be used on my reloading press?

It depends. The answer is yes if they are of the same brand.

Why will I use a priming tool?

This is to make reloading easier. Depending upon the case, you can ensure that the prime shell can promote easier and convenient firing.

Final Words

If you want to level up your reloading game, then you should opt only for the best bench priming tools. This will not only help you get the job done with ease and accuracy, but it will also ensure you of affordability. Hopefully, after you have scanned through the pages, you already have one in mind!