Best BB Guns for Hunting

WEAPONS are the devices used to attack or defend structures, systems or living beings and hence, are used in diverse areas. The credit of the invention of these tools goes to the early man. They used stones, sharp edges, and sticks etc as their weapons and our modern technology has worked and has improvised these arms to create some hi-tech gadgets such as rifles, swords, guns and cannons. Out of these, guns are the specially designed equipment that discharges projectile and the BB guns are the ones that are used to discharge spherical steel or lead balls.

So, if you are a person, fond of hunting and also have an affinity towards BB guns, we are here to sort out all your queries and dilemma. You can be the owner of the best BB gun if you follow the guide provided by us.

Top Picks : 3 Best BB Guns for Hunting

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What Is a BB gun?

BB guns are a type of air guns that fire spherical projectiles. What? You think BB stands for Ball Bearing? You are mistaken here. There is a different convention to measure the size of the shots used in the guns and “BB” is one of the sizes. The BB sized shots, made up of lead was originally used in these guns and the size, normally was 0.180 inches. The modern BB guns generally have the BB shots made up of steel. It is a simple and short range, air gun and with a caliber of 4.5mm, the accuracy percentage is limited.

The shooting speed of most of the BB guns is more than 60 m/s. which is capable of fracturing a bone. However, some can even go beyond 170m/s. Although there are a bunch of varieties, the RED RYDER BB gun is one of the most popular BB guns. Further, we have listed the five best ones and also the points to remember.

Top 5 best BB guns for hunting Reviews- 2023

 1. Model 1938 Daisy Outdoor Products Red Ryder BB gun

Daisy Outdoor Products Model 1938 Red Ryder BB Gun, Wood Grain, Overall length: 35.4 Inch

The Red Ryder BB guns are an all time classic and the most famous BB gun. It is a simple to use a gun as; this is ready to shoot in just a cock of the lever. It is also named as a BLOW BACK gun because of the recoil felt by the user, with each and every shot. This is the reason that the users are advised to handle it properly or it can hurt very badly. It is a basic BB gun some initial accuracy and feeding failures that eventually improves with time.


  • Shot capacity of 650.
  • Max. Velocity of 350 fps.
  • A solid Woodstock and forearm.
  • Lariat ring with a leather thong.
  • Plastic trigger and cocking mechanism.
  • Adjustable rear sight


  • Consistent
  • Reliable
  • Quick reload action
  • Good groupings
  • Shoots straight
  • Easy to use
  • Smooth bore barrel
  • Good accuracy
  • A quiet gun. Does not make much sound.
  • Holds good amount of BBs.
  • Constant refilling is not required.


  • It is quite hard to pull the trigger.
  • Power is very low.
  • Bb feeding is a problem.

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2. Tactical Style Pneumatic Crosman M4-177 Multi-Pump BB

Crosman M4-177KT Tactical Style Variable Pump .177-Caliber Pellet/BB Air Rifle Kit

It is a nice, pump action air rifle with fairly realistic looks. You just have to point and shoot without any major adjustments; it is as simple as that. The action for shooting the BBs and the pellets is the same. This one is the best pick for kids, owing to its simple and easy to use features and is mostly used to hunt for small preys. All in all, it is a fun gun to shoot with, provided, you have no problem in pumping 3-10 times.


  • Velocity of 600 fps.
  • Copperhead BBs
  • Fully detachable stock
  • The BB reservoir can hold 100 BBs


  • Shoots straight
  • Shoots strong
  • Easy shooting mechanisms
  • Good accuracy with pellets
  • Easy to put together
  • Stock is extendable


  • Groupings are not good
  • Hard to pump
  • Adjustment of the sights is time consuming
  • Not powerful

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3. .177 BB Steel Air Gun Umarex Colt Commander

Umarex Colt Commander Blowback Metal Frame .177 BB Gun Air Pistol, Colt Commander Air Pistol

This BB gun is great in order to shoot at random objects and is considered great for training purposes. It is also used for honing your skills. Most of the parts of this gun can be changed to that of a real firearm without much of modification- a desirable quality that can make it the best BB gun. The CO2 consumption is more because the blowback action but the gun is very accurately put together and good to work with.


  • .177 BB
  • Velocity of 325 fps
  • 12g. CO2 cartridge
  • 18 rounds per magazine
  • Chrome barrels
  • Whole steel barring the grips


  • Amazing blow back action
  • Pretty good accuracy
  • Very good velocity
  • Accurate shooting
  • Drop free magazine
  • Trigger is amazing
  • Low noise gun


  • Kicks hard, because of heavy slide
  • Not easy to charge the CO2 cartridge
  • Hard to load

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4. Python .177 Umarex Colt Steel BB CO2 Air Gun

Colt Python 6 Inch Stainless

It is a nice gun with good accuracy but accuracy increases with time. It is mostly and best used for single action shootings as it gets harder to pull the trigger for double action ones. Owing to its looks, it has been found as an absolute replica of a magnum .357. This gun shoots only steel BBs and the airsoft ones cannot be used in. However, with the perfect looks and accurate shots, it is an intelligent buy.


  • Full metal construction
  • Caliber of 0.177
  • Velocity of 400 fps
  • Both single and double shot options


  • Excellent quality
  • Very accurate
  • Shoots straight
  • Fully adjustable rear sights for elevation and windage
  • Quite good CO2 performance
  • Easy loading


  • Cylinder operation not good.
  • Sloppy and loose fittings
  • Rough grips

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5. 1911 Full Metal C02 Blowback Air Pistol Tanfoglio 358003

Tanfoglio Witness 1911 Full Metal Airgun .177 cal Pistol with Hop-Up and Blowback, 325 FPS

This one is a good quality gun, especially for shooting at reasonable range, that extends upto 20 feet or so. The initial power is very good, owing to the fresh CO2, but drops with every shot because of the CO2 consumption. Also, it is advisable to use silver BBs instead of copperhead ones to avoid jamming problems.


