How to Choose a Hunting Bow

Among activities that can be partaken in the woods, hunting is a top choice for many. Bows are often preferred when it comes to choosing hunting equipment.
It is quieter and takes a great deal of learning to be operated skillfully.

As a bowhunter, you are also a critical part of the bow. That is why fitting yourself to a bow or understanding which bow is best for you is crucial. In this article, we will keep it short and talk about how to choose the best hunting bow of all time.

Choosing the Right Type

Choosing the Right Type

Several types of bows are available in the market. If you do some research, some of the types that will appear are – recurve bow, modern recurve bow, crossbow, reflex bow, compound bow, etc.

Recurve bows are the only type allowed in archery in the Olympics. But these are used by many hunters. Crossbows are often more familiar to non-users because it has been made popular by modern television and film. Compound bows are popularly used for hunting, especially by Americans.

No matter the type you prefer or choose, make sure it is the right type for you. Experienced users say that the compound bow helps shoot with less effort from the archer as it is made with lightweight parts. Some of the notable brands of hunting bow for 2023 were Hoyt, Mathews, Elite, etc.


As with any new experience or activity, communicating with existing and experienced users is an extremely helpful tip that is often overlooked by a lot of people.

If you do a little digging in social media, you will find many forums, groups, and platforms that have ongoing conversations regarding bows. Following these conversations and connecting with these users will provide you with valuable insight and tips.

In-Person Purchase

Online shopping is addictive, tempting, and extremely comfortable. We all like tapping some buttons while sitting in our home and getting the desired products delivered at the doorstep. But when it comes to purchasing items for archery, online purchase is a big no, especially if you are not an extremely expert user.

There are many technical matters and features that need to be taken into account while hunting bow shopping. If you are a beginner, visit an archery store to choose the best hunting bow for you. Store employees are experts at this and very friendly too.

Dominant Eye

To carry on with bow hunting successfully and properly, determining your dominant eye is an extremely crucial step.
Your brain prefers input from one eye to be more accurate over the other. The general rule is that the dominant eye is on the same side of the hand you use to write, but on some occasions, that proves to be not true.

Not to worry, with some easy steps, you can figure it out for yourself or take help from someone at the archery store.

Draw Weight and Draw Length

Draw weight refers to the weight you can draw and is often measured in pounds. Archery stores can measure this properly for you. If you are a beginner, it is recommended that you start with something that has a low draw weight. With practice, you can increase this weight over time.

Using a bow with correct draw weight for you is important if you want to carry out hunting skillfully. If you choose something lighter or heavier than your ideal weight, you will struggle immensely while trying to operate the bow.

Along with draw weight, draw length is also important to successfully use a bow for hunting. Archery stores can also measure this for you, or you can take help from the internet.

Height of Brace

The height of the brace depends mostly on preference. Shorter brace heights can often be seen in faster bows. But for a beginner, we recommend choosing a bow with longer brace height.

Trial and Purchase

Trying before you purchase is always a wise idea. Do not be shy in this case, as this is a fairly big investment. This will help you choose comfortable options. If you are buying from a store, your trial use will help store employees a lot to determine which kind of bow will be best suited for you.


Arrows are classified based on material, shooting style, weight, etc. Try shooting with different ones and see which one is most comfortable for you.


Last but not least, the budget is an important step not to be missed. Bows always need several additional accessories, so whatever your budget is, it is wise not to spend all of it on the bow alone.

Overall Weight

As you are looking to buy the best bow for hunting purposes, try to choose and purchase items as lightweight as possible without sacrificing functionality. Heavier bows and accessories will be difficult to carry through the woods and will greatly slow you down.


Now you know how to choose the best hunting bow of all time for you. No matter how tough the first few uses or practice sessions may seem, remember that with prolonged practice, you will become an expert. Do not forget to have fun while shooting, and remember to stay safe in the woods.