  • A CO2 powered gun
  • 4.5 mm, 18 rounds, steel BB pistol
  • Metal design
  • Velocity of 320fps
  • Can shoot 2 inch groups at 10 yards.


  • Incredible functionality
  • Strong blowback
  • Realistic feel
  • Good weight
  • Quite realistic
  • Pretty accurate


  • Jamming problem because of the BBs getting caught back.
  • CO2 life is short.
  • Safety issues can arise while using.

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Guides to Choose the Right BB Gun

Do not know how to buy a BB gun? No idea about the features and characteristics to look for? Want to own one, desperately? Stop going haywire and relax, as we have constructed an amazing tool for you that will help you brilliantly. Have a look at the defining features below

Type of Ammunition

The names of the Bb guns is derived from their round ammo. It can be made up of plastic, lead or steel. Some of them also use marbles or bearing balls. The BB guns ammo ids generally 4.3 to 4.4 mm.

Power Sources

Most of these guns use compressed air as their power source. The mechanisms of powering are different for each of them. There are three general methods of providing power to a gun, which are: – SPRING POWERED, PNEUMATIC and CO2.

  • Spring Powered Guns- There is a large no. of steps included in the operation of these guns. They can fire at a very high speed, provided, the right ammo is used. The recoil action is huge, owing to the piston motion. Mechanical springs can also be replaced by gas springs.
  • Pneumatic Guns-The power source is pre compressed air and there are three types- SINGLE STROKE, MULTI STROKE and PRE CHARGED PNEUMATIC (PCP). Only 1 pump is required in single stroke guns while the multi stroke ones, require 2 to 10 pumps. You can rely on single stroke models for speed and accuracy. However, if friendliness of affordability is your demand, the multi stroke models are the best fits.
  • CO2 powered guns- They have the same mechanism as that of a PCP gun. A reservoir cylinder is required to fill in the CO2 and uses smaller volumes of CO2. The cocking mechanism is simple and repeat shots can be handled properly.


The gun power and the distance, upto which a gun can shoot, depend on the type of powering system, the ammunition type and the caliber. Higher the velocity, lower is the accuracy and stability. It is wise to choose a gun with a lower velocity in order to get that precision. The design of the gun and the ammo weight are also great determinants of a gun’s velocity. The length of the barrel is directly proportional to a gun’s velocity.


No caliber can be called as an ‘ideal’ caliber for ammunition as it largely depends on the purpose of the gun usage. Light pellets are apt for long range shootings or for distance hunting whereas the high caliber ones are good for game hunting.

Operation and Legal Use

The BB guns use simple mechanism and this is because of their short range and limited accuracy. This limited accuracy and limited range is the resultant of the difference in sizes between the BBs and the barrel. The source of power for BB guns is the spring piston and this gun is popular for hunting.

So, if you are an avid hunter and want to own a BB gun, you need to abide by several federal laws. The law restricts the ownership of BB guns to a person, guilty of criminal activities. Also, if you already own a BB gun and accidentally hurt someone or damage a property, you would be liable for it.

Use BB gun for Hunting

BB guns are fairly chosen as hunting weapons by people, across the globe. If you are also the one among them, make sure to check the accuracy of the shots that you are going to use. You need to ensure that it penetrates the required, vital part of your prey and does not over penetrate. A PURE LEAD pellet is a great pick for the following reasons:

  • Pure lead is the best deformers.
  • Tissue damage is caused by deformation, which is a good sign.
  • Helps in expending energy of a prey.

The synthetic shots are not advisable, as they do not cause immediate death of the animal and results in their hiding. Also, if we talk about steel BBs. they are not that powerful to cause much of damage. This is because of their low caliber. Apart from these, knowing the purpose is very important. For e.g. high powered guns with high caliber, like spring piston ones, are suitable for large animals whereas, light guns, PCP powered are apt for small games.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the license owning criterion for a BB gun? Is it mandatory?

2. Can the colour of our gun be changed?

3. Can we reuse the BB pellets?

4. What is the minimum age requirement to own a BB gun?

5. What is a standard BB pellet i.e. the pellet that can be used for all type of BB guns?

Picking the best air pistols

As we all know, BB pistols are just a modified version of the same. When buying an air pistol, you need to check if you are going for long range or short range shooting. All the conditions like weather and type of shooting also make a difference in what air pistol you will choose.

Today, you can get semi-automatic or automatic air pistols depending on your preferences. Also, if you want more accuracy when target practising, you should get an air pistol instead of a bb gun. Price range varies so pick the best according to you.


We all are aware of the plethora of weapons, used for hunting purposes, with their own features, pros and cons. But, guns hold special place, owing to their speed and accuracy. There are various types but we concentrated on BB guns and now have a fair knowledge about them. Not only do we know about their features but also about an intelligent way to choose the best BB gun. Also, it is required by the owner to take special care about the legal concerns related to these guns in order to avoid casualties.

Hence, owning the right BB gun becomes easy with this given piece of information. You can go, hunt the game, you have eyed for so long, with your BB gun, without any ambiguity. Also, we have made it simpler and convenient for you by filtering out the top numbers. Choose the one that fits your need, read the instructions and you are ready to go.